With Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 event only days away, it seems inevitable that something else was going to leak before the main event. Here we see Samsung's stylus-friendly smartphone inside a security case to keep its identity a secret, but a handy screenshot from the device courtesy of our source clears up any confusion. This same blocky security case was seen recently in another Note 4 leak from the folks at TechTastic, but there's no doubt that when Samsung is ready for the big reveal the Note 4 will have shed this awkward casing in exchange for some more familiar looks.

We'll be tackling the Note 4 announcement from both New York and Berlin this year, with plenty of hands on time to fill in everything we don't know. The party starts at 9am Eastern for all three of Samsung's Unpacked locations this year, so don't be late!


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Galaxy Note 4 leaks in a strange blocky case


In a blocky case protecting the chamfered edges. The Galaxy Note 4 the KING IS HERE ready to take it's crown.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

You're hating so that means your definitely not buying. That's more for my group.

Pass along hater we got this on September 3rd this isn't for you're pocket.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Are you talking to me? I'm definitely buying it. I've been quietly anticipating this phone all year.

Posted via the Android Central App

I've got a Note 3 and I explained below why I won't be buying a Note 4. Honestly, as hard as you fanboy, I was starting to think that you were a paid Samsung plant. Then I remembered that you used to fanboy out like this over the worst phone in the Evo line too.

We get it. You love Samsung. You love them so hard that you've alienated half the internet so much that your opinions are immediately written off.

Enjoy your Note 4. Like I said, I'm sure it will be a great phone. That terrible UI and Sammy's "security measures" will make sure that I don't drop $750 on a phone that I can't customize.

Hopefully his unemployment will run out before it's released so he won't have any money to buy it....

Posted via the Android Central App

You sound pretty typical. My money is waiting and I will be opening three separate lines to add to my all ready three lines of service come October 3rd.

I'll be glad to throw you some food stamps for you to trade in so you might be able to afford to buy it since you are broke...

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

The fact that you will have 3 lines open, and only the one phone for yourself, tells me you either don't know how to manage your money (I wouldn't be surprised at this since you were actually homeless 7 or 8 years ago), or you don't know how the line system works. Either way, you're an idiot.

He needs a group discount or price break he can't afford to keep up the pace of buying year after year.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Who cares what you have worry about yourself I'm covered I do my talking with buying every year.

Lot more than what can be said with you 2yrs now and then buyers.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Yes, because what you buy and how much of it = greater status in the social hierarchy. We're talking about electronic devices with retail prices usually less than $750. These aren't Maseratis, Ferraris, the latest 60" OLED TVs, an actual house, or anything that *really* costs money. Get over yourself Dick.

Dude, chill :P
While I agree that Touchwiz hasn't been great from the beginning, they have definitely cleaned it up and optimised it for their own devices. As for customising, you can always root it and then do whatever you want to it XD

KNOX sucks, but its easy to eliminate via root. At least Samsung doesn't factory lock the bootloader like some other douchy manufacturers I can think of...and TW is alot better than Sense and whatever LG's craptastic UI is.

What's embarrassing is you faceless losers who populate this site and Google Plus.

I openly laugh at you clownish cowards daily.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Ridiculous immature behavior from too many of you. A real turn off.

Posted via Android Central App from Samsung Note 3 or Surface Pro 3

And yet, I'm pretty sure I spotted you over at Phandroid a few weeks ago under a "fake" username spouting off your usual BS about Samsung "pimp slapping" the competition, plain and simple.

He may be a douche, I don't know, but Samsung and Apple pretty much have been pimp slapping all the competition. What is your point?

He seems like an obsessed fan, and you seem stalkerish... He may be driving you to this, but it's not good. Who cares? Just ignore his rants.

Note 3? What happened? I guess you didn't earn $800 that week just by sitting at home on your computer and couldn't afford the iPhone? Or did you try and get one of the free tablets Samsung gives you if your deeeumb enough to by one of their phones?

