dell aero

Today on AT&T's Facebook page it was announced that the Dell Aero, formally known as the Dell Mini 3, will be the next Android device to be launched from AT&T. What's very interesting is the skin that is seen on this UI, and what Android series this will be running over. Knowing AT&T and their ever so fun restrictive Android systems they enjoy to run, this will probably run over 1.5 or 1.6 instead of 2.1, but there is no solid proof of this at the current time. We can hope and pray that AT&T will do the right thing this time, and let this device run a little more freely then the Backflip does. [Sprint via Engadget]


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Dell launches Aero Android phone on AT&T


I think we should definately blame dell for foolish policies/poor call quality of ATT. Michael Dell is a control freak, tyrant, and likely socialist.

Well, like MMTwinfans said: they're trying to protect the iPhone.

Especially when a NEWer iPhone is expected to be released sometime this year...

So that should answer some questions.. .also. AT&T just wanted part of the Android action, but they're not going to nurture the brand like other companies have.

I wonder how hard at&t kicked themselves when they mentioned this piece of crap against sprint's evo? LOL