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Motorola Droid Bionic

Have we mentioned the Motorola Droid Bionic will be available Sept. 8? Oh, good. Because it's now finally officially official. Price is official as well: $299 with a two-year contract.

This has without a doubt been one of the strangest roads to launch for a smartphone in recent memory. The Droid Bionic was initially announced in January at CES (see our hands-on) but was scrapped for revamped hardware, which has been leaked just about every which way since.

Now you're basically getting an LTE version of the Droid X2, with a 4.3-inch qHD display, 1GB of RAM, Android 2.3.4, Motorola's Webtop features, Gorilla Glass, and a 1735 mAh battery, which should help add a little life to the LTE device. Verizon's also staking the Droid Bionic's claim as the thinnest LTE smartphone at 11mm, but that's not as svelte as the new Galaxy S II on Sprint.

Anyhoo, we'll just have to see whether the wait -- and the price -- make it worth it. Full press release is after the break.

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Unsurpassed Power, Speed and Entertainment

On the Fastest, Most Advanced 4G LTE Network in America

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., and LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. – Verizon Wireless and Motorola Mobility, Inc. (NYSE: MMI), today announced DROID BIONIC™ by Motorola will be exclusively available beginning Sept. 8.

DROID BIONIC is the first Verizon Wireless smartphone to combine 4G LTE with the power of a dual-core 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and a stunning 4.3-inch qHD display – all in a sleek form factor that makes it the thinnest 4G LTE smartphone from Verizon Wireless. Customers can expect to fly across the Web on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network with download speeds of 5 to 12 Mbps and upload speeds of 2 to 5 Mbps in 4G LTE mobile broadband coverage areas.

DROID BIONIC introduces a host of groundbreaking applications and accessories that turn the device into a multi-media hub, a ruler of remote access and a purveyor of virtuality. DROID BIONIC introduces ZumoCast™ by Motorola, an application that lets customers bring their digital world of videos, music, pictures and documents stored on their computers to their handset via remote access. With its revolutionary Webtop application, DROID BIONIC can beam a full-featured Firefox® Web browser, email or documents to a TV or monitor, like the separately purchased Lapdock™ with a 11.6" screen, keyboard and integrated trackpad.

Accessories such as the HD Station let DROID BIONIC users turn the phone into an entertainment center or home office. Customers can view pictures, video, and content from the DROID BIONIC on any HDTV or monitor by connecting a separately sold HDMI cable. They can also take a conference call while editing documents and surfing the Web. And, of course, the DROID BIONIC lets customers share their 4G LTE signal with up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices when they activate the Verizon Wireless Mobile Hotspot. The device of the future today, the DROID BIONIC also includes the following features:

  • Powered by Android™ 2.3.4 Gingerbread
  • Dual-core 1 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM
  • 4.3-inch qHD screen using scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass and dual-layer anti-reflective coating
  • 8-megapixel autofocus camera with flash and 1080p HD video capture
  • Front-facing camera for video chat over 4G LTE, 3G or Wi-Fi
  • MOTOPRINT app to print via Wi-Fi-enabled printers
  • Mirror Mode with HDMI out (HDMI cable required) supporting 1080p HD video playback
  • Multi-window options for multitasking with ease when using the Webtop application
  • Business Ready with advanced security policies; resizable and scrollable email, calendar and task widgets; device and SD card encryption; and Citrix® GotoMeeting® and Citrix Receiver™
  • Adobe® Flash® pre-loaded
  • HTML 5 capable
  • 32 GB memory: 16 GB on board and 16 GB microSD™ card pre-installed (actual formatted capacity is less)
  • Support for up to 32 GB microSD cards
  • Supports wireless charger

Pricing and availability:

DROID BIONIC by Motorola will be available in Verizon Wireless Communication Stores and online at on Sept. 8 for $299.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.

Customers will need to subscribe to a Verizon Wireless Nationwide Talk plan beginning at $39.99 for 450 minutes per month and a smartphone data package starting at $30 monthly access for 2 GB of data.

Verizon Wireless Mobile Hotspot data plans are available beginning at $30 for 2 GB.

For a limited time, customers who purchase a Lapdock with the DROID BIONIC can receive a $100 mail-in rebate when subscribing to a $50, 5 GB data plan or higher.

Available accessories:

The Lapdock will be available for $299.97, the HD Station will be available for $99.99 and the Adapter for Webtop Application will be available for $29.99.