Thank you good sirs. But I must digress, he has convinced me. Yarell: 1. AC: everyone else on the site.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't comment enough for my opinion to be widely know here, but I'm a Nexus user at heart. (cost with great performance) I also use a Z30 because my phone is for managing the social aspect of my life and BB10 does that the best. I wouldn't ever use a Note nearly because I find them too big and I never adjusted to that OG Note I picked up years ago. You decided to insult me for little to no reason. You also had zero complexity in your insult. Why bother posting with the logic of one that was just born to spew out stuff that belongs in a toilet bowl? People like you and Yarell should really leave the site. You're an embarrassment to any average Internet user that came here for info and info only. The image of Android Central is to be the largest most accurate source of info for Android enthusiasts and beginners alike. Not a zoo with areas dedicated to all the different trolls you can spot in the Web.

Posted via Android Central App

Notice me senpai *Waves begin basement Nexus in front of Yarell to cause and allergic reaction*

Posted via Android Central App

And yet, you couldn't even spell asinine correctly to save your life, or use the correct forms of you're/your or their/they're/there in a sentence.

I can't sell asinine. My comment isn't relevant, I'm just making a shameless plug for SwiftKey allowing me to type this with zero errors.... And I wanted to try and spell asinine.

Posted via Android Central App

That's actually kinda my point. He couldn't spell asinine even with autocorrect. Every now and then, he makes a comment with some serious misspellings, even though pretty much all smartphones have at least decent autocorrect features, and have had them for a few years.

I think this yarell guy is actually no-nexus in disguise. The amount of "love" they both dish out for a certain phone manufacturer..

Nah, I feel like it would physically hurt No Nexus to write like that. I tried to copy the Yarell style and couldn't pull it off. The grammar burns me

Posted via Android Central App

It would. If I had to do that copy pasta I would have no choice but to break my own fingers

Posted via Android Central App

I am not liking the blocky squared look at all. Sent from my Nexus5 On T-Mobiles blazing fast LTE networks.

Posted via Android Central App

I didn't know what a security case was before I read the article. Maybe it's the same with him and he skimmed over where they mentioned it? Thanks for showing your class guys, way to improve to community here.

Posted via Android Central App

You really haven't an objective perspective on technology at all, do you? I really wished you had the foresight to stop trying to jump onto a company bandwagon (you've done this several times before). You troll every single Android forum, community, and G+ profile that speaks against you and your illogical rambling of arrogance... such a bother.

(On Topic):
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 seems to be a fairly conventional lacklustre compared to other devices that are rumoured to be out in the next 4-5 months. That is, if the "leaked" specifications/hardware are correct and accurate. If any of the leaks are nearby accurate, I think it'll just be a skip for me (with a Note 3). No point in upgrading to a horrible TouchWiz UI with gimmicky features when there are other devices that may be around the same size (5.7-5.9" display) with a more premium UI to it. ("Look, maw! I can use buzzwords too!")

Another faceless person talking out the side of his neck. Pretty typical of losers and trolls who have no capital to purchase handsets so they bargain basement price shop for Nexus or Motorola.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

I guess you hadn't read the comment correctly, as usual for a troll of your caliber (or lack thereof). I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 right now - same handset as yourself. Silly, silly man. :)

I made an objective comment about the future Note 4. The Note 3 had a powerful handset; but, there were a few gimmick-features (which Samsung is notorious for). Mind you, all handsets aim for gimmickry features in order to encourage you to use their devices over any other. All of the sensors on the Galaxy S5 will *probably* be moved over to the Note 4 ... which is nothing of value. The fingerprint scanner is pretty sub-par (despite the fact they started using it in place of passwords [well.. considering it's not that secure overall ...kudos?]). The only encouraging potential out of the Note 4 is any water resistance/waterproof that could be moved or upgraded from the S5.

So no Note equal broke? And logic equals troll? Any other phone equals food stamps and no face, what else, bargain basement and what not.

Sorry guys, trying to learn the language of Yarell. I hope to be like him. Buying the top of the line every year. And by that I mean the New Nexus. Until BB gets its crap together and gets me an upgrade to My Z30.

Posted via Android Central App

"Yarell Logic" is essentially the idea that if it isn't Samsung, it's not a good mobile.
If you try to look at a Samsung product objectively, you're a troll.
All other devices are trash and for cheap/broke people, in his mind.

