Picking out accessories for my Motorola Droid 2 is almost as exciting as the device itself or the applications that it will be running. The Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger is an amazing accessory, and a must-have for everyone that owns this device. How many times have you sat down at your desk, looked around for your charger, only to realize the cable has dropped behind the desk or become buried under all your paperwork? Well, fear no longer, let's take a look at this unit, and find out exactly why it is a must have for everyone.

The main unit itself is rather basic, it has a micro USB jack in the back which you can plug a USB cable into for use with a computer, or you can use your standard wall charger. This leads me to my first mini complaint about the unit, actually one of my only, there is no cable supplied with this unit, so you will need to utilize one of your existing cables, and for most of us geeks that is no issue, but not everyone has one to spare. The location where the phone actually docks contains a black plastic guide that holds the phone in an upright position and helps when placing the device in the dock, as it only fits one way. The bottom of the dock has two rubber strips which help hold the dock in place, so if you attempt to place the device in one handed the dock will not slide away, this definitely helps to make sure your dock is always in the same place you left it.


Once the phone is docked you will see the dock mode appear on the phone, and having come from the OG Droid, the improvement on the Droid 2 was warmly welcomed. The dock mode will show you the time, date, as well as a charging indicator and will allow you to easily toggle your alarms from one simple click. For those who may use this as a bedside dock there is a toggle that will control screen brightness so it doesn't keep you up all night, and you can also turn the screen off completely if that is preferred. On the Droid 2, one of my favorite features is that you can now customize what icons you want to appear on the bottom of the dock, which allow one click easy access to those.


Overall this particular accessory is one that just about anyone can find a great use for. Whether you want a simple place to dock your phone in your office, want to use your device as a clock in your bedroom, or just simply like to have any and every accessory available for your device this is for you. For only $24.95 in the Android Central Store, this accessory is one that you will definitely want to place your order on now before the sale ends!


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Droid 2 Dock Review: Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger


I can confirm as well the Droid 1 media dock works with the Droid 2, fits perfect like it was made for it.

Same position of the MicroUSB plug, so it shouldn't be an issue between the Droid I and the Droid II. Only question I have: can you have a case on your phone and still use this? That was one of the drawbacks of the original dock for the Droid I: wouldn't work if you had a case on it.

These docks are more than a one-trick pony. You can also use a 2-port USB switch to allow a charger to be available at all times. Granted, it's only going to pass through a USB current (500mA vs. 850mA that comes with the charger so if you get below 10% battery life, you'll need to plug in the charger directly), but it will fully charge your phone if is isn't close to dead.

Check out my post here: https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/39780?tstart=150

Does the Dock mode affect if you have a different launcher like LauncherPro? Anybody know any info on this?

This is a must have for any droid 2 users. I have two of them. One for home and one for office. It wil also fit the orig Droid. The only drawback is that a case will not fit on the back (at least mine will not) while charging. Best Buy has these currently for $19.95. Just my two cents.

As others have said, this is the Droid 1 dock. It works fine with the Droid 2 though. I actually prefer this design to the droid 2 dock, but that's a personal preference.

As far as the power adapter goes, my Droid 2 came with one, so I just used that one. The dock is my main power source.


There's a D2 dock that has a removable insert to accommodate cases. I don't know how much extra room it gives you and which cases it accommodates.

I have the same dock and it does work with the Droid 2. My only two complaints: the widgets not loading in the lower task tray, and the music player widget constantly crashes. Otherwise it's a great accessory and it keeps me from constantly having to handle my phone while at work. I think I might buy another so I can use my phone as an upright alarm clock.

I have 2 of the newest D2 multimedia docks. They work good. Everything in the article is true. I can place a widget on any of the 3 screens when it is in the docking mode. For some of you that don't know if and what case you can have on your D2 and still use the dock, I bought the "Shell/Holster Combo" from Big Red (Verizon). So far, that's the only one that I know of that will allow you to dock your D2 with the case attached. The docking station has a pull-out that allows the D2 to fit while the case is attached. This is also true for the car dock. It too, has a piece that disconnects from the car dock so that the D2 with a case will fit in it.