EVO 4G LTE camera shot

You'll still have to wait for official word about getting your hands on an HTC EVO 4G LTE, but in the meantime HTC has posted a handful of photo's taken with the camera on their Facebook page. Taken by professional photographer Meeno Peluce​they're a nice look at what exactly an HTC phone with ImageSense technology is capable of. 

We enjoy seeing things like this, but what we really want is the phone in our hands. We've heard rumors, but there's no solid date just yet. I'm really enjoying the camera on the One S, so if you're on Sprint and an amateur photo buff, be sure to keep an eye on this one. See the rest of the pictures at the source link.

Source: HTC Facebook


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HTC posts EVO 4G LTE camera shots on Facebook site


Very impressive! Nice that they had some INDOOR shots too. Most any camera can take pretty good outdoor, bright lighting photos.

Would be nice if they had explained some of the photos a bit more. For example, the photo of the guy with the purple light stage background- I find it really hard to believe that the only front lighting being used is the camera flash on the Evo...

I was more interested in who the Joan Jet wanna-be was.

Beard man wasn't very crisp in the full screen shots, but that may have been intentional, showing off the depth of field effect.

Was interested until I called yesterday to see if I was eligible to pre order and sprint told me the release date is in September's. No way will I use my upgrade and not have a phone for months

It will be much sooner than that. Sprint reps are equal parts uninformed and dishonest. Most readers of this blog are more informed than 90% of cell phone salespeople.

I don't know if I would throw the dishonest tag in there. Sure there are some wireless sales people with low morals that will say anything to make a sale, they usually don't last long in the corporate world because customers do talk.
Most are just uninformed and not tech geeks like us, so they pick up on one or two points of a phone to try to sell and have to stumble through any other questions.

As to a May 18 date, there has been no official word internally, but the seed devices have not hit stores, so that date is starting to look sketchy. Typically seed devices hit a minimum of 10-14 days before launch.

There's rumors it might land as early as May 18th, June 10th at the latest imo.

/fingers crossed for a Wirefly / Sam's / Amazon $150 pre order

Has anyone sold their EVO 3D? Mine's going on the block next week, Sprint will give me $90 for it so I'm gonna try and sell it for around $150 w/some accessories... If it doesn't sell I guess $90's not terrible.

Some Sprint employees don't know. I had one tell me it was coming out on May 7th until I said that was for the pre order and she said "oh". Look at the pre order dates for AT&T and T-Mobile and then the actual release date of the phones, May 18th may have some truth. Now yes Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy 3 tomorrow and that may sway some. I say let them go. Maybe there will not be a problem like the original EVO and not have enough supply.

All I know is that come Monday I am pre ordering away.

Honestly, if it lives up to the lofty expectations, I think the incentives to hacking it won't be as tempting as with past phones. Sure, wifi tether of course is a biggie but with these new insurance rates on sprint I would really hesitate using HTC unlock. Then again, I said that about my EVO 3D too and eventually took the dive anyway.

I didn't care too much about photos until I saw demos of this phones capabilities. I'm sure they are using optimum conditions a lot of the time, but still I'm excited to test this out myself.

I wanted to wait until Amazon has it available since Amazon doesn't charge tax on items shouted from and sold by Amazon. But, does anyone know if this is the case when using Amazon Wireless to get a new phone? With a retail price of at least $549, tax is a big factor. BUT... I don't want to go through what I went through with the OF EVO, where you couldn't find one anywhere and out took a month after launch to get one of you didn't pre-order.

I`ll save my upgrade until black Friday, Amazon they`ll have it for $1.0 or for free by than with contract.
At this point all the bugs and all the problem it`ll be fixed. I learn it the hard way, I use to be one of the first adopter... So no more, I`ll be the last to buy it.

You are still required, by law, to pay your state tax (if you have any) on anything you buy for which it was not collected. It is right there on your income tax forms. So buying off Amazon (or other Internet retailers) is *not* tax-free purchasing. Just saying.

You have been egregiously misinformed. Check out the Internet Tax Freedom Act. It's been renewed through November 1, 2014.

was gonna get a nexus this week, but I'm now thinking I have to hold off until I get to hold/try this phone. this just may be a good enough device that it wont require (personal choice) rooting. I'm so hoping the camera is as good as it's made out to be.


Its also good to let a professional take your pictures I mean come on get with a real guy who doesn't know what he's doing.

I'm going to have to wait and see what Sammy announces later today on the Galaxy series and if Sprint will get a version launching in June (my final premiere upgrade). If I'm not impressed with what Sammy has to offer, I'll got with the Evo 4G LTE. I would hate to leave the HTC family now but we'll see.

A June release is very wishful thinking. It would be nice considering they are announcing it today, but unlikely. I think that no matter what Samsung announces, I will still be getting the E4GLTE. That is unless they announce a Galaxy Note 2 on Sprint shipping early June. I couldn't pass that up lol.