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Proprietary charging docks suck — but Motorola's much-anticipated Android watch could make things better

The smartwatch market is still in the very early stages of development, and the three main platforms out there right now — Pebble, Samsung Gear and Android Wear — all have their own unique quirks. But if there's one area of the smartwatch experience that's pretty much universally terrible, it's charging them.

Low-quality proprietary chargers and the relatively short battery life of current smartwatches make for a frustrating situation when it comes time to charge your wearable. Fortunately, though, there are signs of hope ahead, and it starts with Motorola's Moto 360 and the Qi wireless charging standard.

Smartwatch chargers

Right now, each smartwatch you buy — even watches from the same manufacturer or same product range — have their own fiddly, proprietary, lose-it-and-you're-screwed charging connector. As Adam Zeis of Connectedly bemoans:

"Last week I took my yearly beach vacation, and I was a bit bummed out when I realized that I forgot to pack my Pebble charger. Luckily it only fell a day short, but I was still a bit upset that I had every charger I needed except my special, propriety Pebble juicer. After picking up an G Watch I also realized that I've now amassed more smartwatch chargers than I ever thought possible. Nearly every watch I have — even those from the same manufacturer — all have different charging adapters, save for some watches like the Sony Smartwatch 2. Yes, most of the watches charge via microUSB, but not without a not-so-handy adapter in between. I get why these chargers exist, but that doesn't mean I have to like it."

When you're charging a device every day, being able to do so conveniently is a big deal.

Smartwatch charging cradles are all different, they take up extra space when you're traveling — and sometimes, in extreme cases, they can even break. When they do, with no easy way to charge your device, it becomes a paperweight. Even the better efforts like the Pebble's magnetic cable suffer from the fact that you're dealing with a nonstandard connector. True, many chargers are basically just USB over pogo pins — a requirement for water-resistant devices — but with no standard for this type of connector, good luck replacing your Pebble or Gear Live connector if you're traveling in an unfamiliar part of the world. (At the time of writing the only easy way to replace your LG G Watch or Gear Live charger is to purchase another watch.)

Yes, it's a first-world problem, but it's a very real one. And the move toward all these annoyingly different charging connectors is bizarrely regressive in a world in which most mobile devices charge quite happily over microUSB or a Lightning connector. As the gradual proliferation of wireless charging has proved, when you're charging a device every day, being able to do so conveniently is a big deal.

FCC docs spell it out in black and white: Wireless charging for the Moto 360.

Enter the Moto 360. In a live Google Hangout this March, Motorola told us its first smartwatch would feature a "secret" charging method, and in recent weeks FCC documents have blown the lid off that secret — the Moto 360, like many Android smartphones, will support Qi wireless charging. (The FCC on occasion blows it, and Motorola has given few details about the Moto 360, but the docs indeed say what they say.)

Moto 360 charging coil

It all seems to match up quite nicely with photos of the back of the watch taken at Google I/O showing a circular formation on the back of the 360, possibly hiding some kind of charging coil.

As Derek Kessler reported for AC at the time:

"[The device is] named quite simply "Motorola Wireless Charger," though that it's been tested exclusively with the Moto 360 smartwatch and the Motorola Micro-USB AC adapter tells us that this is meant primarily for the Moto 360.

Heck, the basic "regulatory information appears here" sketch shows a device with a circular bottom, which matches nicely with the circular shape of the Moto 360 itself. Motorola's own letter addressing the FCC lists this as a Wireless Power Consortium protocol (you likely know it as Qi wireless charging) device that is "intended for use with the Moto 360 wrist-worn device.""

Nothing's official until it's officially announced, but the FCC docs are pretty explicit: This is a first-party Qi wireless charger for the Moto 360. And if accurate, it's an important step forward for the usability of smartwatches. While there may be some cable-based backup solution for charging the 360, Qi reduces the process of charging the watch to simply plopping it down on a compatible charging pad. No clips, no connectors, no pogo pins.

Unlike the menagerie of connectors used by rival smartwatches, Qi is actually a standard.

Unlike the menagerie of connectors used by rival smartwatches, Qi is actually a standard, so there's no reason to think the Moto 360 won't work with any Qi chargers you already own. If you're travelling to any large city, chances are you'll be able to track down a Qi charger without too much hassle. It's even easier to pick up a wireless charger online.

Even after the release of the solid but imperfect LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, many Android enthusiasts — and watch nerds — are holding out for Motorola's first entry into this category. After all, it's always been the better-looking Android smartwatch.

