Now this is awesome! Samsung Galaxy Tab owners can finally get their hands on a CyanogenMod 7 build for their devices courtesy of Technomancer over at XDA-Developers. While the build is still rather buggy, most basic functions do indeed work. You may not want to make it your everyday ROM as of yet but considering the progress being put towards it being a stable build is happening rather quickly it's certainly something to keep your eye on that's for sure. You can hit up the source link for the full details. Anyone going to be loading this bad boy up and testing it out? [XDA- Developers]


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CyanogenMod 7-based ROM now available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab


If they can do the Tab hopefully we'll see CM7 on the Galaxy S phones soon. I know they were having lots of issues because Samsuck's Touchwiz has its hooks in almost everything.

Riiight. The CM guys are great, but they have had plenty of time to crank out a ROM that is compatible for the Captiavte - if they wanted to. There are countless other ROM bakers that have taken either Captivate 2.2 source, or i9000 source and cooked up ROMs that work just fine on this phone. Why can't the CM guys do it? I don't think it is a lack of talent, but a lack of desire. These guys are all over HTC and Motorola, but not so much the Samsung, or at least the cappy.

You don't know what your talking about, do you? There has been a team working to port CM since 6.1. They have made progress, but samsung did some crazy crap with the drivers. They released several CM6 betas for the i9000 with kernels to put it on the captivate (which is how many captivate roms work), and now they are hard at work on CM7. They have also decided to not release a beta for their own reasons.

For more info, follow cmsgs on twitter, or even take the time to go to thier website before basting them about it.

I am getting a little annoyed at the number of people deciding to take a well-supported community ROM and tweak it on their own to work on a different device and then calling it "CM7 for X".

Why? This is not *really* CyanogenMod - the CM team did not have any part in this build's port. They didn't write the mod with this device in mind. That's why it is so buggy and unstable.

These kind of hackneyed ROMs give the Android ROM community a bad reputation, and what ends up happening? Some inexperienced user goes to the CyanogenMod official forums and asks for help after one of these unofficial ports bricks or otherwise renders his device unusable.

I'm very much *for* open source, and I am very much *for* an involved community of developers working to offer custom software on all Android devices, but I think some of the major ROMs need to start copyrighting their names so as to avoid confusion with these unofficial, unsupported ROMs.

It has become nightmarishly confusing on some devices - I see at least 5 CyanogenMod-based Nexus One ROMs on the N1's XDA development forum. There's no benefit to the community in this sort of splintering, it just confuses people.

I'm pleased to see Gingerbread "working" on the Tab, but insinuating it's a real CyanogenMod 7 release is an affront to the quality software the CM team puts out.

You don't understand the point of open source do you? The point of open sourcing is so other people can take your work and expand on it. Zing. That's what its for. Android ROM community has a bad rep cuz of little kids that think they're hot stuff. I welcome any and all ROMS no matter what they are or how stable. It's more ideas to build off of. Cyanogenmod Team will probably take what this technomancer has done and USE THOSE TECHNIQUES to further implement CM onto as many phones as possible.

Its a win-win situation. You don't like the rom? Don't use it. And I'm sorry but confusion on xda? I'm never confused about what I'm downloading. All you have to do is read. Second, why not just go to cyanogenmods homepage for the rom instead of looking at other sites that apparently confuse you.

Open source is one thing, its another to Rip off the name of an existing ROM that has a dedicated team and credibility behind it. I have seen plenty of ROM's that state they used "xyz ROM" as their base and gave it THEIR OWN NAME. Putting CyanogenMod 7 on something that is NOT from the CyanogenMod team is creating misinformation and could have damaging affects to the CM team and/or kill their desire to broaden support for newer products.

So if you borrow the work, get permission, but you shouldn't claim it's something it isn't. This isn't CM7 for Galaxy Tab. Its some other ROM based in part on the CM7 ROM - based in part.

I couldn't agree more. Finally someone speaks up. People need to do more research before just flashing a rom and saying it's a cym. Just look out their website and see if they actually wrote it. Thanks RDR.

I agree, I think this post should be changed to something like, CM7 port for the Galaxy Tab or something of the like. This is very misleading.

Thats how every news site is. It's to grab attention. worked didn't it? In the description though it did say A(A not THE) build of cm7

I'm with mojonation.

CM is an AOSP ROM, and though their team are the origionators of their code, the point is to help Android grow as an OS, and push the limits of what it CAN do, compared to what it was MEANT to do. At least they actually gave CM credit by calling it a CM ROM. They could have renamed it altogether, and given no credit at all.

I'm a little more miffed at the fact that it isn't specified that this port is GSM only:

"Requirements: GSM (Euro, US ATT/TMO tabs, with JJ4 or other unprotected bootloaders that can run Euro ROMs and P1_add_hidden partitioning."

Those of us with CDMA Tabs are really... REALLY looking for some good ROM lovin', since no one told us that by being Sprint/Verizon customers we'd be screwed in the ROOT, no vaseline... It'd be nice if when writing stories about SGT customization, details including what TYPE of Tab these ROMs are meant for, so that CDMA owners don't turn into giddy lil' school girls just to have pigs blood dumped over our heads... (I know, weird, but if you get it, it's not hard to I check XDA daily, in hopes of some CDMA portness and strongly believe that there should be separate threads for GSM and CDMA SGT's. I knew that this ROM was meant for GSM tabs, but many who don't follow XDA will not, and will be unnecessarilly dissapointed...

Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware. You get what you get when its off the main road and the full details are not fully understood.

Good discussion, folks. While I've never actually heard anyone say "You know, that Android sure is getting a bad reputation because so many people of varying skills want to try it out," I've tweaked the headline just a tad.

Sorry, but I would wait for the CyanogenMod team to put out something more official. Using the CM7 name when its a port of a product that isn't support is like putting an AMG badge on your stock Mercedes, it just isn't an AMG.