Vehicle Navigation Dock delivers easy access to maps, favorite contacts, hands-free calling, music, navigation and more and supports streaming of audio and music via the 3.5 mm audio jack, if available, to play through vehicle speakers. The Vehicle Navigation Dock will be available for $39.99.

The Battery Dock with standard battery is a pocket-sized accessory with an extra battery included to charge both DROID BIONIC and an extra battery at the same speed as a wall charger. The Battery Dock will be available for $49.99.

For more information on Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to For more information on accessories, visit


Reader comments

Finally official, the Motorola Droid Bionic arrives Sept. 8 for $299 on contract


Lets just hope this isn't ruined with bugs like the Thunderbolt! Bout time this device is gonna see some sun!

wow that is expensive and not as sexy as the GS2.

Aren't there rumors of better phones coming to verizon soon?

iPhone 5?
Verizon's 'better than' GS2?

lol so is the bionic...also since when has plastic been a bad provides the best reception,its more durable and it helps to keep thing light but thats a personal preference.

Exactly. $299 on contract? Who is going to pay more for this than an iPhone 5? Is Motorola Daft? Oh wait, Google owns them now. Is Google daft? What is it with these idiots who think that selling devices at or above the price of a premium device by Apple, is a good idea?

I think by chance, you're the daft one, not having a clue.

$299 is Verizon's pricepoint, not Moto's nor Google's. Verizon has been charging this for their LTE phones since the Thunderbolt. If the next iteration of the iPhone 5 comes with LTE data on Verizon, expect to see a similar price tag. Which is why it probably won't have LTE, because Apple is going to wait until LTE chipsets are cheaper as projected this time next year.

I have to agree completely with you and add onto it even more. Google has attempted to purchase Moto. It doesn't go through in one day they are still completely separate companies and Google has absolutely no control or word yet. Then I would also like to point out that the iphone on verizon costs 300 with 32gb storage. This does have 32. So now Dark_Blu, please do some homework before you go calling people/companies names.

Apple has always charged a premium "Apple tax". They get more for their tablets and laptops than competitors. Competition at the same price point has never worked. Look at the prices for the Charge, DX2 and TB on Amazon and Wirefly. They dropped rapidly.

The $299 is an early adopter price for those people who think they must get the newest, buggiest phone before their neighbors. Those with a little common sense will pay $150 on Amazon in a month.

That was my point that those two, apparently missed. Trying to charge the same price as any Apple product has never worked for any vendor smartphones. Think people will stand in line overnight waiting for a Bionic at a 32GB iPhone price? I don't think so.

The hell with that... why wait a month when you could be getting a Bionic next week from Radio Shack at around the same pricing and with a far better warranty.

Do some research yourself Mate. You're both daft if you don't know that any vendor other than Apple who charges the same price as any Apple Product, doesn't result in the "APPLE EFFECT". Point being, there will be no lines of panting Bionic lovers waiting overnight to buy a Bionic for the same price as a 32GB iPhone. THAT, is the point you both apparently missed and the point that Moto and others have missed, as well.

Its nothing like the DX2 , different CPU , more RAM & ...

Besides didn't both the ThunderBolt &.. Charge came out priced at 299

and you dont think the prime will also cost 300?

Bottom line is there is ALWAYS a better phone waiting to come out. Ive been waiting to use my upgrade since july, im done. Bionic is mine.

It will be interesting to see how many folks actually are willing to pay the same price for this Bionic as an iPhone. Not nearly as many as the iPhone, is my guess. We've already seen that happen with the iPad and other Android Tablets. That sort of thinking didn't work for the HP Touchpad either.

Just think how many they would have sold if this came out, say, 5 months ago. Yawn, anyone with a brain is waiting for the Prime/Vigor/something else.

I have a brain and im not waiting. Ive been sitting on my upgrade since july 6th. My Droid 1 needs to retire.

Why should I wait when Bworley has basically given a full review and the phone is pure awesomeness in every test he ran?

Im sold.

To get the same phone with slightly different specs? You may be disappointed that you held out for something you thought was going to be better.

I really can't see anyone buying this. The only thing the Bionic has over any other Verizon phone is LTE with a Dual Core combo, but phone is Fugly and way to thick. At this point why not just wait a month or two since we all know Verizon will be getting some variant of the GS2.

As for me I can't wait for the 16th to pick up my GS2 on Sprint.

