Moto 360

Motorola's Android Wear watch is clearly the one to beat

Conspiracy theories abound as to why we have to wait for the Moto 360 while two other Android Wear watches are now available for preorder. Maybe it's not ready. Maybe it's more expensive. Maybe it's got some super secret technology that relates to charging that has turned the back of the watch into a veritable unicorn. Whatever the reason, this much is clear:

You will want the Moto 360.

The Moto 360 is the only round Android Wear watch we've seen thus far. But that's really just part of what makes it so attractive. The shape may be what stands out first, but the attention to detail in the design and manufacturing also is readily apparent. The sophistication of the button on the side. The chamfered tiers working their way to the front of the display. Moto 360 looks less like a display strapped to your arm, and more like what you'd want a stylish smartwatch to be.

The preview here at Google I/O really is about the Android Wear software, of course. And to that end, Moto 360 works just like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. You swipe your way through the UI, but Moto does have that button to use if you so wish. Motorola's not saying anything else about the hardware, and that's created a bit of a buzz that's threatening to overshadow the software. We still don't have official word on how much it's going to cost. We still don't know the exact internals. And while some demos wouldn't even allow the back of the watch to be seen, we had no such trouble, though a protective sticker was clearly disguising the charging mechanism. We'll find out more in good time.

Moto 360

As far as the feel goes, I had absolutely no issues wearing the watch. It's deceptively light. And while the round face may look big, it doesn't feel big. (And I could swear the matte black model was just a smidge smaller than the stainless steel, but that definitely was an optical illusion.) The leather straps were comfortable enough. Motorola says you can swap them out, but they wouldn't say how, and the back of the watch almost makes it look like there's a removable cover to get to the pins. We'll just have to see.

We don't have a price for the Moto 360. Or a release date. But what we do have is a burning desire to get this guy on our wrists ASAP.


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Hands-on with the Moto 360


Want this so bad! I haven't worn watch in years.

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Am I the only one who doesn't obsessively admire this watch. I'm actually more in favor of the G-Watch and Gear Live.

wearables are much more of a fashion accessory than a phone, so a lot of personal preference plays a factor. you obviously have a liking for square faced watches!

although i will say, i had pebble steel and it often did not fit in with professional attire, like i'd hoped. i think it was because it was square and not round... still on the fence as to if i want to give this a shot...

I'd like to know if they are water resistant or proof. Are the shock proof and how durable can they be for wearing them during physical activities.

"all android wear will be water resistant"... it was stated in one of the articles pertaining to them from I/O

It's good that Google seems to be making this a "requirement". Still wondering how they're going to enforce that, though. One thing I haven't really heard mentioned: is Android Wear open source like Android?

Actually what they said during the keynote was more in the lines of "all the watches _we have talked about today_ will be water resistant".

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live both state water and dust resistant on the play store. Regarding Moto 360 I have only heard that it will be water resistant, nothing about dust resistance.

Google is keeping a tight reign on Android Wear and Android Auto so manufacturers can't skin them or make excessive customizations. No Touchwiz or anything on Android Wear and updates should come directly from Google. Welcome news for pretty much anyone, and it will create a consistent user experience between watches, no matter which one you choose.

So exactly open source, though I don't think they're charging anyone to use it in their devices.

I don't look at them as fashion accessories any more than phones. However, for those that do, I'm sure HTC will release an aluminum version eventually.

I kinda agree with you man. I support android. But by look alone I don't see the big deal. I guess I have to find out what all it do. It's hard for me put any watch above the galaxy gear 2 right now. Guess we will see

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feel the same way. havent worn a watch in years. no reason to really. got my phone. And the other android watches look nasty. but this is the sexiest thing i even seen

Probably because it was a pointless article, though it wasn't pulled last I checked.

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The article is there but I can't view the comments. I'm wondering if they disabled the comment section. And I bet they did that because of morons lamblasting Ritche for lamblasting something Google. In my opinion, Ritche is right....but only about the black bar at the bottom....but I know why it's there :P`

*update* It now only links to one of Phil's articles.

