Though it isn't quite as beautiful as a complete 'buy one, get one free' deal, it's pretty darn close. Verizon has confirmed that from Friday, December 4th to Monday, December 7th, users who buy a Motorola DROID or HTC DROID Eris will be eligible to receive a free DROID Eris (with rate plan, of course). The DROID Eris, which has plenty of fans, is a wonderful phone that packs the HTC Sense UI that extends Android and makes it oh so droolworthy.

There's also word floating around that if you have bought a DROID or DROID Eris in the past 30 days (from Verizon, presumably), you'll be able to cash in on the deal as well. Check your local store and tell us how it goes!

Who's buying one?

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It's Official: Buy A DROID Or DROID Eris Get A DROID Eris Free


Already have a MotoDroid and the Eris is far from drool worthy in my book. Sense UI can't make up for last years OS and even though it will presumably get an update to 2.0 or greater that processor leaves me cold.

I switched to a Droid from an iPhone on launch day and a few days later my wife wanted to make the switch too but she opted for the Eris because it's "prettier". I will be calling this morning to check and see if they will credit me the amount we paid for her Eris. I don't know if they will though since I bought them from Best Buy and they already credited me 25% off each device because of a corporate discount. We'll see. It would still be a $25 dollar difference.

At least in Tucson, you have the option to get a free Eris after the purchase of a Droid or Eris. I suggest buying from Verizon online, they credit the rebate at the time of purchase. I was chared $100 plus tax for two Eris, and a regular phone.

I only hate the fact of being tied for two years!

I bought the Moto Droid 3 weeks ago and just today upgraded my wife's phone which wasn't eligible for upgrade till July with the Eris for free. Yay for Verizon!

Just ordered a droid and an eris from VZW for work. I got $100 off the Eris for buying the Droid. Once the rebate processes, it will make the Eris free.

So even though I bought my Droid a little less than a week ago, before this deal came about, could I still get the BOGO deal??? If that's the case then that's rather awesome.