When looking for a case for my Motorola Droid 2, the Body Glove Snap-On Case immediately caught my eye as one of the top contenders. Cases are generally one of the accessories that I am most hesitant to purchase due to my compulsive personality and I tend to overanalyze the design, protection, bulk and comfort. Body Glove is a trusted brand that provides a lot of protection and generally tries to keep the bulk of the case to a minimum so I decided to give it a shot. Let's look at it further after the break.

After opening the packaging it was quite apparent that this case was well-made, and would provide great protection for my device. Putting the case on was a bit of a struggle, the corners were tight, which means that it fit snugly and there was no need to worry about it shifting or falling off during use. Initially the case was put on with the little knob on the back which is used for the belt clip, but since an average day for me does not need this type of clip I decided to switch it out. Removing the case was a bit difficult due to the tight fit by design, but when reflecting this is a good thing because no one wants a loose case.


Once installed the case did add a bit of bulk to the design of the phone, but for folks who need to add protection to their device this bulk is not overly substantial. In comparison to other cases designed to add protection along with style, such as Otterbox cases, the design was no thicker or any heavier then those, allowing them to be very competitive. The rubber like texture to the case allowed for a great grip on the device while it was in hand, and I felt secure that it would not happen to slip from my hands.


The clip, while not a piece that would be used every day in my case, was one of my favorite parts of the case. The clip not only could be used to hold the device on my hip, but also doubled up as a kickstand for the device. If ever you wished while watching a YouTube video that the device could be set down and easily viewed, your wishes have been answered.


Overall the protection that was acquired from this case was far more important then the slight amount of bulk that was added. The case was very form fit and held close to the device so there was no real fear of the case falling off, or shaking loose from the device. If you are looking for a great case, with maximum protection, for a great price be sure to check this one out for only $24.95 in the Android Central Store.


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Droid 2 Case Review: Body Glove Snap-On Case


I like the BodyGlove. I ordered it when I had my G1 and I ordered 2 for My Droid1. Reason being, my 4 year old son broke the front clip a little so it kept coming off.

btw, does the droid1 case work on the droid 2?

I have a BodyGlove snap-on case and the first case had the rubber on the back come off and the corners broke out. They sent me a new one and it is doing the same thing as the first one. Junk IMHOP.

I've also had problems with the rubber peeling off and those thin little "clips" breaking. I don't know how durable these cases are on a bar style device but stay away from them if you have a slider.

The case does come in a model for the Droid 2. I have it and it's great. Despite the slight bulk as mentioned in the article, it's worth it to protect my phone, all while keeping it functional, and stylish.

I have Body Glove on my Nexus One and love it. However, it's a pain to pry off every night when the phone goes into the charger cradle, and the left side is fraying inside a bit. But overall I love the look and gripiness of it.