That is totally idiotic and those people that made the Android Fanboy comments need to be ashamed of themselves.

It is a legit gripe that the bar is there at the bottom. Some have issues with it, some do not.

Now I wish I'd read the article. The curiosity is KILLING ME! LOL

What black bar are we talking about?

Small strip at the bottom of face of the Moto 360 face... And if an iMore editor that rarely writes about Android wrote an article to complain about it he honestly deserves to get lambasted. The iPhone has the largest bezels of any phone and RARELY gets called out over it.

I've seen it since the comment. Rene doesn't write about Android often, but he is normally pretty honest and unbiased, from what I've seen on iMore and podcasts. I'm now really interested to read the original article.

I see the article but when I click on it it links to a different one by Phil. I can understand it. It is an opinion of his and when the first round display watch is released that doesn't have that "splinter in the eye" it will make the 360 look dated.

Because it was an absolutely pointless "article" asking for trouble. Instead of writing up some sort of a review, he simply bashed that tiny strip on the bottom. Could have just made a comment on existing articles.

I would have been fine with the article if Rene actually explained why Moto chose that design in the first place(it holds the display drivers). Instead, he just bashed it and made it seem like moto didn't have a valid reason for doing it.

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Exactly, pointless article was pointless. He might as well right an article about why any electronic with a screen has bezels.

They pulled it because it was a shit article. No point at all, just complaining. Ohhhhh NOOOOOO IT'S ONLY 320!!!!!! I mean, seriously, what the ****?

I'm guessing high. Has there ever been a round display with that small of bezel before? That can't be cheap to make.

Yea, I'm guessing high too. I think it will be the most expensive of the three. I've always placed it somewhere between $299 and $360. MAYBE it will come in at $250, but I honestly don't see it any lower than that. I also don't even think Motorola themselves has set on a definitely price. I think their researching and waiting things out before committing.

Motorola did put a value of $249 on their first place prize for the Moto 360 contest and since the first place prize is a Moto 360 hopefully that will be the launch price.

That was an Approximate Retail Value, set in the terms of the contest for tax purposes, and not a Suggested Retail Value. After the media and tech sites began to jump the gun, and run wild with that price, Motorola quickly added an asterisk to the terms and conditions of the contest: "ARV for unreleased products is furnished for tax purposes. Actual suggested retail price at launch may be substantially different," Motorola said in the updated terms and conditions. They also issued this statement via Google+: “Thanks for your excitement around our Moto 360 Design Face-Off contest! We want to make clear that the “Approximate Retail Value” (ARV) indicated in our rules is included for tax purposes only and should not be interpreted as the suggested retail price of the Moto 360 when it becomes available for purchase.”

Is there any chance they're saving details to see what Apple is going to do. Maybe Google/Motorola feels it's their best shot to compete with Apple. Assuming Apple comes out with a smartwatch.

i def agree, Phil! i'm guessing $225-250. I'd buy it for that price!

The style is nice cause it will go with almost any outfit for the most part. And it doesn't scream "smart watch".. lol

Phil - Define what you think "high" would be price wise? Also, based on what you have seen and handled...if you had to choose the LG, Samsung or Moto is it a no brainer that the moto is the top choice? Let's just assume pricing is reasonably close to the others, higher but not crazy high.

@lindsey.. i mean i dont see any way it would exceed $300 max.. they have to stay as competitive as possible.. IMO

I get the feeling we'll have the same reaction to the price of the 360 as we did to the price of the the Moto G and E...just a hunch

I doubt that one, this is not low end stuff (not saying those are bad phones but they are for the lower end market).

It is gonna run $250ish

So basically you have no clue and your response is pointless...much like this one. Got it! :)

I'm still personally leaning towards the $249 MSRP mentioned in the contest legalities from last month.

Have a G Watch on the way first because I want to try Android Wear asap, but will give the 360 a strong look when released.

