Motorola Droid Bionic retail price

Well, well. What have we here? We're getting word that at least one Verizon store has gotten a shipment of the mythical (OK, not so much anymore) Motorola Droid Bionic. Let's start with what you can see here. There's the SKU on the left, which points to this being the new Droid Bionic, aka the XT875. That's a good sign. "Motorola Droid Bionic" in the description? Check. That's good, too.

Then there's the unit cost. The $587 you see obviously is before any sort of rebate or contract subsidy, so most of you will be paying less. How much less? That hasn't been officially announced yet, but we're willing to wager $249 or so. (At least let's hope Verizon doesn't flirt with the $299 level, which might well turn people off pretty fast.)

Now, as for a release date. Again, nothing's official, and these things are very much subject to change. But our source says Aug. 26 is a real possibility, and that'd be ahead of the September time frame Motorola's Sanjay Jha dropped during a recent earnings call, and ahead of all of those September dates that have been floating around. But, again. That's unofficial stuff.

Regardless, we're certainly moving quite along. Now, about that Droid HD ...

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Droid Bionic's retail price to be $587 - plus, possible launch date


Maybe they are pushing up the release date now that more phones are scheduled for release in September.

I am hoping so. I cannot wait to get my hands on a new phone. I'm still rocking the BlackBerry Tour ... stop laughing now please.

Would it be the 26th or the 25th? If its the 25th i'll get it, if its the 26th, that might be a dealbreaker.

Sincerely, "I hate pentile even though i've never actually looked at one" guy

I'm already planning on $299 before my other discounts. Plan for worst but hope for best I guess. If its less then that means more accessories come home with me LOL.

I need a new phone bad. My Droid 1 is breaking down. It got so bad, I left Verizon for ATT to get the Atrix. That phone kept giving me problems and ATT's prices were outrageous. Came back to Verizon, upgraded to the Revolution. Lovead and hated that phone. The Keyboard sucked and so did Bing. My fiancee is getting seriously pissed about my phone obsession. This goes on much more I may be single.

I REALLY want a new phone/Bionic. It would be so GREAT if we could pre-order tomorrow or Friday...maybe the 26th date is pre-order? Anybody interested in a Storm2 with all accessories?

This screenshot looks like that from a point of sale system, specifically RQ4. Probably a vendor to store transfer.

Perhaps they are moving it up to release it before Samsung's "Big" announcement on 8/29. That would make sense I think.

With new high end smartphones selling at $299 on contract the full retail non contract prices are becoming more appealing. It didn't seem so bad when you could get them for $199 minus the new every two discount, or for only about $70 more opt for a one year contract. Sadly all those other options have now disappeared. I can buy a new phone whenever something better comes out and sell my old one while it still has decent value plus the freedom to walk away whenever I want because I'm not under contract.