Best Android apps of April 2014

April showers bring May flowers and sweet Android apps

Not unlike Phil's Atlantean hometown, you may need a bucket to deal with April's deluge of high-quality of Android app releases. Lucky for you, we've wrung out the Play Store for our top five picks. There are quite a few big names this go-around, including some apps straight from Google. Ready? Let's dive in.

Best Android apps of April 2014 is a hugely popular way of learning new languages. In addition to being a straight-up translator for over a dozen languages, users actively add words from their Android device or home web browser to their vocabulary collection to practice and master new tongues. An audio guide helps ensure you are pronouncing new words correctly, a quiz system keeps you on your toes, and a reading widget is built in so you can read interesting stories in languages you're trying to learn. If reading web stories turns out to be too difficult, you can just tap on the word to see what it means, and add it to your collection for future reference. It doesn't seem like there are any ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases yet, so there's really no catch (for now). Anyone looking to pick up a second (or third, or fourth) language should pick up

Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Google's Chrome Remote Desktop exited beta this month, providing smooth, painless access to your desktop computer from your Android device. Once paired up, you can pan around the desktop, pinch to zoom in (highly important for managing a precise mouse pointer with a finger), and type away on the keyboard. You can also pair up with multiple computers if you have more than one in the house, or if you've got a family member that regularly needs tech support. It would be nice to see some mobile-friendly shortcuts to browsing the file system at some point, but so far this is a great utility. Google deserves extra brownie points for also opening up the Nexus camera to all device this month.


Dropbox announced and released a standalone image gallery and backup app in April called Carousel. Uploads are intelligently sorted by location or date, and offer a finger-friendly view of everything you've shot with your Android device and otherwise stored in the cloud. Social elements are baked in, including sharing and commenting. This is a logical extension of Dropbox's existing automatic backup function for photos, and serves as a great alternative to the cloud-based photo album offered by default on Google+. If you also happen to be shopping around for a replacement to your e-mail client, Dropbox announced and released their Mailbox app at the same time as Carousel. The only catch to Carousel is that, like Dropbox, they'll try to upsell you on extra storage beyond the free tier.


IFTTT for Android

IFTTT is the glue that brings together the mind-boggling array of online services. Buy building recipes in the form of "if this, then that", users can create all sorts of useful automatic actions. For example, e-mail yourself a copy of every text message, but mark it as read and stash it in this specific folder. Flip on my Philips Hue or WeMo lights when I get close to home. The brand spanking new Android app helps you manage these recipes with editing and creation functions, and opens up six new Android device-based channels. Though these can easily become tangled and complicated webs, especially when dealing with services that are already connected to act automatically elsewhere, there's a vibrant community of users that are already sharing their creations. Idle tinkerers and Android power users should definitely give IFTTT a try.

Yahoo Screen

Yahoo Screen

Yahoo Screen found its way to Android later in April, offering exclusive access to Saturday Night Live archives, plus you can watch clips from The Daily Show, Colbert Report, The Onion, and South Park. Yahoo is also broadcasing their original content here too. There's no Chromecast support and it's U.S. only, but at least it's free with barely any ads. Yahoo also announced that they're going to be putting two shows on TV proper, so obviously they've got an interest in keeping this app and the service as a whole supported. If you're looking for some new shows to watch, but don't want to deal with subscriptions or cable providers, Yahoo Screen is bound to keep you entertained, at least for a little while.

Your favorite Android apps of April 2014?

Those are but a few drops in a Google Play Store overflowing with Android app and game releases for April 2014. Be sure to also check out our round-up of the best Android games of April 2014, and as always, keep your eyes peeled for our weekly editors' picks. Besides that, leave a comment with your new favorites for this month, and check out what others are downloading below.

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Carousel is an awesome app! I just wish it had a way to delete images without having to go through dropbox to delete them.

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alexmachina says:

Does anyone know the name of the case for the Galaxy S4 (or S5?) on the picture from IFTTT?

Looks similar to an aluminium bumper I saw on here last week

Posted via Android Central App

Yikes, I was going to comment that it looked hideous. But to each their own! Go with what you like!

Draco Design Aluminium Airborne Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S4

mailbox! definitely a great addition on Google Play Store

Huntrowmar says:

Ah! Thanks for sharing this great news. I had this app on my iPhone. I wanted an Android version of it so bad when I converted back.

Gekko says:

Hourly Weather Widget
Single Minded Productions - March 2, 2014

Deliveries Package Tracker
oRRs - April 28, 2014

ScottJ says:

Yeah. You spammed that on the apps of the week too. Getting a kickback or something?

John Nemesh says:

Cant believe you guys didn't mention Baldur's Gate and XCOM! Or are you gonna have a separate post for games?

Simon Sage says:

Separate for games! Those are both definitely on the list. We're still debating whether or not to do two posts or one for these monthly round-ups.

Karrott9 says:

Two! Love app/game reviews! Need more!

Posted via Android Central App

Gator352 says:

Please keep them separate. Or at least one post with two different sections. Not all of us care about gaming to much.

jc411 says:

personally I think Hover Browser is a good mention.. it's kind of like the link bubble app.

Posted via Android Central App

Dizfunctions says:

Not an app, but Fleksy is a new keyboard I've been using and thought it was really nice!

Posted via Android Central App

jc411 says:

+1000 been using Fleksy since feb.

Posted via Android Central App

LightaDroid says:

I love Airdroid. Perfect access to your device.

Posted via Android Central App

Jordan Hurt says:

Fenix for sure

Posted via Android Central App

leafs123 says:

+1. Replaced the official twitter client for me.

Posted via Android Central App

jay_2285 says:

I love fenix as well. I was switching between talon and fenix and fell in love with fenix

Posted via Android Central App

ajpri says:

Thought Google Camera would be on the list...

Posted via Android Central App

It was mentioned in the Chrome Remote Desktop section, just was not given its own space.

cruiz1022 says:

I have a question. What twitter app do you guys use? I tried using tweetcaster but I didn't like the UI. I'm trying to find something similar to the iOS Tweetbot app for Twitter

Posted via Android Central App

leafs123 says:

Someone commented above. I like Fenix.

Posted via Android Central App

DrLouie says:

I like Carbon for twitter

Hunter Petit says:

How about Don't Tap the White Tile?

Posted with my Nexus 7 2012 or Moto X via the Android Central App

note3owner says:


Posted via Android Central App

spencerdl says:

I'm still loving the BeWeather app with loads of customization along with the many BeWeather sets I've accumulated over the last couple of years.

jdrch says:

Chrome Remote Desktop is complete garbage compared to TeamViewer. It isn't even close.

mstrblueskys says:

We must be using different versions of Chrome Remote Desktop. I have yet to find a better remote desktop app - and this one is the freest.

Olin Rain says:

Help me I need a hand wit my .SD card problem

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Bones72 says:

I'd add Pushbullet to the list. Man, is it useful. Let's you push links and files to and from your device and computer. Browser extension that mirror notifications. Tons of stuff.

Gekko says:

Love Pushbullet for alerts to PC. CNN, etc.

Simon Sage says:

Yeah, Pushbullet's great, been using it for awhile. Not new for April, though.

scibilo says:

Springpad, Image Express, Feedly, Line

Nault2000 says:

"9 Cards" is a Beautiful New Launcher.

jlgraham says:

IFTTT is definitely my favorite of the month. Have encountered a few small bugs, but so far, very nice.

vgergo says:

A little known app: Touchless Notifications implements "What's up" Moto-X style on any Android phone:

robocopvn says:

Google Camera should be one of the best app for April 2014 !