The Samsung Gear Wear looks decent for a knock-around watch, but nothing else comes close to the Moto 360 in terms of aesthetics. This is finally a smart watch that is classy, and paired with Android Wear, looks to be extremely functional and innovative. It's gonna be huge.

When will the specs be released. It certainly looks good - especially the metal band flavor - but, what are the specs?

Is it IP67 rated? I want to know if this thing is waterproof. I know the other two are, but I'm skeptical of this one due to it's higher quality build materials and more sophisticated approach. get the Android Wear moniker, the device has to be IP67 certified which is 'Totally protected against dust' and 'Protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m'

Why do most of these water resistant ratings only go to a depth of 1m? My local swimming pool is 2m at its deepest point.

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The water rating has to do with pressure. The deeper you go in water, the higher the pressure. Higher pressure means better seals to prevent the water from getting in. I don't think these things are intended for you to go swimming with them on. More like "it won't die if you get caught in the rain or sweat on it."

it looks surprisingly not massive when holding it in a hand. It especially looks a lot thinner than I thought it would.

I am guessing the price will be low. Motorola is a company that is not known for pricing their devices high. I don't think they will start now

Why the heck is that black thing at the bottom of the screen? Is it something other than the screen like a sensor? Or is the screen just completely cut off down there?? Will they have that fixed by the time it's released? Because seriously I don't know if I will buy one if it looks like that... Which is so sad :(

Did you watch the video? Proximity sensor and display drivers, it's necessary. Watch the damn video.

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Haha wow you're awesome, thanks for being such a friendly person. I'm sure they could have figured out another way of doing it. I want a full screen.

Sorry, we don't do that here. We just head straight to the comments. If you want people that read articles and watch videos you need to go elsewhere.

If you're slacking off at work you, well I, can't watch the video. That said there's always Chrome to phone/app and data for that. Tough when you work in a concrete bunker though.

First impressions: That sucker is THICK! [Sir-Mix-O-LOT: I LIKE BIG BUTTS...] Just can't do the round watch thing. Like having a dinner plate on your wrist!

It looks beautiful.

Until you see the the smart parts.

Those lighter colored backgrounds look tacky, especially where there is also the dark background, too. Yuck.

And the dead space at the bottom, mentioned in another post, doesn't help.

I hope the "Ok Google" at the centre of the watch face is just temporary like it is on the Nexus 5's search bar.

Hopefully you can use a NATO band with this. It kind of looks like you might be able to if it can squeeze under the middle portion of the cover and the band is standard. Unless of course we are not looking at a retail version and the retail version ends up with a more normal looking pin setup.

I also don't see a USB port or anything. I wonder if that will be included... If not that would mean they are going to include a wireless charger instead of having the wireless be an option. Again, this could change if we aren't looking at a retail version here.

Asthetics are very personal. You don't have to like it, but that doesn't mean that people who do like it are wrong.

I predict waiting lists when this finally goes on sale. Really want one of these, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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The excitement for the design is exactly *because* it was done many decades ago. People like things that feel familiar. It's human nature. They want a watch that looks like a watch.

Those are boss, I can't wait to put a Mickey watch face on my Moto 360, +1000 points to whomever makes one that animates Mickey at the top of the hour.

So far I've had the gear 1 and gear neo. I've taken them both back. Hopefully android wear gets a ton more apps. Tizen on the 2nd Samsung watches was a joke. I like the moto 360 a lot. However if it costs a lot more than the other 2 I might just go with the gear live. Do both the live and g watch only have single core processors? The neo had a dual core..

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Can't wait to get my hands on it. But damn, that black stainless steel and black leather looks amazing. I was dead set on the metal band. :(

How bright is it? How well is the ambient tracking (if it has any)?

I want the watch to just look like it is normally reflecting ambient light. I don't want someone to look across the meeting room table and think, "That watch is lit up!"


Yeah I have the same issue. I like the design/look a lot but I am going to handle it before I can really deside

I think $249 at most. Maybe they are going to watch how the sales of the LG and Samsung watches fare over the summer before finalizing the price. If it's $199, I'll get one on launch day.

