HTC One X at Walmart

If you're in the market for a shiny new HTC One X, and feel like saving $40 bucks, you might want to head to Walmart. The LTE handset will soon be hitting the shelves at just $158, which is a substantial savings over the corporate AT&T store. Of course there's a two-year agreement tied to the phone at this price, but something tells me that the One X is a phone that most of us could live with for two years. Like the sheet above says, the specs are great, Sense 4 is great (yeah, I said it), and the network is plenty fast. People seem to be loving it, and not just reviewers

I'm sure you can find some room in the cart with the dog food and paper towels, so swing by and have a look.

Thanks, eonnx!


Reader comments

Grab the HTC One X at Walmart for $158 with contract


If 16gigs is sufficient for you.

Anyway, gotta love Wall Mart for that awesome price!

Personally I prefer a smartphone with removable/expandable memory & battery.

If amazon is still selling the HTC one X for 149.99 that's still the best deal considering that may not come with tax depending on your state

yeah i missed out on that, thats one of the reasons i'm waiting to get this phone. hopefully another sale comes along if not i'll pay the 149.99

But since I'm not upgrading at an AT&T store, will I get to keep my current data & SMS texting plans ?