Nexus one official accessories

HTC's ShopAmerica website now has official Nexus One accessories available for order, including the official desktop dock (see our review), and the car dock (review).  If you just never got around to buying a dock for your Nexus One, then shook your fist in vain when Google stopped selling the Nexus and its accessories, this is great news.  Do note that both docks are on backorder, so "now available" really means "order now," and wait until at least August 17 for shipping.  I've ordered mine -- anyone else jumping on these so they aren't left in the cold if they disappear again? [HTC America] Thanks Tom!

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can anyone dig up some info on these "mysterious" super phones from tmobile usa...or any good info about tmobile usa at all like why they still have shitty (compaired to verizon and sprints line up) android phones? and someone tell google to make a consumer version of the Nexus one (so you can keep your fancy schmancy dev version) and sell it to tmobile so people can see them shine along with "big red" and "big yellow"......uuuuuuugggghhhh!!!! -__- fuck it im just gonna go to sprint

crap_dude says:

Anyone knows if those gorgeous docks will be available for shipping to Canada ? I deeply want a car dock but can't seem to order anywhere besides eBay.

Finally, I've come across a video on Engaget and there was a car dock but wasn't the official Google one. Anyone has a clue where it could be found ? Follow the link for the video.

Thanks for your help !

icebike says:

The non google (htc) car docs all power the phone by the USB port, which limits power input to 1amp.

The HTC dock is 2amps, feeds via the pins on the N1, and can power the phone while navigation is on, pandora is streaming, or you are yaking away on bluetooth. It will even CHARGE under those conditions.

My friend has one, loves it, and has figured out the bluetooth so that it can use either the dock as the bluetooth device or his ear-piece.

Great if you want to use this phone for Nav and have 3G everywhere you drive.

As for Canada shipment, go put your order in and see if it work. Report back. We'll wait.

cea1203 says:

$60 for a hunk of plastic ? No thanks

chrisd#AC says:

How about some OEM spare batteries, htc?

Otherwise, this is good news. The car dock is nearly the same price as it was at The desktop dock was $45 and is now up to $60 through htc. It's more than a hunk of plastic (it has BlueTooth to communicate with the phone) but definitely not worth $60 to me.

Kasracer says:

Wow, I hope the docks for the EVO don't take nearly as long to come out.

Quasar says:

Does the car dock have an opening for the camera on the back side. I'm thinking about buying one and trying to rig it up so it can attach to my wheelchair.

chrisd#AC says:

Yep. See review link in the article for photos.

meyerweb says:

Will htc ever sell accessories for the Evo? htc builds good phones, but every other manufacture schools them when it comes to accessories. Cradles, car docks, etc., should have been available at the same time the phone was released. Then again, they can't manage to produce the phones in sufficient quantity, either, so why should I be surprised?

Android_Lee says:

So HTC is going to sell accessories for phone that are not theirs, yet they don't have any good stuff for their own phones.

icebike says:

Not theirs?

Funny. It has their name on the back.

This says to me that HTC is not willing to let that phone die, and may sell it themselves if Google will let them.

sYnOnYx says:

Still waiting on those evo docks

and in other news... Droid Incredible continues to be ignored.

Blah says:

and in other news.... Incredible owners are the biggest cry babies on the internet.

Still waiting on HTC Droid Incredible dock. Oh wait, they discontinued them before they were EVER RELEASED!!! Good to be an owner of a phone they can't keep in stock yet they won't produce accessories for. If only I owned a Droid (1) which they have discontinued and still have stock accessories for. The sweet life. A phone you can't order but yet can find a ton of stuff for. I hope you enjoy the Froyo that we will have months to see, if ever.

Blah says:

The Incredible never had one from HTC coming. Seidio was making one and they discontinued it.

Wiineedmore says:

Project emerald drops nov. 5 for tmo

finanandroid says:

Who care...about accessories for N1 for the end of the year nexus one will be a leyend, if not already dead.

crap_dude says:

@icebike : Do you happen to know where we could find HTC (non Google) car dock for the N1 ? Please, let those generic eBay style docks aside .. Thanks !

biggbrother2 says:

I bought the car dock from Google about 4 months ago, plus a cup,a couple of extra batteries. The batteries were cheap, $25 each.

The car dock is definitely worth it. I passed on the desktop dock. It was $45 and too expensive then. Now it's $60? I just can't see the value in it. Sure it plays music via Bluetooth from the phone, but how good can this music sound?

Seemed like an expensive alarm clock to me.

Automaton says:

The desktop dock is very nice. The car dock is nicer than I imagined it to be. But I don't like how hot the phone gets in the car dock. By seeing higher prices with slashes through them, I wonder if they're preparing us for those high prices. I need more of the OEM batteries. I had a spare one before but accidentally washed the spare (it was hiding in a buttoned up pocket). It has a moisture sensing thing that turned pink and will not do anything any more. At $25 a piece, that was a bargain. I wish I had bought 4 of them. The desktop dock... music, it has RCA jacks to hook up to a stereo. It's the nicest alarm clock I ever owned by having that.

crap_dude says:

If you're willing to do a little hack and care to save some bucks, here's a great DIY project. Just ordered the parts from eBay for a total of $8.66 USD, shipping included.

XDA thread

Overclocker UK (lot of pictures)

Happy DIY !