A few things to make your Android experience even better

Everyone loves accessories for their Android phone or tablet. Maybe you need a case because you know you're going to abuse your new phone a little bit, or just want to try a different look. Or maybe you want some headphones or a speaker to get better sound from the little gadget that holds your music (or music subscription). Or, you found the perfect gadget to compliment your Android, and just had to have it.

We get it. Accessories for portable electronics are a huge business, and just about anything you can think of is out there waiting for you to buy it. We get a chance to look at a lot of them throughout the year, and each of us listed a few that we thought were standouts. Jump past the break and have a look at what I thought were the best accessories of the year.

Galaxy S4 S View cover

S View cover 
I’m not a big case guy, but I do worry about scratching the big piece of glass on the front of my phone. I also loathe screen protectors and the plasticky feel they usually impart to the touch screen, so I’m all-in when i can buy a flip cover style case for my phone or tablet. Having one that lets me check the time or swipe to answer a call is an added bonus.



I like my headphones loud and big, so the Motorizer over-the-ear set is a perfect fit for me. Tuned for clarity in the mid-range and treble, they make my kind of music scream very nicely into my ears, and being endorsed by Lemmy is icing on the cake. Extra touches like removable braided cords and call / volume controls on the short cord are also a big plus. Besides, they come with a Motorhead sticker!

Incipio FIXIE Universal Tablet Stand

tablet stand

Want to know a super-serious blogger secret? Tablets and big phones are horrible to take pictures of without getting lens distortion. You have to try and hold things just so, and get just the right settings or you come out with a picture that’s not even close to rectangular. That’s why I picked up one of these FIXIE stands, but I’ve found myself using it every day, too.

Your tablet sits at any angle you can imagine right on your desk, easy to reach and easy to use. The FIXIE stand is one of those products that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it.

Motorola TX550 SonicRider Wireless In-Car Speakerphone

Sonic Rider

This was a happy accident. I switched cars, and needed a Bluetooth speaker. Target had a damaged box Sonic Rider from Motorola in the clearance bin, and I jumped on it. I’m really pleased with it, and glad that I did.

It pairs with two devices, recharges fast, lasts what seems like forever on a charge and most importantly is crisp and clear sounding to both parties. If you’re looking for an inexpensive Bluetooth speakerphone, give it a shot.

Arkon Smartphone Grip Tripod Adapter

Android Central

Inexpensive, adjustable for most “normal” phones (up to 5-inches or so) and works great. That’s how I would describe this Arkon tripod adaptor. It holds your phone steady, is small and stays out of the way of the controls, and attaches to any standard tripod.

Nine times out of ten, when I’m going to dig out the tripod, I’ll be using a “real” camera. But that tenth time, when i want to use a smartphone, the Arkon tripod adapter is exactly what I’m looking for.

Protip: Paired with a Gorillapod in your gear bag makes sure you’ll be able to grab a decent picture anytime, of anything.


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Editors' top accessories: Jerry's picks for 2013


I have 2 Akron products and am happy with them. I need to look at the tripod adapter.

Posted from my XT1080M

Jerry, nice writeup on the headphones. Question: Why are they in here if the cord controls don't work on Android devices?

Maybe I have missed something but why hasn't anyone written a review on corded headphones/headsets with controls that do work on Android devices? Several posters in the forums have made recommendations but I have yet to see an official review of ones that do.

Those headphones can be found on Amazon a lot cheaper than the link provided, just as an FYI. I would personally get a set of headphones I wouldn't personally feel silly wearing in public though.

Not saying those aren't nice quality headphones, but if I'm paying $100+ for them I don't want them to look like that. And by that I mean they look cheap and uncomfortable compared to other headphones in that price range.

he just re-used an old picture... Look at those blue jelly bean icons... I really doubt he still uses as a daily driver. However I do! Still love this freaking awesome phone...

Posted from my N4 via Android Central App

Jerry has mentioned a couple of times that he's made the Moto X his new daily driver for the time being.

Glass Screen Protector and the Spigen Slim Armor S-View Case is an awesome combo. I buy a galaxy gear if the price was around 150 bones.

Frankly amazed that Jerry missed off the android controlled beard trimmer drone...

Posted via Android Central App