Best Android apps for June

We've already blasted through the best Android games launched over the last month, and now it's time to dig into every other kind of Android app. Utilities, social apps, photography, launchers, custom keyboards... we're trying it all. Of course our awesome community will likely leave some solid suggestions in the comments, plus we've got our weekly app round-ups from the editors to take a look at if this isn't enough.

Ready? Let's go!


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Best Android apps of June 2014


I agree. I hate paginated articles. Tends to slow my reading down since I have to spend as much time loading as reading.

More clicks on their website = More Money, possibly?

Although I preferred the original way before so it's NOT Redundant to click a button to get the Full Length article. There has to be a better way though to do this.

If it ain't broke, Don't Fix It!

Had the same issue. Wouldn't be so bad if it auto-logged in, but it doesn't and the one-page view is much preferable. Please go back to it!

I'm using the app so it all shows in one page, but I couldn't begin to count the number of time I've opened a link to an article or a general webpage with 11 paragraphs spread over 11 pages. I usually close the tab.

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Here here, if I wasn't familiar with AndroidCentral I'd bee closing the page straight away. Normal behaviour for a multi page article for me nowadays. This is such dated design and page layout. Surely there's a better way to monetize?

I refuse to read articles that are chopped up like this - even if there is an "all" button. It is a naked grab for link clicks, and there is no need for it - 36 clicks for 1 article still means only 1 article read. It cheapens the experience & the site. I've been a long time reader/podcast listener/ customer, and I am quite disappointed. Doing things like this is going to backfire as advertisers realize the quality of page counts & readership is diluted and they will stop paying. Maintaining link & click integrity can allow you to look the advertisers in the eye knowing you are not trying to deceive them - then you can demand the rates you deserve as a news/information website instead of a link farm.

And I am not always logged in to see the "all" button - that still is making me click more to generate artificial clicks.

Another way of saying first world problems

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

Haha, oh I see!

Bit exclusionary though, there's a hell of a lot of non-Caucasians in that there first world! :p

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I'm thinking this must be related to just making money from ads being displayed for each page,

Seriously, guys... fire your design team. Your Buzzfeed redesign is a buzzkill for most of us. I know you're going for more ad views, but how will that work if we all find another site to frequent?

I'm sorry that is rude as hell. The mobile nation designers do a fantastic job and I doubt these are directly their decisions.


This was a blatant money grab for AC. I want to make sure they stay open and successful but this was the worst design change they could have made. Hopefully they were serious when they said they would listen to feedback about the new layouts.

Another post echoing the dislike for this paginated malarkey. I'm not clicking through this article.

If this is a permanent design decision I'll be finding a different site to get Android news.

Whew, that was BS. 18 to 23 seconds to load every freaking page. AC, you just lost me with totally NON-PERFORMING site. Content loads in about 0.03 pico-seconds, the rest is the shit ad-infested sidebar. See ya!

Thanks for another nice roundup guys. I must've missed the latest Google app "slides"... When was that announced? Oops. Looking forward to trying that out as a college student.

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Another vote for being sick of your CONSTANT cash-grab. Aren't you embarrassed? It's bloody shameful.

This is one of the many reasons I've come to read AC LAST when it comes to Android coverage--and only skim it when I do.

I love AC but the endless clicks are a PITA if I'm not logged in.

From the DeathStar using my rooted LG G2

You guys complain about the site. I unsubscribed from the podcast because of the adverts that have started. If I wanted advert I would watch commercial TV.

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AC brings a ton of good read to all of us for FREE. Don't you think they have to make money someho? I totally understand and respect their choices to get better ad revenue. Just deal with it you free feeders.

So, while I don't care whether AC chops the story into multiple parts, I do think they should change back to the old form. Reason being is that 90% of the comments on this article are about the format, and not the article itself. I'm afraid the comments are going to chase away new visitors, and old ones that just get fed up with seeing those comments. Just my two cents.

Now, about those apps. I don't see any that I think I'll look at this time around, but I do enjoy these articles so I can learn about new things that I can do with my Android. Thanks AC!

I agree with a lot of the comments regarding the format. When I see an article like this where you have to click to get to the next paragraph or image, it's an instant turn off and 9 times out of 10 I leave the page even before I get to the second paragraph.

Cash grab this cash grab that, sick of hearing that damn phrase. ADDS ARE HOW THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY! How about AC charge a monthly subscription fee. How would you like those apples.

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It's not the ads that anyone cares about. The complaints are about how the re-design has severely impacted the user experience. The internet has been quickly moving in a "less is more" direction, and that is a good thing for users. AC decided, for some reason, to go in the complete opposite direction. Massive headlines at the top, slideshows that don't act as slideshows, colors which are mis-matched in a way that fanny-pack wearing, beer gut toting, midwestern dads would mis-match their clothes.

Less is more, less is more, less is more...

No, there are many comments about the ads and they are just a cash grab. Guess you did not read all of them.

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Misplaced anger. If the re-design wasn't botched to all hell like it was, no one would be speculating as to the reasons. AC can get their money while having a great design w/ ads.

What a horrible page design. Viewing on mobil is a disaster. I clicked on this article and see nothing but 1 paragraph that ends with "ready lets go" where the F is the article? Im ready but how do I go? I see ads all over the page arrows to go to ads but no article.
I figure you need to be logged in now to view articles and I still dont see a way to view it. I decided to view comments (something I wouldnt do without reading the article first) what do I read? 51 comments complaining about the site change and nothing about the article! Glad to see im not the only idiot on AC, looks like the group who changes the site are the BIGGEST idiots. Wtf AC? This is horrible!!! Even logged in I failed to see the button that allowed me to start reading the article, it took reading the comments to figure out and see the "all" button and thr "start here" buttons were part of the article and the way to read the article. After clicking i then get the next and previous(that makes sense) if i wasnt bored and wasting time I would have left this article and site without a 2nd look. If this is the way forward for AC i will not be returning. Clicking for every paragraph is a
I have lots of options for android news and I have stayed loyal to AC and visit here first but this change has moved AC to the end of the list or maybe off the list.
Logging in to click all is annoying, clicking every page is worse. Not viewing AC becomes the path of least resistance. Fix this shit AC, for i fear others will be Like me and leave you. Now how do you generate clicks?

Awesome list though I also have a suggestion for a chat app by the name Photo4tune. You will love this app because of its self destruct photos, fire messaging and event creation etc. Must check it out on Google Playstore!

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