Sure, the Moto 360 remains an unproven product that we're still waiting to use in a non-demo setting. But if we're reading things correctly, its unique wireless charging system might be as big a draw for consumers as its premium metal design or curved watch face. Hopefully other manufacturers will follow, and slowly we'll begin to chip away at one of the main pain points of smartwatch use.

Are you planning on picking up a Moto 360? Any smartwatch charging horror stories to share? Shout out in the comments!


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Can the Moto 360 save us from crappy smartwatch chargers?


Moto360 is a crappy device to begin with..... but somehow they may manage to make the charger less crappy? Lol

Posted via NEXUS 5

Ok im going lay them out for ya. 1. Thickness is beyond managable. 2. That black bar at the bottom.. ugly as hell. 3. No calling feature? 4. Prob 1 day battery just like all other android wear devices?

There ya go.

Posted via NEXUS 5

You're entitled to your opinion but because you think it is thick and ugly doesn't mean others won't mind. You're not the only one on the internet.

Posted via Android Central App

Android Wear has calling features. Just use BT or have it call someone and pick up the phone as its opening the phone.

Posted via Android Central App

The thickness is okay on the 360. Lots of regular watches are as thick. Though, it have better be water resistant to 5-10 bar. These IP6x rated watches are useless as you really can't use them even if it's raining without having to worry about voiding the warranty.

Calling feature is something no one really wants on a wrist watch. Why? Think on it for a second... You can't hold it up to your ear, which means you'll end up holding your arm in a really awkward position while you have to share the whole conversation with everybody around you as it'll have to be on speaker mode.

The battery life is a bummer on all smart phones, but the difference between 1 day and 3 days is really irrelevant. You'll end up charging it daily anyway, and you'll still have to bring a charger with you every time you're on the road.

The black bar is ugly as hell? Now you're stretching it so far it's getting too obvious you're just trolling.

As an owner of a G watch I think you will find the size of the 360 to be an issue in the first place.

An all metal build makes for quite a heft from an unassuming device ( the g watch has this same feeling ), if the screen is circular its either going to be too small ( unlikely ) or ecipse many peoples wrists ( most likely ), also as its a circle there is more room for wasted UI space.

G watch suffers from this already, the cards are piddly and the time can be swamped by big borders that frame cards.

I'm sorry but that black bar is terrible, it looks like they stuck it on as some after thought, thickness will be fine on the 360 anything under the size of typical g shock watch is perfect.

As for the article I don't understand where its trying to go, if you have a tablet and a phone and one with qi and one not you still don't bring your qi charger with you ! I have a N7 2nd gen and a N5 and when I go away I take a USB wall adapter and lead.

Is it so hard to bring a tiney dock for your watch ? Yes some are diddley but then they come from a company known for ignoring design templates and shoddy build quality ( simply don't buy their over priced junk ), the G watch charger is a dream ! Drop and charge almost like NFC but without having to lug a qi charger with you ( some of those decent 3rd party ones are hefty )

Holding out on what seems to be an expensive gawdy smart watch that runs googles frankly currently bad android wear, seems like ingredients for disappointed fan boys and girls.

Android wear is Bad and inconsistent polishing this turd with hardwear won't make the user experience any better because no one says oooh nice watch anymore

Posted via Android Central App

My thoughts too. Most timepieces for slightly active people are really big. And they're solid metal covered by glass thick enough to withstand 20 bar or more, making them a lot heavier than I expect this watch to be as it'll mostly be filled with electronics.

You won't understand until you use android wear for about a week, its pretty non disscript and really is just a notification screen extension, it does nothing worth waisting 10mins of your day with.

Its horrible software as its stands its a bit like the software on the G1 back in the day

Posted via Android Central App

It's version 1.0 of a new device type. Android 1.0 was pretty boring too.

Anyhoo, it's not supposed to be a miniaturised version of a smartphone OS. That would be really stupid, IMHO, having mini variants of everything you already have on your phone. This is an extension of a smart device, there mostly to make the use of that smart device a bit more convenient. While also adding extra sensors and security.

There is a place all of this is leading to. IMO it will be like in the movie Her. The watch will be a quick interface, you will have an audio connection for the ear, and the phone harnesses it all together. Glass will be an extension of it all too. Aria will lead the way for these connected devices.
Posted via Android Central App

There are ways to easily say it's your personal opinion instead of making an impression that whatever you're writing is actual facts, not necessarily by writing IMHO. That's the point ScottJ is making.

