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Hisense has been rolling out plenty of devices as of late, including large screen TVs, and the latest to go on sale is the H6 model Smart TV. Powered by Android 4.2.2, the Hisense H6 Smart TV offers a 55-inch 1080p (and 120Hz) screen along with all of the high-end functionality you'd want in terms of apps. You have access to Google Play interestingly enough, with all entertainment apps ready to load up and watch on the big screen. The TV is sporting Wifi, Bluetooth, ethernet, numerous HDMI inputs and even HDMI output to work as a passthrough device.

This is a step below the H7 or "Vidaa" Smart TVs, but still nothing to shake a stick at. The Hisense H6 Smart TV is available from Walmart (among other retailers) just under $700 — that's a pretty great price for the feature set here.

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Hisense H6 55" SMART TV With Android 4.2.2 Now Available at Walmart

Suwanee, GA – May 22, 2014 — Hisense today announced the immediate availability of the new H6 SMART TV powered by Android™ 4.2.2 for under $700 at select Walmart stores nationwide. The 55-inch H6 features a stunning, intuitive new user interface and comes with an incredibly simplified Merlin™ remote control air mouse.

"Today, by coupling Hisense's television expertise with Walmart's immense retail reach, we are delivering a truly smart TV at a highly accessible price point," said Jonathan Frank, Vice President of Marketing, Hisense USA. "We are proud to bring Android TV to the North American market with the Hisense H6 and look forward to working with our various partners to advance the viewer experience of consumers everywhere."

The H6 comes with the Hisense Social TV™ App and Hisense Cloud Services Hi-Media™ Player and Receiver for sharing and storing all of your favorite videos and photos. It features a 120Hz refresh rate and is Energy Star 6.0 qualified. The H6 remote comes with just 30 keys, a built-in air mouse with IQQI Smart Input and voice search with a built-in microphone.

The SMART functionality of the H6 brings Vudu HD Movies, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Chrome™, YouTube™, Google Play™, Google Voice Search™, and PrimeTime applications into your living room. The Android-based TV v4 Media Streaming, multiple HDMI-In/Out, WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB ensures that the consumer is never without content.

Android, Google Play, Google and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc.

For more information please visit: www.hisense-usa.com. You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HisenseUSA or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Hisense_USA.

About Hisense USA Corporation

Established in 2001, Hisense USA Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hisense Company Ltd., headquartered in Qingdao, China.

Hisense USA offers a broad range of technology driven consumer electronics products that are manufactured and distributed across North American, including televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, beverage coolers and freezers. Hisense USA sells into national retailers across North America, including Walmart, Sams.com, Costco, P.C. Richards, Canadian Tire and more. The Company has established R&D centers in Atlanta, Georgia and San Jose, California to enable localized product development and innovation.

Hisense Company Ltd. has production facilities in China, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt as well as Mexico and is one of the largest television manufacturers in the world with over 10 million televisions produced per year. The Company has sales offices in North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East and Asia while exporting products to over 130 countries and regions throughout the world.


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Hisense launches Android 4.2.2-powered H6 55-inch Smart TV at Walmart for $700


Until it breaks and it will. Better be safe and buy Walmart's protection plan because if you buy a Hisesnse TV you are going to need it.

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I have had my 55 smart tv for about a year now. No problems at all. And its a hisense. So is my 42 in my bedroom that ive had for almost 6 years. Both work great.

Is the frame plastic or aluminum?
@ $700.00 it better be pushing the Snapdragon 805 and Adreno 420... and not CHOKED DOWN like that new LG that coming out... or that would = A Fail !
I mean.. this thing cost as much as a Prime !