That month or 2 could turn into 3 or 4 and by then there will be the next great phone "just a couple months away" that you should wait for. I am going to buy it because I've already been waiting over a month for something better than VZW's current 4G phones.

I can't see anyone picking up the GS2 on Sprint. It doesn't even have LTE. I'll be buying the Bionic tomorrow.

Why is everyone so angry about this phone? Just don't buy it if you don't like it... truth be told I loath Samsung but I've yet to talk about how whatever Samsung phone is old boring crappy etc. Get over it prime vigor whatever I just purchased the bionic at exactly 7:40 am est and I couldn't be happier. Its a phone not a person who slapped you in the face no need to hate it.

Hate, no. Discussion yes. If you you don't wish to discuss the android devices that are being posted about then stay out of the comments.

Because Haters gonna hate -

(What!?!? The phone is priced EXACTLY the same as all other other LTE phones when they came out? That's TOTALLY illogical! Insert idiot comment on why this phone will fail, Pentile screen sucks, and why Verizon should be handing them out at $199)

To be fair, I don't plan on buying it either - not until I see the Prime, but compared to the build quality and features of every current phone available on Verizon's LTE network, this is without a doubt the best available. Everyone want's something for nothing these days.

Let me be the one to insert the comment you were searching for.

Verizon should sell this for $199 BECAUSE they already charge an arm and a leg for a decent amount of data that is CAPPED, mind you.

So, yes.... $199 isn't TOO much to ask. $299 is ridiculous for a phone that has competition already priced at 1/3 of that. ($99 for those that didn't catch that)

Teased for months ... now $299 and bleh ... blah blah blippity blah ... good try again big red but I will pass

Phil.... I thought this phone comes with 1.5 GHz Speeeeeeeeeed.
It has nothing different from the Motorola Photon 4G on Sprint. Oh I forgot it has 16 GB pre-installed and it`ll cost $100.0! Way to go VZW.
And 450 mints with 2GB $69.99!!! sound cheap but not realy cheap, I`d Sprint the same price with unlimitednot 2Gb.

Your post is missing about 10 words to make it REALLY make sense...

But I get the idea, and I agree. Keep up the good work, chap.

I saw a picture of the Bionic side by side with the Sammy Charge. They have the same size screens, but the Bionic is quite a bit larger phone. I'm waiting to see what develops with the Prime for that and other obvious reasons.

Does anyone think the thunderbolt will work just as good when it gets the gingerbread update? Also I emailed htc to complain about a few things & surpriseingly they responded within 20 mins by am actual person.. Anyway they told me just like android central said, gingerbread will be out for all thunderbolts by three end of the month, coming out in phases according to serial #'s.. I told then it better be sooner then later or I will have to switch to one of those crappy

Not only is $299 too much for me to pay on contract for a phone that is practically year-old technology, but to ask for double that to include the empty shell of a laptop to? It's almost preposterous, IMO.

Thunderbolt, Charge and Revolution were same price when they came out. Year-old technology? Photon has same specs(minus LTE), it came 1 1/2 months ago. Only bump up for Vigor and Prime will be 1.2ghz. If its that big of a deal...

1 1/2 months is like 2 years, buddy.

And it has 4G, yea no LTE, but still 4G.

Plus, it has a KICKSTAND!!!!!


Yes. Year old technology, well very close to it. The first Bionic was shown in January with dual core and LTE. Meaning it was completely produced in 2010.

I don't think it is accurate to call it "an LTE version of the Droid X2". That's the type of reporting I'd expect from a junk blog like IBT or GizmoCrunch.

To quote Asterdroid, you could also say "It's basically a StarTAC with updated internals, a touchscreen, and Gingerbread."

Or as nrk said, "Humans are basically a chimp plus better cognitive ability, speech recognition, and less hair... other than those differences, the two species are damn near identical...not impressed w/ the humans at all..."

Seriously not one comment about TPS Reports? You guys are way lame. Or just young. Or I'm just getting old. But damn. Go. Get cultured

The phone's screen is red... like my stapler. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go burn the building down.

“So I was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that’s on the worst day of my life.” –Peter

Now we had a chance to use this new phone, and boy that's just a straight shooter with upper management written all over it.

Ugly azz phone! A long wait for Verizon customers for nothing. Only 1ghz and its bionic eww smh motor blur at its worst...better off being a portable video game console lmao

I think my Thunderbolt is a great phone, I prefer the HTC, maybe because I have been a long time owner of the Nexus One. I just like the form and the way the HTC feels in the hand. I have no issues at all with my Thunderbolt. Gingerbread will come when it's ready.
I like the Bionic, go and look at it and touch it. Don't judge a phone by a picture. People are tuff.