Thanks. You are exactly right. Too many on the Internet couch subjective observation and opinion as incontrovertible fact.

1. It's about the same thickness as normal watches, it's lighter thn most watches aswell
2. I'm not a big fan of it either, but for a first round smartwatch it will have to do
3.Why people want to call from everything? There are phones for that, even if most people use them to play candy crush, their main urpose is calling, if someone makes a smart shoe will you complain that it can't make calls aswell?
3.1 You can accept or reject calls
4. Hopefully we get at least a 24h of battery life

I'll washer that for most people, the primary purpose of their phone is not to make phone calls. Texting, face booking, apps are the main purpose.

Still they're phones and as phones have the ability to make calls. Tablets,watches,TVs etc are not phones and they are not made to make calls

F me! I have a Note 3 and you are telling me I can make phone calls with it??? You blew my mind!

jk. I do still make phone calls but I use data based apps far more as most everyone does these days.

HA! That would be my daughter. Imagine making a call on a phone! Rarely for kids these days. It's all about texting and apps. Give me strength

I agree with the reply above me. It has more screen available. If Qi wireless charging comes with it, I'm all for it since I've been using Qi since my Lumia 920.

AC App via Nexus 5

I'm not crazy about it either and I hate buckle bands besides. They never seem to fit right. I have the Gear 2 Neo and am quite happy with it. I like the looks, the band, AND the charger just fine. The only other watch that even looks half way decent to me is the iWatch and that was just a rumored rendering. At least with my Neo, I can make and receive calls and play music as well. It's comfortable and looks nice to me. Oh, and it tells time too!

Meh, 99% of my chargers are MicroUSB. My LG G watch is the only one that uses a dock/propriety type of charger.

Would it be possible to charge a smartwatch simply from the heat from your wrist? Is technology not there yet?

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe this is Moto's solution to being unable to to pack a big enough battery in there. It'd still have a negative net energy use, but it'd delay the battery use, possibly giving it more than a day of battery life. Wishful speculation, mind you

YES! Someone else has had this thought!Since they're taking visual cues from regular watches, maybe they are attempting this to mimic "self-winding" watches! Maybe it'll draw heat or movement to residually charge the battery?

If the moto 360 doesn't have Qi then I will pass and keep my GWatch. Just because its wireless doesn't necessarily indicate Qi standard. Would be nice as I have two charging mats. Missing it on my G3 but once I get my hands on the right flip cover problem solved. But I don't want another charging cradle for my second watch. Two are enough.

Posted via Android Central App

As the article stated: FCC lists this as a Wireless Power Consortium protocol (you likely know it as Qi wireless charging). So, yeah, it's Qi standard. I doubt it would work very well with my knockoff Nexus Orbs but it should do fine on my Nokia mat. Wow look at me talking like a launch day buyer. Definitely different tune since I/O lol.

I like my G Watch charger a lot. I hate wireless charging, its slow and unreliable. I always seem to wake up to find my phone stopped charging 5 seconds after I last checked it was charging because it was 0.1mm off centre of the charger.

I have two mats, one Nokia and one no-brand from China that I got on eBay. The Nokia one is really picky about device positioning but the no-brand is surprisingly forgiving and was way cheaper. I just plop my phone on it and it charges, no hassle.

$20 shipped Chinese "Nexus Orb" off of ebay also works better than the official Nexus Orb (so I sold it). Figure they make the "real" one anyway.

I've been slightly concerned about this for a while. I'm all qi all the time and would welcome one more qi device to that mix.

But a plastic band completely separates, allowing you to lay it flat on the surface. That is not the case for most metal bands, which have a clasp and expand, but don't fully separate. You're not going to lay that flat on a qi charging surface, so I'm not ruling out a proprietary qi charging device (though it still may work on other qi cahrgers).

So many questions to be answered - if they would just release more details....

I had the same question, so it would be nice if it did charge on it's side. My other question though is what if I do want to plug it in with micro usb, to tinker, unlock it, etc? No one has ever said that there is a plug in port anywhere.

My guess is that it is a charging stand with an arm that would go through the band that you'd set the watch on.

Or you could get a Sony smartwatch SW2. Uses standard micro usb. Charges in half an hour. No wear software. But it does a pretty good job at a great price.