I imagine just fine. I have a cheap off-brand tv I bought for $500 like 4 years ago and it still looks pretty fantastic, and I'm quite a picky videophile when it comes to image quality. Every time I'm tempted to buy a fancy new high end tv I realize that other than a prettier looking physical tv set, I won't be upgrading much. Now the $5000 4K Samsung/LG/Sony tvs are obviously in a league of their own but I'm not comparing this to those >.>

Yeah I have two 39 inch Emerson tv's I got at wal~mart for 298. Had one over a year and the other almost 3 years. The first was tinted a bit green and exchanged. They were an awesome buy!

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1080p automatically makes it have good picture quality? Good to know

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Honestly? You'd be amazed. First time I ever even heard of Hisense was when I laid eyes on one at Wal-Mart. I was astounded. Don't always be sold on name brand man. Price doesn't equal performance. Just ask a Beats headphone owner.

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I looked on Hisense's website, and I can't find how much built in memory there is. Does anyone know that, or the processor used? Thanks.

Seems hard to believe a $700 55" TV could have enough processing power to make for a worthwhile experience on Android, considering that's cheap for the size to begin with.

If it doesn't have a microSD card slot then I'll have to pass

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woah deja vu.
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edited to say - just figuring out that must be your signature lol

No touchscreen, so no go for me. Gotta have that touchscreen with at minimum 58 point multi touch.

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If anyone gets one of these let us know how gaming is on it. I'm afraid it may lag to much to play Xbox like my LG LED 240 TV still using my DLP projector and plasma till I get brave enough to try again
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That's pretty cool. Now to convince the wife that we need this lol.

Posted via Android Central App from my S4 mini WITH an LED light ;-)

Looking very hard at this! Was planning on getting a new TV this weekend anyway and I click on AC and see this.... It must be a sign!!!

Posted From a smart device.

With no specs on the Android part, it's a little hard to think it's much good at that price point.

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I compared Hisense with several other sets when TV shopping last year and they had terrible contrast and viewing angles. Don't let android sell you on a TV that doesn't look good to watch.

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HiSense continues its dedication to Google as an operating system with a slew of new hardware powered by Android 4.2.2 that features Google services for TV (the product formerly known as Google TV). The first is its new line of H6 Smart TVs powered by Marvell's latest ARMADA 1500 PLUS HD Media processor, an upgraded over last year's chip that powered many of the first ARM Google TV devices. Available in 40-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch sizes, the televisions come equipped with the company's Social TV and Cloud Services app, a 120Hz refresh rate, Energy Star 6.0 qualifications, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. The remote has 30 keys, a built-in air mouse with IQQI Smart Input and voice search functionality. For those who already have a TV but want the same services, HiSense also revealed the Pulse PRO set-top box, which has many of the same features as the H6 but, like the first generation Pulse, can be hooked up to any television set. Other features of the Pulse PRO include Netflix, Vudu HD movies, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Google Play, HDMI, IR, DLNA, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet. We're not sure of pricing and availability just yet, and there are no pictures of the new hardware either.

I bought the seiki 39" UHD TV $400 and an Amlogic S802 Android 16 GB UHD TV box $100 pretty happy with the screen, but the Android TV blacks out, still I was able to test the idea, got USB stick to play 4K, it says it's Android 4.4.2, but I have seen reference to Ubuntu. You cannot find normal Android home screen, with back, home, multitasking buttons, you cannot pin your Google play movies, I'm asking for a refund, it's a Mali 450, 2 GB DDR 3 RAM, the Ethernet cable pumps the internet to it, also running Nexus 5 FHD 32 GB, Nexus 10 QHD 16 GB, sure beats the MS desktop crap. They're getting bigger, more integrated and cheaper, but dual core sounds a tad underpowered, my $50 single core 1080p, year old Android TV, used to run fine, wish they wouldn't mess, with the vanilla stock Android. If they give me a refund, maybe I will buy a 4K upscaling Blue Ray player, I have a 4K fireplace Blue Ray coming soon, I'd love to see a UHD Android TV at Google I/O, or Chromecast 2 UHD, we're getting there, in fits and starts, but we're getting there.

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