How about they needed a little room for the 1735 mAh battery? You can't have cake and eat it too with 4.3 inch screen, 4g, slim phone, and small battery (TB remember?) all in one package [yet]... So it seems rightly sized. Had they made it smaller to accommodate a 1350 mAh battery it would not make it through the day and we would complain about that and then have to add an extended battery... I basically like the look and will reserve judgment until I cop a feel.

Prime is barely leaked. Too up in the air for me to wait. Benchmarks show it up with the evo3d. If u like, buy it, if not, quit raining on everyone's parade.

Can I pay $299 after I know the phone will work like its suppose to. Come on Verizon $299? for a phone, we are the ones taking a 2 year chance.

Some of you guys have to criticize everything. What may not be right for you may be for somebody else. This phone is not bad. If your looking to jump on LTE this is currently the best choice for Verizon customers...Yah yah the Prime is coming! and the vigor! okay... they are just rumors. They can also be delayed for months like this phone was. The Bionic is releasing tomorrow and that's a FACT (like the forum thread) other mysterious devices are just rumors at the moment. Plus, the Bionic is probably the catchiest name I've heard for a phone in a long time.

It's not even remotely typical for a phone to have the delay history of the Bionic. So to suggest that it's logical to not wait for a for that is much better for equal or less in cost, is very misleading.

You're right.... Naming plays a big role. Something that sticks.

If they released a phone like the HTC AstroFuck, I'd buy it. No matter what.

I just want people to be like "Ooooh what's that?!" and then me, politely, "Oh, its my new AstroFuck"

In my opinion, people seem to be glossing over the killer feature of this phone. As far as I know, this is the only non-slider phone on Verizon that has 1080p video capture (the Droid 3 has it). Yes, I know it'll be "cell phone quality" video, but it's still a very nice feature to have. If you're the type of person that enjoys taking videos, this can not be overlooked.

It cracks me up how many people think $199 is fair, but $299 is outrageous. We're talking about a device you are going to own for a year or 2. If you own it for 1 year, that extra 100 bucks works out to about $8 per month. If you own it 2 years, $4 per month. These smartphones now-a-days are premium, luxury items. They are not necessities like food and water. If an extra $8 per month is going to be a deal breaker for you, you probably shouldn't be in the market for these types of devices. I paid $199 for my Dinc which I've had for 15 months or so. I use it a ton! I'll be honest, $299 for a substantial upgrade to me seems cheap.

I'm not saying I'm definitely buying this phone, but I am going to check it out the day it's released. I certainly might get it if I like it.

Just talked with VZW and they said that it will not be available in the store tomorrow, it's only available online. It will be available in stores on the 15th of Sept. NOTHING IS EVER EASY!

They totally lied to you. I just came from my store and the guy said they are opening at 9am and he has 133 phones ready to sell.

blah blah blah - waiting 12 to 16 months to get way better phone - blah blah blah - why doesn't everyone just wait until 2018 to get a way better phone? - blah blah blah - so obvious - blah blah blah

Seriously, someone could invent a time machine, travel to the year 2020, bring back the top of the line phone from that year to sell now in 2011, and half the people on this site would complain that they should have traveled to 2021 and brought back the top of the line phone from that year.

Well, except it won't be 12 to 16 months for a better phone. It'll be about 1 or 2 months. And that's only VZW we are talking about. GS II is arguably a better phone and it was out elsewhere in May.

1 or 2 months you say to get a better phone? Well, why not wait just another 1 or 2 months after that? (total of 2-4) . Or maybe just another 1 or 2 months after that? (4-6) .

Hence why this line of reasoning is worthless. Pick a phone - any phone - that you are waiting for and want. I GUARANTEE you that by the time it comes out, there will be a "better" phone just around the corner. Everytime. Guaranteed.

If you actually follow your own logic, then you'll never own another phone again. You'll just be ....waiting.

Before the iphone 3g came out most smart phones where 250 to 299 so I don't see the prob. I have seen a lot of people pay 299. Verizon is not cheap and the coustomers are not poor so 299 for the phone is not a lot. Im on verizon if I can afford 250 bucks a month for phone service I can afford 300 for a phone I will buy once every two years. (That's a family plan with two smart phones and one feature phone)

So because DVD players USED to cost $500, if a company came out and offered a brand NEW DVD player for $450, it would be a DEAL?