So why round watchfaces? Well, mechanical watch's hands go around in a circle so we have a round face and body. Apparently, since that is what has been around for ages, smartwatches should have this characteristic too! But his makes no sense whatsoever. How many round monitors do you see? None. Why? Because digital information does not lend itself to a round format.

But never mind that, style is everything! Function? Secondary!

So let's stick a hockey puck on a flat, straight wrist band (that's what it looks like from a design standpoint), do all kinds of formatting adjustment to Wear so the info can be displayed, and make the face huge enough so it can actually be read.

Perfect! Sign me up!

You would have a point if the aim of design is to always pack as much information as possible on a given screen. It isn't.

True, as long as one isn't reading notifications such as email. text, or any of the others Wear is capable of receiving.

Whitespace is still required for good layout. It matters not that said whitespace is bounded by an arc or straight line.

So please tell me exactly how much information is missing when the Moto 360 displays a message. Not an estimate of what you think might be missing, but an exact amount based on your experience with the watch. If you can't do that then your argument is totally invalid.

Most speedometers are circular, because most speedometers use a needle on a central pivot point. Just as most wristwatches do.
Text messages and emails do not use a needle. They're text on a screen, which best lends itself to a square or rectangular screen. To view text on a circular screen will require one of three things:
Option 1: Some very aggressive "word-wrapping". As you scroll through the text, it will have to jump around on the screen, to accommodate for the fact that the center of the screen is wider than the top or bottom. This would be a usability nightmare, as the words would jump around while you're trying to read them.
Option 2: Don't use word wrap, but still use the full screen. This solution will chop off parts of the text for any line that isn't in the center of the screen. To see this in action, cut a circular hole in a piece of paper, then put it on top of a document. Read the document through the hole. You'll quickly notice that this is a pain in the a**.
Option 3. Wasted space on the sides of the screens. Keep the text within a designated rectangular area on the screen. This will minimize the amount of text that is cut off, but decreases effective screen size.
Option 4: Non-scrolling text. Instead of scrolling the text, have the text fill up the screen, and slide through a series of screens. Kind of like the app drawer on your phone.

These are all the options I can think of, and they all suck.

Why aren't most speedometers digital? Why are square or rectangular digital readouts in cars often in round or oval enclosures?

Because speedometers aren't used to read notifications. Or to be worn on your wrist. That's reserved for that rectangular touch screen on the console (any of those round?). The practicality of circular displays in general is not the issue here, its the application of the format to a smartwatch. For a car, it works - form fits function, but it does not on a smartwatch.

My ride out in the parking lot says you're wrong. It gives me plenty of visual/textual information on a circular display. The real distinction you and many others need to get you head around is that many of us are looking at the 360 first and foremost as a stylish watch. The other things you can do with it are just a bonus. That's why "nobody" cares about the current smartwatches. First and foremost they look like sh*t, so we don't care what else they can do. I'm not trying to replace my smartphone. I'm looking for a new watch with benefits!

Well all and good, but my ride is a Chevy Volt and is all digital with no dials to be found anywhere. I might add that Audi is leading the way with auto electronics with everything from adaptive LED headlights to a fully integrated digital dashboard, instruments and all. Its the future - time to let go of the past....

" First and foremost they look like sh*t, so we don't care what else they can do. I'm not trying to replace my smartphone. I'm looking for a new watch with benefits!"


Exactly. This whole issue is the old battle of form vs function, A balance needs to be struck so that the design looks good AND works well. But often form wins hence things that might look great, but aren't practical. Examples? The Apple iMac is this slick, thin one piece computer with a beautiful look, but cannot be upgraded or repaired because the screen which is bonded to the body - try getting that off. Need more RAM - not going to happen. Then there's the ever so wonderful super cars that cost a fortune, are unreliable, uncomfortable, but fast and sexy. I could go on for days....

That's funny, so you're telling me I just imagined helping my buddy replace the screen on his 27" iMac last weekend?! No prior experience w/ iMacs, just YouTube and iFixit. Your second point sucks too. Super cars are only supposed to be fast and sexy, but there's plenty that are luxurious and comfortable that'll still do 180mph+

a) that's what we call a render. It's not an actual image of the device, its just someone's idea of what it could look like.
b)its someone's idea of what it could look like. There are already several watchfaces available, and there will likely be thousands more. Some of them will have the time displayed in small numbers, some in large numbers, some won't have numbers at all. Its called options. Its what Android was built on.

