Best Buy Nexus S demo

When it rains, it often pours -- Nexus S (or Nexus Elite, or Nexus 2; pick your poison at this point) rumors are no different.  The fellows at Android Police have got their hands on an internal screen from Best Buy, showing that promotional materials, and possibly some sort of dummy unit, are scheduled to be set up by Nov. 14.  We checked with our Best Buy source, and while they can't confirm, they say it certainly looks to be in order.  Maybe those "mistakes" at the Best Buy website weren't off the mark after all?

Who else will be trucking out to Best Buy come Sunday? [Android Police]


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Best Buy to feature Nexus S materials as soon as Nov. 14 [rumor]


Woo! I'll start packing my bag and tech and catch the first plane over to the States and find a 7-11 and wait patiently for your arrival lol. Obviously we'll get pics, hundreds and hundreds of them

If they make a Verizon LTE one, it will be hard for me to say no. Can't wait to see what Gingerbread brings.

Do you think all the spike in Gingerbread activity is because of this device i mean all this stuff is leaking out today i dont know i just wanna finger it so hurry up and come out lol

BB materials just not updated for the recent noted hardware issues. Fingers left uncrossed. it would be nice to be proven wrong tho.