$300 for a phone IS a lot of money. Not outrageous maybe for Verizon customers who are accustomer to being GOUGED for phones and service, but it's a lot of money. You're paying $250 for two smart phones and a feature phone... I pay less than $215 for 5 smart phones, two of which are 4G phones with insurance.

Yep, I may not have LTE, but I sure am spending a helluva lot less...

Oh boy. Its now officially officially official. Same old story over and over and over again. This blog site is getting really lame.

I'm looking to upgrade my Droid X to something newer. Mind you, I'm very happy with how I outfitted my DX. But, if I were to upgrade, I'd probably upgrade to the Bionic. I'm not a big moto fan (not too keen on the hardware), but the Bionic has good specs. Not to mention it's 4.3". I can't see getting a phone that's larger than that. I don't wear skinny jeans, yet the DX still feels like a bulking brick in my pocket. If the Nexus Prime is larger than 4.3" as the rumors state, then yes, the Bionic will be my upgrade. I surely hope the Nexus Prime isn't larger than 4.3". Pure vanilla Android ICS? ::: drool :::

I can see paying $299 for an iPhone. I can't see paying $299 for anything else, especially without a keyboard. LTE may be that important to others. If so, go for it. Can't wait to find out if it's really worth it.

It is a completely different phone. It has the tiomap, more ram, more internal memory, 4g, largerbatt. Qhd screen, woo hoo high Res but grainy pentile tech. I have a Droid x2 tegra, lags all the time, camcorder and camera stink. Video can stutters and freezes. Can't stand screen all though it is brighter. Was gonna upgrade to bionic but screen is a dealbreaker. Will see about prime or vigor.

$299.00 I knew it.

They take away new every two and say they will just auto discount the price so we dont have to mail anything in.

Too good to be true indeed.

What they did is just tide people over with an excuse till the 4g phones came out and just tack on the extra hundred bucks. No phone has been $400.00 on contract so how is there a discount automatically applied?

F'n Veri$on.

Looks like ill just have to go behind the time and wait for a discount. At least this forces me to wait while the bugs are worked out.

Im waiting for vigor anyway which im sure will be $299.00 as well.

If that gets bad reviews hopefully there will be a discount to bionic by that time. If not, ill wait. Screw them. Im not giving them more money.

$299 is a tough pill to swallow TBH. You can't put this out as a 32GB device, since it's 16GB internal and 16GB mSD. I assume it's a crappy class 2 mSD card, which can run you a whooping $10-15 online these days. $199 seemed to be the more common price point these days for a new device.

Hopefully Wirefly or Amazon will step it up and offer one at the more common $199 price tag.

Note: The Galaxy S2 (Sprint at least) will be $199 2/year contract, so there is no reason this phone shouldn't follow that lead.

I feel stupid waiting for a 6+ month old phone to come out overpriced and on the capped data side of the fence, as soon as I need to bend over to their capped data I will leave ASAP

Here is the result for my
Motorola Photon 4G, compare to VZ Test Date: Sep 7, 2011 7:25:13 pm
Connection Type: EvdoA
Server: Merrillville, IN
Download: 13384 kbps
Upload: 1668 kbps
Ping: 82 ms

External IP:
Internal IP:
Latitude: 41.57789
Longitude: -87.55993

A detailed image for this result can be found here: W LTE.

4.3" screen! Holy Mother of Monkeys, we might all just as well use tablets as our cell phones. And these phones are only getting bigger.

You will never see a high-end 3.7" screen cell phone again, yet you can bet the monkey farm there is still a demand for it.

Susprised nobody has mentioned the icon on the right side of the dock in the screenshot. What's that? Is that a digital version of the iPhone home button? Holy shiz, Moto WTF are you doing? I mean, it's bad enough that some lame developers make iPhone themes and junk, but for it to come right in the newest version of Blur?

I used to have respect for Moto phones -- thought the hardware was nice and well-made, and I like the design of most of them. But if I wanted a damned iPhone, I'd buy one. Why the hell does everyone feel the need to copy it as much as possible? Yes, I suppose it would help someone coming to the Bionic from an iPhone, but really? Moto... no more respect from me.

I am not an iPhone hater. I respect the iPhone for what it is, and I think it is quite a nice device. I do not have respect for other things that are trying to BE an iPhone, that's where my beef lies.