For those of you who have been following along with all the Best Buy, Motorola XOOM chaos you might like to know that Best Buy now seems to have all their affairs in order for pre-ordering the Motorola XOOM. Despite Best Buy pulling the trigger not once but rather twice on their XOOM pre-order pages another one has now popped up on their site and looks like it might actually remain there rather then being removed.

Don't get too excited though, you can't actually pre-order using the page (yet?) it just tells you to visit your local Best Buy instead. Oh right, it's not $1200 either; they opted to not add any price this time.  [Best Buy] Thanks, JC!

Update - Prices and accessories now added to the page. Listed price is $799.


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Best Buy Motorola XOOM pre-order page back -- again


Xoom vs Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs G Slate....... AAAaaaahhhh which one to buy???

my head hurts

Please do a compare review when they come out.

Definitely not GSlate for me. The GT looks decent but Samsung quality can be extremely iffy. Moto seems the most stable. I definitely can't wait for some reviews though.

Samsung has 0 quality issues as far as build goes. Now if u r talking upgrades that's a whole diff. issue

not only that you will never get an update. what ever version is on there, count on that for the life of the tablet.

i was looking at the Xoom, a lot of nice features but they are all missing one element, 4G. i think i will wait a few more months to see if they update.

What are you talking about? the only Honeycomb tablet with 4g out of the box(as of now) is the G Slate...

It has HSPA+

Let's just compare and contrast...

G Slate:

8.9 inch display
3d(personally, very gimmicky)
3d with dual 5mp shooters shooting(again, very gimmicky)
1080p playback
dual core
all standard Honeycomb features
2mp front facing camera
HDMI out
pins for dock
32gigs of available storage


CDMA(this could be considered as a down side... can't really take around to other areas without roaming etc.)
10.1 inch display
5mp camera capable of HD recording
1080p playback
dual core
all standard Honeycomb features
2mp front facing camera
HDMI out
32gigs of available storage

However, word from Motorola is that a more affordable wifi only version will hit for around 600 dollars, and then there will also be a GSM version(T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.)

Tab 10.1:

No word on carriers(assuming they want to do the same as the Tab, it might hit every carrier, even the CDMA carriers, speculation)
8mp shooter capable of HD recording
2mp front facing camera
2 models, 16 and 32 gigs
1080p playback
HDMI out

As of now, the one at Barcelona had GSM bands I believe.

All in all... it doesn't matter, they are ALL the same, black slabs with big screens, same processor, same memory, same OS, and just about the same cameras(if you will note, megapixels do not really make the camera better, I am sure that all the cameras record and shoot just the same)

It all depends on what you need however, GSM is a big one for me, which is why I might wait for the G Slate, and another big one for me is portability... I really don't like being a douche and carrying a 10 inch device, like all the iPad noobs(no offense to you who own it... I just think you look pretty ridiculous holding a very big iPod touch).

Everyone just needs to wait, the Tab 10.1 won't hit the states for another 2 months most likely(it launches next month in the UK).

/end rant? lol

The Xoom is actually CDMA and LTE, and since the rest of the world is adopting LTE as well, that means it's global. There is also a GSM version that's been verified and shown. It's silver. Fyi.

for me its galaxy tab 10.1 vs ASUS transformer...the transformer is 400 bucks so it all comes down to how much samsung is going to price their tab

I still don't understand the point of a preorder 4 days before it comes out.

They should have announced the Xoom (with specs and price) 3 months ago and started a preorder at least 30 days before release.

Meh, whatever, doesn't mean anything to me anyhow, I'm in Japan and won't be visiting the US until the end of March anyways.

It might be like the iPad release last year. If you read the Best Buy Launch Playbook they anticipated having about 5 units available at stores that were selling them -- and not all stores would have the inventory. At least with the pre-sale/pre-order people know not to stand in the rain Thursday morning waiting for the doors to open.

Looks like some people will have to stand in line. Best Buy site now showing the Xoom on back order. :D

I love how people can spam the reviews before the product hits the market. I wonder if those people are the same ass-hats from here?

Yeah, that's quite annoying. I wish Best Buy would leave reviews disabled until the product actually launches.

The weekly ad on Best Buy's site shows the Motorola Zoom for $799 with availability starting on Thursday, Feb 24th. It also shows the HTC Thunderbolt advertised for $249. Guess the wait for the HTC Thunderbolt is over!

