HiSense Sero 8 lands for 29 at Walmart

HiSense announced that its 8-inch Sero 8 Android tablet had just dropped at Walmart for just $129. The affordable 8-inch tablet is able to keep its price low with some trade-offs while still running Android 4.4 KitKat.

Unlike the current crop of 7- or 8-inch tablet with 1080p or higher resolution screens, the 8-inch screen on the Sero 8 will clock in at 1280 X 800 pixels. Good news is that the display supports IPS technologt. The tablet will run Android 4.4 KitKat, which is powered by a quad-core 1.6 GHz CPU and 1 GB of RAM.

The Sero 8 will have 16 GB of on-board storage and a micro SD card slot for expansion. The tablet will have front- and rear-facing cameras, mini HDMI port for connecting the tablet to your HDTV to watch VUDU movies and other content, Bluetooth 3.0, mini USB port, and access to Google's Play ecosystem.

For comparison, the Nexus 7 this year from Google costs $100 more at $229 and Apple's non-Retina Display version of the iPad mini retails for $299.


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HiSense's 8-inch Sero 8 lands at Walmart for $129


Nope. Mine is still on 4.2.1. However, I still think this was a steal at $129. Other than periodically requiring a restart because it looses location, it's been really stable.

No, and it appears it will not be updated. The Hisense software load is basically the stripped-down (NOT customized) version of Android, unless you want to count the Walmart shopping app, which is a no-brainer port to Kit-Kat. I'm beginning to think they want customers to have to "buy" their way into Kit-Kat (i.e., buy the next Hisense tablet, in this case the Sero 8, which I will NOT be doing for such a minor upgrade). The Hisense Sero 7 Pro I have is an INCREDIBLE value & I really like it and recommend it, but the one question I had in my mind w/ this brand was whether they'd provide Android upgrades gratis. It doesn't look that way..........

Yeah I agree this isn't half bad for a budget tablet. I'll have to bookmark this in case someone asks about a cheap android tablet.

Actually intriguing! I'd be all over it if had 2 GB RAM.

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When my S7 Pro dies, this may be what I do next - I've found the S7 to be a very economical and useful little machine. (Crap camera, but I can work around that.)
And, once again, Walmart acts as if they're ashamed of their Hisense tablets - it's not on their website...they could have done so much more marketing the S7, not to mention letting their staff know they even existed.

Yes, but interestingly enough, you cannot locate that page by searching at Walmart's site. In fact, if you go up to the top of the page and click on 'Tablet PCs' to bring you up to all items in the category, this one does not show up! It's like they've created a page for it but they won't make it findable. Maybe they're waiting for the stock to spread.

I bought the sero 7 pro when it first came out and I had to tell them the store sold them. They had them not on display and hiding in the back of the store. I also own a Nexus 7 and there are many things about this sero that I like better. Even with a case that blocks the speakers entirely, it is the best tablet I have ever heard.. Every tablet could learn from these makers.. I have a 4300 sq.ft. house, so my rooms are not small, and two rooms down I can hear my little boy watching YouTube like it's a TV set.. Crystal clear two rooms away with a case on it.. If you don't believe it try it. My nexus 7 gets drown out in the same room with it. Also supports TV out with micro HDMI.. and SD card support with tegra 3 processor. Boots up quicker than my nexus and battery last way over as well.. If my nexus dies I'd have no problem buying another sero 7.. Also bought a bad ass 55" hisense smart TV..free delivery $450 total. I think sero should make a 10" tablet with the exact features as the sero 7 pro. If they did, I'd drive straight to Walmart and get one right now... I trust this brand and

And a"miniUSB" port? This is 2014, not 2008. Does anyone do any proof reading before these articles go live?

Too bad none of the local Wally Worlds I just went to had it in-stock, they told me it must be a typo as they only sell the Sero as 7". I had 1 clerk try to look-up the Walmart #552236692 and it shows no such product.

So anyone have any luck in actually finding one that you can purchase?

I just went to the Walmart site and had it check the stores which told me which ones currently had it in stock. I've had it two days and already it says there is an update. I hope it's not an update that will patch any exploit for root.

I wish more manufacturers would add hdmi ports on tablets. Wireless streaming isn't always an option.
Even though this is a good price give it a little time and you'll find it for dirt cheap. You can score the current 7 pro for $80 or less. The sero 7 LT (light 4gb) version was recently $35 after coupon & rebate at newegg

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This is a great deal if it has vanilla KitKat. If not.... Not worth my time.

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I'm pretty sure it'll be near stock if not fully stock KitKat. These little manufactures hardly ever mess with the skin.