You are confusing me.. The other guy on your site said not to get it because of the tiny little bezel at the bottom... Now I dont know what to do!


My current watch' strap has now broken for the last time and I'm holding out for a smart watch and I must say it's a pain in the behind to fiddle for your phone in your pocket and turn it on just to see the time. Especially if you're carrying something or doing something else like cooking, exercising, swimming, doing sports etc. Just not practical not to have a wrist watch.

However I was hoping i'd get at least a week on the battery - I almost spat out my coffee when on the BBC reported asked the promo guy (of another smart watch) about battery life and he responded "it will last the whole day"!! I was laughing so hard.

Any chance there's a heart rate monitor under there somewhere? Would be cool to have for the Android Fit services.

It annoys me a bit that they're so secretive about the details of this watch. Just tell us what we wanna know already Moto! U had enough time to figure this shit out!

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Will these smartwatches be available outside the google play store? Like best buy etc..

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So why is it late? Is it because of being sold or hardware delay? Price may be issue for some.

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Am I the only one that thinks this thing can't be bought today because LG and Samsung demanded theirs go live first? No one would buy those if this was released too. Plus I think the lg watch was supposed to be cheaper ($150ish). And wouldn't be surprised if the price goes down when the moto watch comes out.

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Hey guys just wanted your take on HTC's android wear. They are a master of design so what you guys think they'll come with?

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Wow....great looking classy watch. I've Been wanting a new watch for a long time, but have been waiting for this one ever since it was first shown months ago. Looks like a very well made watch! I won't mind spending $250 to $300 for a quality device!

I'd buy this just as a way of letting Samsung know theirs were boring and not innovative.

I thought it was already spoken of with wireless charging capability using the standard charger for the nexus series? What did I miss? If it isn't a wireless charging watch then my perspective changes on buying one. However, this looks slick. I hope it is under $300 cause I will pick one up.

The 360 looks SO much nicer, and the different faces look crisp enough that it took a double take before the fact that it wasn't analog sunk all the way in. Also, releasing Android watches post-Google Glass is super counter-intuitive in my opinion...

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Heard a rumor,.. The battery and strap are permanently connected, but these can be removed from the watch. Essentially when your battery gets low you swap out the strap and connected battery for another which was charging.
Probably bull, but you never know

I want this smart watch just so I can reply YES! to "Alice Yang", lol. Shoot, just remembered I'm married. Oh well, back to reality now.

I am interested in buying the Moto 360 when it comes out. Android Wear supports the QR code on the 2 rectangular faced smartwatches but does anyone know if the Moto 360 can sport a QR code on the circular screen?

I love the Moto 360 and plan to order one the second that I am able.

I have ONE concern though. Will the round screen cause issues in the future?

I imagine that most wear devices will have square screens. I worry that developers will not bother to test or develop for the round screen if the Moto 360 is the only device that has a round screen.

It could result in a poor experience with some apps that don't support this format well.


Finally a watch I can say I want. It looks so professional! You almost can't tell it's a smart watch. I want more details.

it looks amazing and i really like the design of this product! It looks like an actual watch and I much prefer wearing a round one than a square one.
Hope it comes out soon.

Not sure if someone else has asked this in the other comments but will the moto360 miss out on some apps because most may be made for watches with square displays? Will it mean we would have to hope the app developer makes a moto360 version? Just a thought.

While it looks nice, I think all android wear or similar are dumb. If they do anything I think it should be more for time, weather, messages ( reading notifications) and seeing whose calling and shutting the phone ringer off as well as volume control. and maybe news headline alerts if you subscribe. If you want to respond, or read articles or emails then pull out your phone if they are important.

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Eta: Just my two cents

I wish i had purchased this the day it came out. Instead I waited to see what crapple would do and now im kicking myself for waiting. The moto 360 and Lg R are beautiful watches. just wish the battery life was a little better.