Where The Zoom is Motorola is the "BootLoader" LOCKED like the Bionic will be ?
IMHO buying a Motorola great quality product Is like buying gold plated handcuffs

I dont get it... If all that stuff would have been on the iPad to begin with, then there would have been new stuff on this iPad coming out... Its the nature of the beast. You think they are going to release the iPad (or any device for that matter), and not release a follow on that is better than the first??
I dont get it... There will ALWAYS be a new and improved device coming in the next few months...
You buy a Galaxy Tab, then guess what? There will be a better one in the next 6 months...
I dont regret my Gtab though. I look at it as thepriviledge of having used mine for 6 months... Early adopter tax...
And as far as honeycomb, you really believe that the Tab will not get honeycomb? lol

People Its not like the old days... No matter what you buy today, it WILL be outdated and obsolete in less than 6 months.

I just refuse to pay this much for a tab. especially a MOTO tab. I just have to wait and see what comes out next. I got burned for early adapting the Gtab and it will never get honeycomb in order to make u buy the new Gtab.

Did you guys see that we will have quad core tabs by August? I may hold off till then. I already have Gtab, Ipad, and Archos70. The ipad burned me too with all the new stuff on pad2 that should've been on the 1st one.

All the new stuff on iPad2? You must be Nostradomus to know that information because even the interwebs doesn't have any hard information on it. You're burning yourself with speculation.

$800 is only, a $150 more, than the retail price, of a high end phone. Come on folks, what are you thinking?

the retail price of phones are bloated to make people get in to contracts, plus apple is going to release something with just as many features for a similar price as the ipad. if apple can do it why not moto, apple is know for overpricing.

$799 + $20 for one month of service + $35 activation fee + 8% sales tax = ....jesus christ. they want HOW much?

They want $71 more than a less functional 32GB iPad. Does this "800!!!! OMG ROlZ" idiocracy ever end?

Looks pretty but my nook color hacked works just fine lol I can not justify spending that much on a tablet...

I'm sorry if I missed it somewhere. (I do pay close attention) But is this 32GB Hard Drive, a SSD? I can't seem to find this info. Any links? -- Thanks

Yes, it's SSD of some kind -- certainly not a traditional "hard drive" as the text would lead you to believe.

Where's the WiFi only version? I don't understand why in the world of cell phone tethering would ANYONe want a 3G tablet???

Finally... someone understands! You don't need a separate plan for your tablet if you already have one on your phone. A problem will come up though, you will need to manage both battery lives... I tether with my NS and it chugs the battery down pretty fast.

Probably because most people are honest and know that tethering a device is against the TOS and wont do it. Not eveyone agrees in the greedful "give it to the man" mentality.

What you say is true, but also the "man" is so willing to give it to us. These tab and smart phone prices are ridiculous. I blame the over anxious public that is so willing to pay anything for the latest technology.

What do you mean? You are going under the assumption that everyone has rooted their device and is using free tether. Some "honest" people actually pay for tether/hotspot through their service provider (in Tmo's case... it's free on the Nexus One). Thus his argument... why pay for tether/hotspot on your phone AND for your tablet? Pay for it on your phone and tether up to x amount of devices on the phone... How is this a TOS violation?

D.O.A! Motorola makes great products and I'm a big fan of Android, but $800 is about $100 more than this should cost. The inclusion of 4G, which won't come until later, doesn't justify the price. Whether people want to admit it or not, the iPad is the 800 pound Gorilla in the room and it enjoys a significant mind share advantage over any of the tablets on their way to market. Google needs to step in, even if it means contracting out a dev model, and start making sure that Android powered tablets are delivered at more competitive prices and with features, Wi-Fi only, that make Android tablets more palatable for "Joe Average" and not us tech types.

Considering the best selling iPad is the 32GB version, the Xoom is priced competitively for both. Certain products are not for "Joe Average", just like with any other product out there. There are cheap Android alternatives out there as well for those that need to be cheap. As for Google, they did what they needed to do, create a great OS. It's the job of the manufacturers to make the products. Google's position in this world isn't retailing. Its not their job to make things affordable for the less fortunate. They supply tools. You get mad at DeWalt when a builder makes a $2,000,000 house you want but can't afford? Same thing.

Okay I just preordered mine from Best Buy and they wanted to know if I wanted the option of Verizon's 3/4g service. I said I thought it was required and he said its not. I'm confused here. Are we getting bad info or was he just wrong. Either way I checked the box saying I want it. But why ask and give an option during preorder if its required?