Watches are largely about fashion too, and round evidently looks cooler in a lot of people's minds. I happen to think it's more ergonomic too, less of an edge digging into your wrist.

But never mind that, style is everything! Function? Secondary!

When we're talking about a watch, YES, styling takes priority. If you see this as a hockey puck, by majority rules you're lacking any sense of style.

I'm not looking for a wearable at the moment, but if I were the 360 would be what I'm waiting for.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm hoping that the 360 will finally convince me to buy a smartwatch! Android Wear convinced me from the software side, but the current crop of Wear watches leaves something to be desired in terms of hardware. Premium hardware plus this magical wireless charging ability will hopefully provide the smartwatch for me

OK, Google Now. Post comment to Android Central.

Don't let android wear to convince you ! Its quite beta stages and has along way to go to become as fluid and thought out like android.

Unless you really want android wear, I'd wait 6 months for the UI to improve and then pick and choose from the selection in the new year.

Posted via Android Central App

Well actually I just meant android wear as an operating system. I know it isn't nearly as polished and fluid as it could be, but I like the look of it (especially since it's integrated with Google Now). So now I'm just waiting for a watch that has enough power and battery life to make android wear usable. If the 360 doesn't pack a big enough punch, then I'll wait. But hopefully Wear updates will be fast since we don't have OEM skins to worry about. So as Wear improves, so will the smartwatch experience

OK, Google Now. Post comment to Android Central.

If Android Wear watches don't fit under my shirt cuff, they are too big and easy to scuff, dent, and scratch.

Future generations will probably improve their design, wearability, and utility. For me, there is absolutely no reason to be an early adopter. I'll be patient.

If this is true and the watch has a good battery life I will gladly fork over $399. This watch is a premium watch with top grade leather and components, lets hope they did not cut any corners.....or all of them (since it is round)

Really you'd pay handset price for a small screen and beta stage software ?

Unless you got money to burn, wait android wear is sloppy at best, even the modding community have already solved the UI responsiveness issues before Google have even acknowledged it. . . that's saying something they have had wear in development for awhile now

Posted via Android Central App

Well since Wear should get plenty of updates, user experience should improve. But I think that complaining about paying a lot for a premium smartwatch is kinda dumb. A premium normal watch will cost you several hundred dollars so why should a premium smartwatch cost less when it does more than just tell time. Obviously if the screen isn't viewable in sunlight and the battery is crap, the price should be less. But assuming Moto has made a quality smartwatch, you should expect to pay for it

OK, Google Now. Post comment to Android Central.

They will price the watch at market price. They will try to find the perfect equilibrium of how many watches will sell at each price point and price it accordingly. Just because you can't afford it doesn't mean it's overpriced.

Why do you say that?? If there's a micro USB port on this watch them how can it be water resistant? You do want this watch to be water resistant right? Wireless charging seems like the way to go on this one

OK, Google Now. Post comment to Android Central.

What, because I have the opinion that micro usb charging is the best way to go, I'm a troll??? My phone and my tablet are micro usb, why can't my watch use micro USB? All the watch needs is a flap over the port to make it water resistant.

Posted via Android Central App

Too much stock is being put in this smart watch. They all have pluses and minuses. The only reason people are talking about it is because we don't have it yet. I have the g watch and like it. It is by no means perfect but a good start. They need to figure out how to power than kinetically! Then we would all be happy!

Posted via Android Central App

LG G Watch charger is fine for me. It takes all of 3 seconds to put on the charger and in the morning its at 100%! It works.

You missed the means when you travel it is another charger you need to take with you. If you have a Qi wireless charger for your phone the thought is you could also charge the 360 with the same charger. I admit they did a great job with the charging dock on the G watch, but if you leave it at home an go on vacation your watch becomes a braclet. :)

Curious that this turned into a love/hate battle for the Moto watch. I thought I was about chargers.
I have a Pebble and a Gear 2. It takes about 2 seconds to connect them to their chargers. Would I like to see a universal way of charging smart watches.... well, yes. But it's not like I have a drawer full of smart watches... all with different chargers. Starting with the headline, I feel that perhaps this thread is a bit "dramatic".

I like the Gear Live charger just fine. And honestly it's not a hassle for me to carry around one tiny extra adapter and my timbuk2 bag has the perfect spot for it.

