Stealing Phil's chair

Phil has vacated his desk for the week, and I've snuck in to fiddle with his radio, adjust his chair, and change all his bookmarks. They're big shoes to fill, but Alex and I can handle it. 

In any case, there's a lot of things that happened last week we should all stop and think about, and we can't let a bit of wanderlust keep it from happening.

  • There was this little iPhone 5 thing that happened, and while we wait for it to actually become available we get to sift through everyone's opinion about why it's either a failure or the second coming. It's actually neither, but it does happen to be the perfect update for what some folks feel is the perfect phone. Anyone who expected magic unicorns with flames coming out their butt clearly hasn't been paying attention, as the iPhone 5 will look and feel like a better, faster, and this time around slightly bigger version of last years model. And it will sell millions. Samsung had a little fun with it in their recent ad, but they've forgotten that people don't buy the iPhone because of the specs. They buy it because of the whole Apple brand, and you can't fight that with a witty full color page.
  • Sony looks to be up to their same old tricks, as the Xperia T will not be available unlocked (or in the US) until 2013. That's too late, and something better will be out by then. You have a website that can ship me a laptop in three days, Sony. Put your phones on it so people can buy them.
  • Motorola, on the other hand, has surprised us all by doing exactly what they said they would do. If you are the type who likes to tinker, and love some Motorola hardware, grab the Developer Edition Razr M -- which went on sale last week right after the carrier launch. Nice job, Moto.
  • There's that whole brouhaha over Acer, a Chinese Android-ish clone called Aliyun, and Google threatening to boot the manufacturer from the OHA if the two ever meet. It's a regular soap opera, complete with CEO's talking snarky on social media, software piracy, and about a million blogger opinions on why it's right or wrong. I can see why Google is doing what they are doing, but it still feels a bit like strong-arm tactics to me. Maybe Google needs to define the rules a bit better, or maybe Acer is trying to skirt them. This one isn't finished, and I look forward to more drama over the coming weeks.
  • I'm trying to find a reason to not love the Kindle Fire HD 7. So far, I can't. It feels nothing like Android, but it's an awfully nice piece of equipment if you're in deep with Amazon. 
  • Lots' of events this coming week, we have Motorola and Intel doing a thing in London on Tuesday, and Wednesday has LG and HTC both sharing something big with us in New York. We'll be at all three, seeing what there is to see and telling you guys all there is to know. 
  • Finally, we see Jelly Bean has rolled out to all the Galaxy Nexus phones around the world, except one. Come on Verizon, this is getting a bit ridiculous. We understand that there are some radio issues that need worked out, but why not send out the updated OS with the old radio while you work on it? I'm sure a few people with the LTE Galaxy Nexus would appreciate the bone. Don't keep Google's work out of everyone's hands while you sort out yours.

A few things to think about, for sure. Phil will be back next week!


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From the Editor's Desk: That ain't Android, Samsung likes lists, Moto doing it right


While the iPhone 5 is not revolutionary it is still a good evolutionary upgrade to their previous device (A15 processors). The iPhone 5 is the highest spec device at 4". I hope Android does not abandon this area as "low/mid" range phones.

I want a good 4-4.3 inch device, with good screen technology and good battery. The RAZR M is the closes to this so far (shame about the screen). Not everyone wants a 5" device (I have a Nexus 7 for that).

+1 , Well said

Regarding the screen size, I was on the fence ... until I tried my friend's SGS III & now I agree with you , haven't tried the M though !

Man, its gonna be hard to find a good replacement for my Atrix when the time comes (I've a XOOM™ for my big screen needs)

According to Anandtech, its not A15, but a proprietary architecture for Apple. He was surprised they made this move, but reserved final judgment until he had hands on test.

To me, this is most interesting change Apple made in this version.

Xperia V looks to be just as or better spec'ed than the RAZR M.
Its nice to see manufacturers putting the same hardware (or nearly so) in a smaller chassis at the same time.

The screen has fantastic colors and is incredibly bright. Honestly, I don't mind the pentile display at all. I only notice if I hold the phone up to my face. I can't tell during normal usage.

The phone is lightweight, compact, and flat out flies. It also has great battery life (16+ hours, with 4 hours of on screen time). I'd definitely recommend the M.

If it weren't for the coverage I would have left Verizon long ago.... Between slow updates, bloatware, and the outrageous prices its tough to find a reason to stick around.

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I'd like to see some more research done by some real coders on the Aliyun OS. Google says it's Android-based, Alibaba says it's not. Surprise! Google points out the problem is with Acer being an OHA member, hence releasing a competing Android-based handset is a violation of said alliance. If Aliyun doesn't borrow codes from Android and doesn't run any Android apps or use any Google services, then there is no such violation.

This can turn into a serious matter if Google's claims have no merits. It will not look good for Google or Android.

Alibaba is an amazon ebay clone. They have simply emuled the amazon strategy and they have probably tweaked Android a little and not that well... they claim that they made their own OS but do you trust Chinese compagnies?

In fact you shouldnt trust that one. pirated Android apps and pirated Google apps have been found on their cesspool/market. But the main problem is that they weren't able to create a compatible version of Android.

Jerry, when you told us that the VZ Nexus is really a Nexus, those of us who know VZ where thinking "Yea, I'll believe that when I see it". Now that we're seeing it, do you still hold firm to that?

Tell us about it. I am on VZW with a GNex, and I basically gave up on any timely official updates from them. I am running Jelly Bean on my GNex in the form of JBSourcery. Couldn't be happier ;) The joy of running a Nexus.
Oh yeah almost forgot: SUCK IT VZW.

Love ya, Jerry. :-) Love all your articles. And thanks for trying to help light a fire under Verizon! I adore my Nexus, and I'm tickled with Ice Cream Sandwich, but knowing what is soon to be available, I can hardly wait! I am not tech savvy enough to try the update on my own, and I don't want to have to re-install all of the stuff I've already put on my phone. Like others have said, if it weren't for the great coverage we get from Verizon here in Central Florida, I'd dump them.

Thanks again. :-)