BB isn't too bad :) A few of their recent devices are kind of nice, but I agree they need to focus on releasing handsets at least once a year. Though, based on their financial issues here and there, it may be a bit difficult to dedicate so many resources to R&D.

The only reason I'm a bit upset with them is the lack of a an all touch at the higher end. The Z3 is okay and all, but it's not an upgrade if you have a Z30 and Z10. But the software is optimized enough that we don't really need new hardware, but you can't blame us for wanting it right?

Posted via Android Central App

Nope, of course not. I've always viewed Blackberry as the "true rival" to iPhones, in the business department at least. BB has always been pretty keen on developing the software that's solid, stable, and optimised for its handsets (like iPhones). Of course it makes sense to want the hardware ... everyone's entitled to want something to geek out on. Until then, you can always purchase "basement bargain-shop mobiles" that have the same specs/roundabout price.

And yet, here you are using the same boring old "insults" for all of your comments, the same ones you've been using for years. You attack people based on their supposed lack of money, something which you could not possibly know because you don't have their bank accounts. What a joke.

Also, FYI, the Note 3 is the same price or just *slightly* higher than any other flagship phone. Heck, even the full retail price on your precious T-Mobile is only a $7 difference between it and the S5, $16 between it and the iPhone 5s, and $18 difference between it and the LG G3. On Verizon, the Note 3 is the same price as the Samsung ATIV SE, LG G3, HTC One M8 (Android and Windows version), Galaxy S5, and the iPhone 5s is just a bit more. And you talk as if the Note 3 is soooo much more expensive than every other phone.

I have had the Note i717,Note 2,and now the Note3,and soon to have the Industrial looking Note 4,for this Note series I think industrial look is the only way to go....
Sent from my AT&T Note 3.....

That water drop sound is super annoying. Samsung need to change it or give the option of other sounds.

Posted via the Android Central App

Or better yet. A seperate HD screen in that button with a permanent spinning .gif of a Verizon symbol, giant checkmark in tow.

Seriously tho. The home button has grown a bit vertically compared to the Note 3. Can't ascertain much more from this photo. It is interesting that the capacitive buttons are covered with wide strips of tape. Is Sammy adding something there, or did they just use long pieces of tape.

Looks identical to the Note 3. So much for fanboy curved/flexible speculation. Not that anyone actually believed it.

Dat front button. Won't die. Nor will the beeps and bloops. Sigh...

you can't possibly be referencing dick yarrell and his eight month long obsession with telling everyone about the three sided note 4 display could you...

Posted via the Android Central App

Good ole Josh Hornier from Google Plus another hater and troll not spending real money.

Pass by these basic haters they are bargain basement shoppers this isn't a Motorola G or Nexus group discount handset.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

You sir win the Internet. I am now an official Yarell follower. I see the error of my Nexus ways. I have real money. I..... Must..... NOTE 4 FTW !!!!

Switching to T-Mobile to send all future comments from my elite "top of the line because it DRAWS THE LINE WITH THE GODSENT S-PEN " Godsung Note 4 running AmazeballWiz

Posted via Android Central App

I am a changed Samsung Bot. There is nothing better. Excluding all the other things better than Samsung. /s

Posted via Android Central App

1. Either your autocorrect is so messed up because you spell "hornier" so often that it thought that's what you were trying to spell, or you reverted back to the retarded insults an 8 year old makes. Like all the times you called AT&T "AssT&T" or Samsung "Samsuck" back when you were on your HTC lovefest. His name is Josh Hirner. Have some respect.
2. Yes, because it's totally impossible to comment on an article AND buy something at the same time. It's called having multiple browser tabs open or dual screens. Get with the times Richard.

I don't like how Samsung is trying so hard to leave Google services. The Nokia HERE map announcement is one step closer to TIZEN.

The Note 4 may be neat, but I like Google. I want nothing to do with TIZEN.

Full stop.

You're clearly a broke chump that wants to fund the cheap haters and trolls that use Nexus crap

Posted via Android Central App

Lol, I'm writing this on a Nexus, I'm just spewing crap. I noticed the push away too, and since I avoid Sammy like the plague I don't really care, but it's nice to see Nokia get some play. Doesn't Tizen run Play apps though?

