KitKat update

Welcome to the KitKat club, US Cellular

If your Moto X is U.S. Cellular branded, you'll want to check for an update to the OS. Motorola's Punit Soni has announced that the KitKat update for USC models of the Moto X is currently rolling out in stages,

When finished, don't expect things to look very different. Under the hood though, well that's another story. Changes to resource management will keep your Moto X running snappy even while more apps are open and running, and as new applications are written that take advantage of 4.4 features, you'll be ready for them.

Anyone on USC seeing this yet? Shout out in the comments!

Source: +Punit Soni


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KitKat for US Cellular Moto X rolling out in phases


The thing mercdroid isn't telling you is that after God regifted the Nexus, he went and bought a Note 3

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...


So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...


And LOL at the article headline, "KitKat Club".

KitKat Club is a strip bar in the Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale to be specific), haha

I wish I didn't take the update. Not a thing was improved and some stuff is broken like my bluetooth volume control and a new lag on the lock screen. Also Moto Assist sleep volume control is broken (it silences but doesn't unsilence in the morning).

Skip the update until these things are fixed.

Exactly. Once again, Sprint in last place. I hate Sprint. (On the other hand, it may be a blessing in disguise as I'm still using the old Messaging for SMS/MMS on my Moto X. I don't like Hangouts for SMS/MMS at all, esp. since MMS doesn't work.)

No love from US Cellular yet, up in north California.

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I got the update yesterday, if the phone works better, thats great, haven't noticed yet. However, my battery meter and the bar at the top are now black and white, which is now much of an upgrade. Also, my contacts looks different, and too me, also looks older with less color.

I got an invitation for the soak test he recently for the new upgrade to 4.4.2 on US.CELLULARS Moto X. Apparently I did not see the email they sent me till it was to late. When I got to the email and try to open it up it said that it was closed. I don't know when I received that email. Hopefully someone can tell me when they will be releasing the full upgrade to everyone. I helped out in the first soak test upgrade when they was trying to release the first 4.4 KitKat upgrade to US.Cellulars Moto X.