It's not quite time for the LG G3 to be on sale here in the U.S. just yet, but LG has announced that sales will commence outside of its home market of South Korea starting June 27th. LG's plan is to launch its new 5.5-inch QHD device in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines as the first expansion of availability, followed by the rest of Asia, Europe, Middle East and beyond starting in July.

We know you can currently pre-order the G3 in the UK (at a hefty price), but U.S. carriers haven't yet spilled the beans on specific sale dates. We expect those details to come as we get a bit closer to actual launch dates — we're still not far removed from the official announcement, remember.

As you wait to get official word on when you can pick up the LG G3 in your home market, be sure to read our comprehensive review of the device.


"Simple is the New Smart" Concept Actualized in Acclaimed Smartphone from LG

SEOUL, June 24, 2014 ― Following its strong debut in South Korea, LG Electronics (LG) will begin its global rollout of its highly praised G3 smartphone on June 27. LG G3 will first reach Asian customers in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines followed by the rest of Asia, Europe and the Middle East among other regions in July.

The LG G3 has received early praise from industry experts for innovations in its display, camera, design and user experience (UX) features. Developed with the motto "Simple is the New Smart" in mind, the G3 was empowered with the best of what current technology has to offer, providing consumers with a simpler and easier user experience.

Highlights include: First global implementation of 5.5-inch Quad HD display (538ppi) with four times the resolution of HD and almost two times higher resolution than a Full HD display for sharper, crisper, clearer images and more realistic color reproduction. 13MP OIS+ (Optical Image Stabilizer Plus) camera with faster Laser Auto Focus in a smartphone to capture quality images and videos with minimal blur, even in near complete darkness. Premium-feel rear cover featuring a brushed, hairline metallic skin that is lightweight and fingerprint-proof. Floating Arc form factor that incorporates LG's innovative Rear Key and feels incredibly comfortable in the palm of one hand. Simple and intuitive UX features including Smart Keyboard which reduces input errors by up to 75 percent by tracking and analyzing users' typing habits; Smart Notice, a personal assistant application that provides real-time information and notifications even before being asked; Smart Security, a suite of security features including LG's proprietary Knock CodeTM , Content Lock and Kill Switch. Premium accessories such as the QuickCircle™ Case (sold separately) that provide users easy access to six frequently used functions without having to open the cover, as well as a collection of Slim Guard Cases and premium Slim Hard Cases to protect the G3 in the style its original designers had intended. The G3 will be localized in some markets with unique features for additional user convenience. LG G3 smartphones sold in markets such as Europe and Asia will feature wireless charging, so can be charged using any Qi wireless charger as well as LG's own portable wireless charger (sold separately). With LG's new stand-type wireless charger, users can monitor and charge their phone at the same time by simply placing their device on the charging stand. See LG's new compact and foldable wireless charger in action on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKl131EKRuQ.

"Early indications give us reason to be optimistic that G3 will be as successful globally as it has been in Korea," said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "It's quite an honor to be considered the new industry benchmark for premium smartphones but in the end, what really matters is how consumers feel about our latest flagship device because it was their feedback that helped us create G3."

Additional details of availability, including price, will be announced locally at launch time.


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LG to expand G3 availability globally starting June 27


The one single solitary complaint I have about the lg g3 is the screen brightness. I loved my note 2 and opted for a note 3 because of screen size and brightness. I would love to replace samsung with lg; simply because the design language in the g3 is magnificent. Early indications point to a very dim display which is a huge concern of mine.

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Just wondering what your personal thoughts are on both phones. My wife has a g2 and I have a note 3. I love the size of the note, and the form factor of the g2. And I've got to admit that the g3 has caught my interest.... Thanks in advance...

I like the G3 much more than my Note 3. Ir feels in your hand and the OIS camera out performs the Note. It took some getting used to but Icouldn't go back to the Note 3. On screen buttons are easier to use and the knock on/off and knock code are not something I would give up. Its faster than my Note as well despite benchmarking lower. I have the F400S (LTE-A) model and it's great on the death star.the screen is just a bright if not brighter than my Note. I hope that Samsung will follow some of LG 's design trends.

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Do you get LTE with the F400S? I know the Korean versions have LTE bands compatible with AT&T, but I don't know how widespread those bands are.

If you like the size of the Note and the form factor of the G2, then the G3 is your dream device. Don't hesitate.

I didn't realize having a legit concern before making a purchase was considered bashing a phone. Silly me.

The G2 wasn't the brightest. I had to put the display on around 70% in doors for it to look right (for me), however it didn't seem to impact battery life much at all and I think it will be the same with the G3, so, unless outdoor viewing is your primary concern, the brightness likely won't be a huge issue. You just turn it up.

How can struggling HTC release their phone everywhere the same day its announced but LG can't do the same thing with the G3? I guess I'm getting a little impatient waiting for it to release stateside.