I don't seriously think ones phone maker and model affects their status in life. I've seen rich guys with flip phones and 13 year old with M8's

Posted via Android Central App

It's cool, I find him funny. Annoying, but funny. Like what if everyone just cupped their hands and screamed about one thing like he did?

Posted via Android Central App

Amen to that. I personally like Samsung but then I love all technology. I just buy what I LIKE, whether it is a Samsung, HTC, Nexus, LG or whatever. I've rocked all of those phones over years. Right now I have a M8. I have my first child on the way that is due in January. So once the Note 4 comes out I'm going to get that a try to keep it for a couple years. I can't keep dropping money on phones my wife wants to kill me as it is.

Posted via the Android Central App

Congratulations on your first child!!!! My wife had 2 when we got married and I adopted them, but they were already 7 and 8. Then all of a sudden...BAM....I had my first 4 years ago! They are some hard work but worth it!

And the same with my wife. She wants to throw every phone I get into a wall and tells me buy one, keep it, and sell the others or I'm going to rip your nads off....lol

Okay, this is my real opinion, sorry for wasting your bandwidth guys.

Yarell is a chump.
Chumps entertain me. I enjoy the smell of frying brain cells as he tries to formulate responses.

Next topic.

The Note 4 is going to be a great phone. That is a given. It's the only phone Sammy doesn't do half-baked.
I won't buy it. I must be too poor (or have a dislike for large screens because of my hand size)

Samsung won't leave Google soon. Google has made Sammy what it is, and it's hard for a juggernaut tochange direction.

Sammy doesn't have the time to develop a full OS. They're slow on Android updates and that's with most of the work done for them. Imagine Tizen updates...

If Tizen looks like TouchWiz that won't matter because it will run sooo much better. They will be like Apple in controlling Hardware and Software. That seems to be their goal. They just Lack the focus on a certain demographic that Apple has mastered. One company is a marksman. The other uses an LMG and hopes for the best.

Your phone should never be a status symbol. It is first and foremost a communication device, and secondly a hub to the mass amounts of info on the Web. I use a Z30 as my daily. I use a Nexus S 4G to comment on here and the other Mobile Nations apps (do they sideload well?) my phone choice has little to do with my status in life. And we should ignore all of that. We're here to discuss and learn about tech.

Trolls will Troll. Don't call them out. None of us want to read them reply and deep down you don't too. Once you stop feeding them they leave.

Yarell must be a plant. He is fed by the simple mention of Sammy. We will never be rid of him. Give up.
T-Mobile is doing great things for the consumer base. Someone with a bit of bite has to do it, and for some reason the community isn't enough. Another big company with the community behind it will force the others to change. It's already begun, look at Sprint. They maybe bailing out a ship, but their changing course as well.

This has been a long comment. I'm sorry. Here's a potato for your troubles *insets potato because we don't have picture comments.... Yet*

Posted via Android Central App

Touchwiz is finally performing rather well with the s5....all if took was beastly hardware. No, samsung won't be leaving google any time soon....establishing and growing an ecosystem as you know is difficult, especially when ios and android already dominate the market cripples the potential of tizen and every other mobile os.

Samsung and google are dependant on each other for better or worse. Personally, I never want samsung to leave google. The marketing ppwer of samsung gets android into way more consumers hands, and anything that grows androids ecosystem while Taking consumers from apple I'm all for!! $!

Haven't all of Sammy's flagships had beastly hardware? TouchWiz was just crap. I see it as an Android fork like FireOS. It was that different. They just let you change it with launchers and whatnot

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, but not with the 800-801....and notice that from the Note 3 on that performance isn't the problem it was (regardless of what some say about the s5, don't be mistaken, it's a very high performer).....significantly slowing down the sd 600 on the s4 was unacceptable though, and there have been inprovements.