The Xoom is a thursday release. It is in the chicago tribune best buy flyer. I really dont care for it anyway I have a pair of galaxy tabs which will get updated with the Honeycomb rom from the future galaxy tab 10. And thanks to Android Central I have the Nook with the Honeycomb port, and I am very happy with it. 10" tab is not something I really want to drag around.

I haven't been to Best Buy yet, might go tomorrow and preorder. What are the terms to preorder? How much down?

$50. You are buying a gift card to be used at the time of purchase. But you obviously can use it for anything. They keep a copy of your receipt and also a preorder form (Name and phone number). Just make sure you bring the gift card and the receipt with you when it's time to pick it up on Thursday.

I was fist here in Portland OR at best buy to pre order mine. The guy told me that during there training they were told they are getting both versions of the Xoom on Thursday. So we will see.

I may be a little slow on the uptake, but did anyone notice Best Buy listed the device as 3G-Licorice, meaning they may be anticipating at least another color?

I pre-ordered one. I was the only one asking about it, and left BB just prior to 10:30am, so there was not much demand for folks to lay down $50 that will eventually become $800 on Thursday + $35 activation fee + $20 data + $50 for charging dock + tax....yeah this is not a cheap prospect at all. The LTE is really what I want though, so you have to pay a heavy price for Honeycomb and LTE.

Well, I went into the Best Buy in Lansing, IL (South Suburb of Chicago) to pre order a xoom. I inquired about the wifi only version and the salesman went to check with a manager. The manager came out and informed that they WILL ONLY HAVE THE WIFI ONLY versions in stock when they're released on the 24th of February. He said they will cost $600. I asked him if he was mistaken since everything I've read suggested that the wifi only versions will be released at a later date. He confidently assured me that the wifi only version for $600 would be the one they'll be getting first.

So I'll have to wait and see.

Anything from a retailer (esp BB) about release information, you have to take with a grain of salt. All the news here and on the Internet point to the 3G/WiFi version being released on 2/24 first and the WiFi only version to follow later. The Best Buy pre-order page on their website clearly says it's $799 and talks about Verizon's data plan requirement in the footer. We shall see...

I will add a little more confusion for you...

Best buy's website shows the sku of 1946179 but on the pre-order I have it does not show that sku anywhere except in the small print at the bottom saying that sku is only valid 2/20/11 - 2/23/11...

I will see if I can find a way to post the pre order sheet I have on here..

That is funny considering if you do the pre-order it states right on the pre-order Verizon Activation with a check box next to it(with a sub 2 on it). As for a required activation in small print is states the following:

"Carrier requirements may include data plans subscription, credit approval, usage fees and termination fees. (sub2) Requires a data plan starting at $20/month. See Customer Specialist for details. Check box if tablet is to be activated on Verizon."

Also has anyone else went to Verizon to ask about the Xoom Today? Since Verizon is right next to BB I decided to stop in and see if they were going to give discounts to current customers. And the sales guy told me they have no official release date and did not know anything about the 24th and the Xoom being released...

So I am not sure what is going on....

My activate nov was NOT checked. The Tablet only box was checked. Nevertheless, I will call them tomorrow and speak with someone else who may know different. For good measure, I will also call some of the other Best Buys in the area to be sure.

ok, I just spoke with a lady in the mobile department at the same location and she says that they will only have the 3g versions in stock on the 24th. She sounded pretty sure. I mentioned my experience yesterday and the only explanation offered was that they don't always get all information during pre-orders.

So, again, we shall see.

anyone who supports motorola with there locked down garbage is a fool.

locked bootloaders, locked down software, and being blatantly obvious about not caring about it proves to me what there deal is.

buy from a real hardware maker...

def not one with locked down software/bootloader/BLUR.

/end rant

Went into Best Buy Sunday and got another purchase option...

The sales guy said that you can buy it for $799 or $699 is you get a 2 year agreement for their 3g Hotspot. There is no charge for the hotspot but you pay $35/month instead of the $20 for the Xoom's internet access.

$799 and $20/month to month for access
$699 and $35/month for two years with access for up to 5 devices.

For all you whiners, DOA instigators and iDepends phanboys.

You aren't going to buy the XOOM anyway so why take up the bandwidth?

Most of us come online to get an education on the products, not for your stupid ass opinions and whining. Get a life.

I had high hopes for the xoom, but the $800 price tag will doom this tab to obscurity. Yes, it will sell to the few die hard tech enthusiasts, but it will then quickly fade away.

Huge mistake by Moto.