I have the Sero 7 Pro, have had it about 8 or 9 months. The only "catch" so far is the battery life has recently taken a nose-dive and it takes longer to charge now. But it is a nice near-stock tablet that takes a 32GB SD card.
The other "catch" is not many "mainstream" cases for it.

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My sero 7 pro battery has also recently taken a hit. That being said, I still love it, and use it more than my first Gen nexus 7. I'll most likely be buying this one as well.

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As I look at this on my sero7 pro that I bought last year cause of this site, the bezel appears smaller all the way around on the 8.

My only complaint with the 7 is that I couldn't get a tpu case for it. Dropped it last week, and broke the corner glass.

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The main issue with the 7 Pro was poor heat sink adhesion with the material used.. the tablets would get very hot in the rear center which meant you had a bad one.. Other than that, we obtained root access easy enough and the Quad-A9's should have no issue obtaining Kingo Root whatsoever.. so this is a fantastic tablet for a fantastic price.. just Root..Freeze what you don't want and go about your business for $141.00 out the door.

This is a great tablet and very cheap. Certainly better than those more expensive "budget" galaxy tabs

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I saw a 2nd Gen Nexus 7 tablet (16g) on slick deals for the same price $130 (refurb) tho. Which is the better deal?

Well, Nexus is 7' and refurbished means - the battery could be bad already (at least there is high risk of that) so push for new Nexus 7, or buy one cheaper like this one, but brand new.

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The Walmart that I work at has them already on clearance at 20% off being they aren't on the new modular that are being set now

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I still use my sero 7 pro every day. It has held up very well for over a year. No charging issues or durability issues. And this is a tablet that gets beat up pretty often by 2 kids. Battery has held up well too. I will probably pick up the sero 8.
One warning: don't expect an update from hisense to future versions of Android. 4.3 was promised by them for the s7p but never came. Also there was never the biggest selection of cases or other accessories for the hisense.

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I bought one of these yesterday. For the record, the article above is incorrect about the CPU. It's only 1.4GHz.

I posted a pretty lengthy review in the forums.


Bottom line: It is pretty awesome - for $129. The lack of a GPS is the biggest thing making me consider returning it. If that sounds odd, since this is a WiFi-only tablet, I suggest reading my review. I was surprised myself by the apps I can't even install, seemingly because of the lack of a GPS.

Thanks for the write up in the forum as it helped. I was thinking about getting this tablet for my son. I bought a Sero 7 Pro last year as a replacement after breaking the screen on OG Nexus 7 and found it to be a good tablet but not as good as nexus 7 (2012). So eventually I hand it down to my daughter and bought a Nexus 7 (2013).

Anyways, this looks good. I am not too concerned about GPS or limited capacity SD card storage but I am worried if the 1.4 GHz chip is enough to play games because this will be solely for playing games (Riptide GP2, Minecraft and Smash hit etc) which are visually taxing and require a bit more power CPU/GPU combo.

I guess I can get one and try it out to see what is what.

Get it and try it is definitely the way to go.

Just note how many apps I couldn't install on the Sero that, I SPECULATE, won't install because of the lack of GPS. Many apps that I never would have thought of as requiring an actual GPS (versus just using WiFi Location). Yelp? USA Today? I'm disappointed in those apps for not being coded to allow installation and use with just WiFi Location, but there's too many of them for me to just take the "screw that app, I'll just use something else then" stance.

Thanks. Unfortunately, the "official specs" don't even mention whether the WiFi is 2.4GHz only or includes 5GHz. So I'm not surprised to see no mention of GPS.

I think the GPS issue will mean that I return this. But, if they come out with a Pro version before I get a Galaxy Tab S 8.4, I will DEFINITELY check it out!

Have you tried any of the mock gps apps to spoof a gps location or does the app fail so early doing installation due to some requirement in the application's manifest for the actual hardware?

I didn't try that. The Play store won't let me install the apps. It says they are "incompatible" with this device. As I reported in my review in the forum, it is just my SPECULATION that the reason is lack of GPS.

Chuong, you have given incorrect information regarding the mini HDMI port. The Hisense Sero 8 does not come with a mini HDMI port. If possible, I would like you to edit your article so that you will not give misinformation.

I purchased the Hisense Sero 8 in September. It has stopped charging with 38% left on the battery. Is there a solution for this problem? I have tried using several different charging cords. Since i am retired, I do not have $129.00 to throw away.

As the Hisense Sero 7 pro - it doesn't have A2DP Bluetooth profile , neither external microphone connection ? - Without these 2 features it is another junk on the market again !!!