Facebook puzzled many users last week when the app began updating on its own outside of the Play Store, and today it seems to be pushing the same update through the proper channels. The changelog is the same on this update as the one that was mysteriously hitting some users devices earlier. The update lets users change their profile pictures from the app, report posts for spam and manage group messaging better. This is also a very similar changelog to the official iOS Facebook app from yesterday.

Being such a small update with just a handful of features, we're still puzzled as to why Facebook tried to do things their own way the first time around. If you haven't been notified of the Play Store update just yet, you can grab it from the link at the top of this post.


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Facebook updates app again, this time properly through the Play Store


Am I wrong, or is the "DOWNLOAD FILES WITHOUT NOTIFICATION" permission new for this app? Is their solution to the recent mystery update controversy a new version of the app that prevents you from knowing when it happens?

Not going anywhere near this app until Facebook explains things.

It is new since the whole randomly pushing out the app update outside of the store debacle and sounds like they may be trying to plan to push things out going outside of the Play store soon if they need this. I uninstalled the app as well.

It is new... and doesn't call it out very well. It is quite hidden. There is no obvious reason for this permission.

I've posted a question in the Community Forums on FB - just awaiting an answer now. This should be interesting.

I had to stop this update twice last week. I'm just glad I have unlimited data, because it was running for the better part of a day after I finally got pissed enough to just delete the app.

It wouldn't actually do anything unless you were on Wi-Fi. That's why it never actually downloaded for you.

This worries me. The update they pushed last week made my Evo LTE unusable. The "facebook has stopped responding" pop-up would occur about ten times every minute. I had to unistall back to the base app to get it to stop.

Agreed, I want to delete my account so badly, but it seems like that's where everybody communicates with each other now.

No offense but this is a very very poor excuse. It took one person to start leading people TO facebook, if enough people really wanted to get away from it...and actually did, others would follow. I absolutely will not use FB for communicating. I go off and on between temporary account suspension and my life hasn't ended! Mostly the only reason I turn it back on is that some apps require signing in through FB which is unfortunate.

I uninstalled the Facebook app. I just use the use the mobile website. It's my first step toward being Facebook-free.

+1 to this. I have checked it maybe 5 times since I have done that. Facebook free here I come. I feel like I am overcoming an addiction. ha

I wish there was an option to delete comments made by me on posts or by others on my posts!
This was there, before the facbook app went native!

The update is welcomed. But seriously, it's about time they put the edit profile picture option. Now I will talk from an IT side. Shame on Google. One of the basic rule of applications. Standards. Cover shows "Change" and profile shows "Edit". Now come-on... They both do the same thing but they don't say the same thing.

Going off the seemingly sheer incompetence of Facebook developers when it comes to Android over the years, they probably just forgot their password to the Play store and were like, screw it, hope everyone practiced their Lamaze, because we're pushing this baby out !!!