Samsung has modified stock as much as amazon has with fireOS?? Bit of an exaggeration, don't you think??? Lolol

It may sound like I'm defending touchwiz, but honestly, I've found it to be disgusting all the way up to the note 3....but, imo, with the s5 they've refined and toned down the UI and software to the point of acceptable (mostly anyway, not completely) ...aesthetically, it's not nearly as bad as it was either

Wow. How insightful. Care to enlighten us on how stock Android handles the Wacom Stylus operation on a Note? Waiting with anticipation.

He wasn't talking out of his ass, with that comment, though. Having used the Note 3 for a few months, anyone could see that of the 32GB of onboard storage, you only have access to between 20-23GB, after TouchWiz and all of the system files.

Well, that video was certainly underwhelming. I'm sure the Note 4 will have nice specs, but be held back by a clunky new TouchWiz iteration and a bootloader that can't be unlocked.

I wish Samsung would release a Google play edition of the note 4. That would be my dream phone. I love the Note series but hate Touchwiz.

Posted via the Android Central App

Or let competition take its course, which is necessary to ensure better Nexus phones in the first place, albeit the note is a better device. Ftw

Posted via the Android Central App

Not true. They're lots of apps in the play store that can take advantage of the s-pen. When I had my Note 2 I almost always ran AOSP roms on it. I didn't loose any of the functionality of the s-pen. Atleast not in the areas that I cared about. Even the pressure sensitivity was still there.

Posted via the Android Central App

I'll never understand why they didn't ditch it years.......there's so many people out there that still don't know that the shit plop touch sound can be turned off......so they walk around like.....plop.....plop......plop plop......plop.......plololol

Then you don't get the sounds when pressing numbers to dial. The plop sound sucks ass but they don't give you the option to revert to a default dialer sound. It's the plop or nothing. The sounds on the S4 and Note 3 are annoying and keeping them for the Note 4 is ludicrous.

Llolololol never thought of that sound before. But this is so true and funny as hell. From now till the end of time I will be in stores and here this and immediately start laughing out loud.

The note 4 is going to be a great phone. I have a Note 2 and have loved it, but there are a few things that I have come to want that this phone won't have.
-On screen button
-Wireless charging out of the box
-A streamlined, not bloated, touchwiz
These are a few quick things, and may seem trivial to some but now that most phones run everything well, I'm going to go with what will give me my best user experience.

This looks like it has the Alpha corners so it means no plastic, which means I'm totally excited! But I was hoping they were going to release the side screen one that I heard about.

Pretty stupid.... But we'll all know for sure in 5 days!! I wish at some point during their press event Samsung would decide to say.....

"We build our S and note devices to show consumers just how much Apple really sucks" lol,

I like my note 3 a lot. I could wait on this or possibly the 5. I came from a gs5, but won't go back to a smaller screen. Once you go 5.7, you don't go 4.11

Posted via the Android Central App

A great phone if... wireless charging, minimum 32gb built in and unlocked boot loader although boot loader isn't that big a deal as long as I have root.

Posted via the Android Central App

I rather like this squared off look. It could be a bit softer but not too much more. I like the xperia look a lot.

I love my Note 3, unless the Note 4 cooks my breakfast, I won't be buying it :)

Posted from my Beastly Note 3 via Android Central App

Looks like a Note 3 with a card stock addition to make it look like a different shape. Looking at it on my note 3 everything seems to be placed identically from the button to the earpiece to the camera...

Only if you're full on fanboy like Richard Yarrell or Joe Goodwin. Reasonable Samsung likers like NoNexus are respected.

OnePlus One

Because if its a tester unit, they may have a specific build # that would let samsung know who is the one leaking the device.

That screen does look like it goes very close to the edge of the handset, will it be 5.9(or 8?) And keep the same size as the Note 3? Can't wait to see the final specs for the Note, definitely one of the best handset lines out there right now. Thin bezels=yes, water resistant=surely, 20mp camera? Not sure about that one. Qhd=possible?

Posted via Android Central App

Looking back on the first "Note", its success was something of a surprise. The Note 2 introduced a better shape, with great battery life and a nicer screen. My Note 3 followed that with a bigger 1080p screen. However, the System screen and some of the "features" felt like overkill. So what can Samsung really add to this concept now?

