Google IO Galaxy Tab

Were you at Google IO this year? Still have your Galaxy Tab 10.1? And feel like renting some movies from Google? An 11.22MB update's now available for your tab that'll do just that, giving you access to Google Videos. Note that this isn't the Android 3.2 update, nor is it the Touchwiz update that you can start to get this Wednesday in New York City.

Interestingly, you're instructed to remove any widgets or app icons that point to the Pulse news reader app. No explanation as to why. But the different versions of the Galaxy Tab can be a bit finicky, so we're doing as we're told.

Thanks, John!


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Google IO Samsung Galaxy Tabs get update for Google Movies

The problem is that the video's app won't work on rooted devices :/ I'm hoping we get the capability once we get the Touchwiz update. From the leaks, it seems like this will be the case.

Just updated. No movies in my market. Only apps and books. I think it applied the update properly to HMJ37.UEKG4 P7510UKEG4.

UPDATE: Found it! There is a separate videos app.

So this basically enables the movies tab in the market? It's been on my Xoom for quite some time. What's the deal? I have to say, video quality is much better than the leaked netflix on this.

But isn't Google Videos now called YouTube?

I miss Google Videos. A lot of the content on there (documentaries and ephemera in particular) deserved better care than Google gave it.