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I completely agree. The longer they take to release it here the more Note 4 rumors leak out and consumers decide to wait

G3 pre-orders have already started, I can't see people in the US waiting 2-3 months on this device. This was a stupid move to just compete with Samsung Press Events earlier than they were ready to release the phone. Remember the good ol' days when companies announced a phone and 2 weeks later you could pick it up at every store and online?

It is extremely odd I'll admit, but I guess they have their reasons.

I would lean towards the screen technology, and LG making sure they had enough on hand for full production.

I will throw down.

They took the 1+ route and decided to announce before they were entirely ready to. Historically they are a few months ahead of schedule. They did it now to come after the m8 and the s5, but before the note 4

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I agree, it's obvious the announcement was far too early. If it's not out in the USA by the End of June(not likely), they rushed talking about it, without fulfilling on the actual product.

I believe it's because the LG G3 is spanking Samsung in markets where released and as a result LG is ramping production and staging releases to meet far better than expected demand.

Normally, he would be wrong, but in this case he's right. LG's sales of the G3 in Korea are mind-blowing. The LG G3 sales are triple the Galaxy S5 sales in Korea, and LG's marketing budget is significantly smaller than Samsung's. My guess is that people got tired of buying the Galaxy S3 for the 3rd year in a row. Samsung needs to start innovating again and clean up the mess that they call a UI.

Here are some facts for the real "dumbo" (seriously, get better insults):

Wait still isn't as bad as the OnePlus One, lol
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Yea it's absolutely absurd. Which is why I went and got the m8 for 50 dollars. Definitely worth it!

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Yeah, you got the M8 for $50, plus 2 years of over-paying on a contract that gets you absolutely nothing. In the end, you pay more.

Dont understand the delay in pushing this phone to outside markets before the other new phones hit. Once the Oppo 7 and the OnePlus One hit, the new Note 4 and a few others the LG 3 will be nothing but a memory. That is the problem, they can build it but can not build enough to sell them. They have a great device, too bad they are blowing it.

Both the Find 7 and OnePlus are already out on the market. My buddy just received a shipment of 5 OnePlus Ones w/ Cyanogen yesterday.

I was really hoping for a OnePlus. But that ship has sailed. That is the worst run company ever. I have never seen a products forum with more negative rage at the very product the is suppose to support. The G3 sounds like a better phone but bigger bucks to buy. My only problem is going to be if LG launches the G3 on Verizon first exclusively . In that case I will never buy an LG phone at any time.

I am fascinated with this device. I look at it and get hypnotized

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A lot of dates are flying around I have seen everything from the 7th to the 17th

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Until they offer an unlocked version with no carrier crapware screw LG. I will skip this device for that and that a lone.

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" The G3 will be localized in some markets with unique features for additional user convenience"

Translation: The G3 will be stuffed with carrier bloatware and preinstalled ads/apps from partner companies.

Right now I'm rockin the G2 as I sold my N3 to my step dad. I have to say I like it. I miss the S pen and battery life but not much else.

My next phone will be the G3 providing it has 32GB internal and wireless charging on Sprint. I doubt it as I've read the US version will be 16GB and no wireless charging. I know it has a micro sd slot but I want 32GB damnit!

What I'll do is wait to see if they out wireless qi backs as an accessory before I purchase. If not, then the note 4 will be on my radar.

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The U.S. Carriers are too busy trying to figure out how they can gimp the phone and remove features before they agree to sell it. Verizon is trying to figure out how it can cram as many logos as possible on the phone and has actually asked LG to produce a model with larger bezels so they can fit their Verizon logo on the front of the device as well as the back.

I'm actually working on the Verizon/LG G3 logo project, and we've really brought out our best, let me tell you! We wanted people to really FEEL the presence of Verizon every time they see their phone, and I think we've nailed it!

We've removed the upper speaker grille in favor of the Verizon logo. The sound may be a little muffled since the speaker is stuck behind a layer of plastic, but hey, so what! They're on the #1 network, so even muffled sound will be better than Sprint, am I right??? :)

Naturally, we've replaced the on-screen buttons with on-screen logos. They all say "Verizon", but our subscribers are smart enough to figure out what each one does. They don't need to be able to tell which button is for multi-tasking or home, they need to tell which network they're on.

The notification area has been removed. The carrier ID string will show "VERIZON" instead. On the back, we kept things simple and elegant. There is a Verizon logo above the speaker, one wrapped around the camera, and one dead center on the back.

Speaking of dead center, we've got a floating Verizon logo on the display! No matter which app you're using at the time, you'll see "VERIZON" all the time!!! EVEN WHEN THE SCREEN IS OFF! Yes, similar to the Active Notifications on the Moto X, we now have Active Logos!

The best part is that we even found a way to make our logos have logos! If you look closely at the letters in the logos, you'll see that even the dot on the letter " i " in our logo says "Verizon"!!! Who needs dots?

I have the LG G Pro, it has a 5.5 screen, wireless charging and great display... I'm sure the G3 will have all those things

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