A real quality look and feel would be welcome, even if its a bit heavier. I want to see a simpler cleaner "System" screen. Fewer "features", but a truly universal multiscreen interface. 13Meg is fine, but a better quality camera module with OIS and superior optics would be top of my list. Smasung could offer a user selectable button layout like LG; people at this level want choice. I wish they would build in a lanyard point for a wrist strap, like the GS2. You actually need one more with bigger phones. Its easier to drop them, especially when taking pictures. I modify my phone case to take a wrist strap, and would not be without one now.

Unless Samsung offer substantial benefits this time, I will wait for the Note 5; or an Android phone with a truly superior camera. If Nokia had taken the Android path, they WOULD have done this; but both Sony and Samsung still could.

Posted via Android Central App

Note 4 will be a great phone bit I think I'll pass on it . I'm happy with the LG G3 ATM first phone that I have not wanted to run and flash a new ROM on.

Posted via the Android Central App on my LG G3

You are right about the LG3. My wife has it and I find myself playing with it all the time. It runs smoothly. Nice and loud the only thing I noticed that bugs me is the speakerphone it is loud but it sounds a little funny like muffled and a little distorted even lowering the volume.

Posted via Android Central App

The sad part with the Note line is that that promotion is not as great as the other samsung devices (s5 s4). The Note2 dropped and the S4 took the spot light. Note3 dropped and all the promotion went to the S5. The Note 4 needs to have major updates software side of things. Fingerprint scanner needs a real update and fully functional not half baked. Not so many gimmicks that don't make sense. The smart eye imo doesn't work. The software just needs to be overhauled and not bloated down.

Posted via Android Central App

Why is it that ever other post about every other phone is civil? Toss a Samsung logo on it and this is what you are left with, A shit show of dick waving fanboys....

Everyone should just be civil and if you don't like the phone don't post... I personally was considering A Note 3 for some time but decided best to wait it out... So i will see what the phone can do before i start with the doom and gloom..

Posted via Android Central App

Exactly I don't understand why people comment on products they don't like. If I dont like a product I may read the article to see what it has to offer but won't waste my time commenting on it

Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3

There is a difference between trolling and saying you are unhappy with a product you had been waiting for though. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, positive or negative. I think that because over the last few years smartphones made such huge laps, and now the updates are more incremental so people build up unrealistic expectations. It doesn't help that Samsung put all this crud on their phones, chogging up the internal memory with no way of removing them. I love some of Samsung's features, but I find just as many rubbish or useless. I wish you could customise TW with the features you want, dropping useless stuff.

Personally though, I am looking forward to seeing the new Note 4.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm confused as to why the home button is white.

I will definitely be buying the Note 4. (pending the release of the iPhone 6 5.5-inch model)

The Note 4 doesn't look that much different. (more like when Samsung updated the S4 to S5) However, I'm sure the internals will have great new stuff!

If it's only a little better than the note 3 but with an OIS camera, I'll buy it. I really want a better camera on the note.

I was disappointed that the LG Stylus was mid-ranged. I was hoping for a note competitor to choose from (competition is a good thing). I use my spen too much to give it up, which means the note 4 is my only option for an upgrade.

Yeah, the LG stylus... What were they thinking? So disappointing. People are bound to compare it to the Note, and its going to be embarrassing.

Posted via Android Central App

The only problem that I have with my Note 3 is the call reception. Which I guess is a pretty big problem considering that it's a phone.
The reception on my Note 3 is far worse then my wife's S4. While I would like to run out and get this phone when it's released I really have to take into account that I've had 2 Samsung phones now (the Galaxy Nexus and the Note 3 (also had a Note 2 but was on U.S. Cellular which is another story)) that have had less than impressive call quality.
Also fixes and upgrades take so long (if they are ever actually released). I really want to go the Nexus route next go-around but Nexus and Verizon doesn't blend very well.

Me and all of my friends never had any issues with reception on our Note 3. I wonder if its a defective handset or your carrier

Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3

Yeah but it's so big.. And the Octa-Core Processor seems to have really made the resolution look so bad.. maybe it'll only support 720P with this new in-house CPu? I really cannot see paying $875.00 for this blocky device.. I wonder if it's running Tizen...?