Evo 4G charging on Palm Touchstone

We've been watching this discussion with interest for a little while now, and it appears that it's finally working. A gent who goes by infinitemods has hacked the back of his Evo 4G so that it charges from the Palm Touchstone puck, meaning you don't have to have anything actually plugged into the Evo. Infinitemods told Good and Evo the hack took him about a half-hour, and that it probably can be done in about 10 minutes.

The downsides to this DIY project? The magnets used to hold the Evo to the Touchstone mean the compass won't work, and the battery cover sticks up just a tad. He also tells G&E that overheating hasn't been an issue yet -- one that we'd watch closely given the occasional problem with the Palm Pre.

No tutorial just yet, but keep on the lookout, as it's a way cool weekend project. Check out video of it in action after the break. [Good and Evo via Android Central Forums]

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Evo 4G modded to charge on Palm Touchstone


Funny that all these developers are still working on things for the moto droid (yes im talking about you powermat) but the hacking community has not only developed a cordless charging solution but have even hacked the phone BEFORE was released.

Thats the bueaty of android, now if we can get this to work on other android phones then nothing will stop the little GREEN MAN!!!! BUAHAHAHAHAHA

The real question is what MORON would want to hack up his Evo to do this and why ?? as if plugging into the phone was so difficult ??

sjcea never had a palmpre and the touchstone... it was so nice being able to place your pre on the puck, it automatically charges, and turns into a deskclock... it's was oh so nice...

I wouldn't hack up my evo to bits but if an elegant solution is made I'd pay!

This kind of moron. I have 3 touchstones (found them on sale for cheap) and used them all the time with my pre. My wife still has her pixi so they are of some use still. I even had one in my car which was extremely convenient. I would love to have that back!

the touchstone is incredible so anyone who says its not worth hasn't used one very much. we won't see this in stores though b/c palm has the patent on it.

I will go one step further, can someone do mod to run webOS on EVO?
That be awesome, webOS on this phone be insane.

I'm really missing my touchstone ... It really was convenient to just sit your phone down and be done with it for the night. I will admit plugging in the EVO is a lot easier than on the pre, but the cable still tends to fall on the floor.