I know you have to drive traffic to this website, but honestly I don't want to hear another thing about this watch unless it's a factual RELEASE DATE. So tired of being toyed around with Moto and the incredulous wait on how long this is taking to be available. I may just pass on purchasing out of spite at their laziness.

Ahh yessss....Articles about the 360 get lots of hits and lots of comments because lots of people are interested in it, but leaponover doesn't want any more articles about it, and it is his internet so maybe you guys should stop.

I am anxiously waiting on the release date for the 360. ihave looked at all the previous smart watces and they never made me want to even think about buying one. When I first saw this one, I fell in love almost instantly.

+1 but only became actually excited about it after the software demos at I/O. I really only want a good looking watch (that I can change dramatically with different faces and bands) but they've shown and proven some very useful scenarios via the software.

I am totally planning on picking up the Moto 360. My only question is whether or not I can wait for it to eventually come out (thanks moto) or buy the G Watch now while I'm waiting.

Posted via Android Central App

I hope that watch lives up to the hype.

I'm not too impressed with the current smart watch selection.

Posted via Android Central App

I still hope there's something else up their sleeve, like it also has a kinetic charger designed to prolong the time between charging it wirelessly

Ah good.
I've just moved from a Qi-based smartphone to one that doesn't do wireless charging; and was wondering what to do with my charger.
Now all I need is a Moto 360.

A little off topic, but only slightly. You know what I'd like to see? The phone (voice, data, etc.) all in the wrist watch, and making good use of Bluetooth. Use my BT headset for voice calls, and have it tether to my tablet if I want a larger screen to surf. Add to that the possibility of a mechanical watch operation with the digital stuff imposed onto the glass when needed (an idea I posited before the Kairos announcement), and I think it would probably be doable even now. Then, your calendar, alarms, etc. are already on your wrist, and can quietly vibrate when you don't want an audible ringtone, just like these smartwatches do with notifications today.

if I can't make calls its dead in the water for me, I thought before I bought the galaxy gear and gear 2 that the being able to call or answer calls was a gimmick until I started using it. its very useful and to me now a necessity, the camera and ir blaster not so much. The watch size is about average for a men. looks good to me

I see it this way. No bother if it is Qi or not, i have it to get if my arm anyhow. Does not take take more time to fiddle it onto a charging plate or fiddle a mini Usb into it. Except the Usb would show some worn out or brake after some time.
Unless charging technologies would show a dramatic improvement, eg. Via armmovements or solar, we wont come around these inconvienents. I wouldnt excpect more than 2 days of batterie life for the moto360 anyway.
Round is stylish, the form factor of a common watch which is great, the black bar wouldnt bother me, the only thing which drives me nuts is the hype about and the unavalability. I want it now. This way moto puts off lots of potential money being lost to other competitors.

Posted via Android Central App

I am using the sony smartwatch 2 since the month of May and its one of the most useful tech that I have bought....paired it with my note 2 and just allows me to do stuff like answer calls and make calls as well get notifications frm fb, twitter, instagram etc. almost all the apps in my phone including whatsapp messages....get to read entire emails and msgs without touching my phone or removing it frm my relation to this article it has a micro usb charging slot and works with any micro usb charger any brand so no hassles....the best part is the battery lasts for 4 days if watch is on always and if switched off at night easily lasts for 7 days.... full charging takes 30 mins...added benifits water resistant and dust resistant IP 57

I disagree. I haven't had any gripes with my G Watch charger. It snaps into place easily, and lies flat on a surface.

Does this mean my wireless Nexus charger I use with my N5 will work? I can just come home and put my 360 on it too? Hopefully magnetic grip as well like the N5?

It is not a first-world's problem only. Different adapters ultimately results in more toxic waste, and not propperly processed toxic waste is the problem of the entire world. Not to mention the production of such adapters and that impact on the environment, people that mine the materials and factories needed to make them.

Adapters should be universal and should be sold separately, apart from the device.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah I get that wireless charging is easier to just put the device onto it. BUT I still have to carry another piece of equipment - the wireless charging pad, as unfortunately my Note 3 does not come with wireless charging out of the box and I have to purchase a wireless charging back for the phone.
Even if I did shell out for a wireless charging back for the phone - I would still need to swap the two devices as I would not be able to charge them both at the same time on the one plate!
So other than it being more convenient to simply "lay" the device down - I would still need to carry an extra device around with me.

That's right everybody else... The standard is already there so just use it & stop being 'apples' by pushing your own!

Posted via the Android Central App