The Best Android Apps

Are you looking for the absolute best Android apps, utilities, and games, the Play Store has to offer? You've come to the right place.

There are a lot of Android apps out there, and we've rounded up the very best across each of the Play Store's major categories. Keep in mind that these are our subjective choices, and are always welcome to hear about what you're digging in the comments, so don't be shy!

Best book & reference app for Android: Kindle

Best book app for Android

Amazon's Kindle remains the de facto standard for e-reading and offers the widest marketplace for books and reference materials. The app includes a wide range of features, including definition look-up, text scaling, contrast adjustment, and location memory. You can even load Mobi and PDF files to be read in the Kindle app (though not ePub).

Best business app for Android: Splashtop

Best business app for Android

Splashtop is a remote desktop access app that allows users to get access to everything they need on your home or work PC. So long as your computer is on, the desktop client is running, and you have an active subscription, you can use your Android device to click around your desktop, open applications, browse files, and make use of touch shortcuts to get more done faster. Encryption is enabled for business customers concerned about security.

Best comics app for Android: Comics by Comixology

Best comics app for Android

In no uncertain terms, Comixology made comics on mobile popular. Issues are made available to purchase the same day they're out on print. There are a bunch of free issues available, and the selection spans major publishers like Marvel, DC, IDW, and Disney. You'll also find related news and podcasts tucked away in there.

Best communication app for Android: Hangouts

Best communication app for Android

It seems like an easy pick since it's baked into Android, but really, nothing comes close to providing consistent, quality communication than Google Hangouts. The tie-in with Google+ allows for easy access to your wider social circle and group chat. A status bar in the chat log shows you how caught up participants are. Location and pictures can be easily shared. Cross-platform support means nobody's left out, plus having it all cloud-based means you can easily reference your chats later. Handling SMS is handy, since it puts all of your conversations in the same place.

Best education app for Android:

Best educational app for Android

Lynda remains a top source for current, high-quality instructional videos. Though the bulk of the service relies on a hefty $25/month subscription fee, there are a lot of free videos available. Many of the areas of subject matter are technical and surround certain types of software, but you'll also find photography, music, art, and other major topics covered.

Best entertainment app for Android: IMDb

Best entertainment app for Android

IMDb is an invaluable tool for figuring out which films and shows actors are from, digging up obscure quotes, and seeing which shows are topping the charts. After watching an HD trailer, you can find showtimes at theatres near you, or mark it on your watchlist to catch it later. Between the full photo galleries, recent news, and information on every movie under the sun, IMDb is insanely useful.

Best finance app for Android: Personal Finance

Best finance app for Android is an outstanding organizational app to stay on top of your budget. It plugs directly into your existing bank accounts and identifies transactions across broad categories so it can visualize the information in helpful way. You can set monthly budget limits for different types of activities, and manually add in transactions that aren't using any of your bank cards. Investment totals made through your bank are displayed here as well.

Best health & fitness app for Android: Endomondo Sports Tracker

Best fitness app for Android

Endomondo is still one of the best all-around fitness trackers available on Android. You can track speed, distance, and time for running, walking, cycling, or any other overland activity and share the results to your friends on Facebook. If you're willing to go with the pro version, you're able to enjoy goal setting features, an audio coach, and view detailed graphs for your progress throughout a workout. You'll also find that a wide range of popular fitness bands and accessories will feed data into Endomondo.

Best lifestyle app for Android: Tinder

Best lifestyle app for Android

Tinder is a hugely popular location-based dating app. Users log in with their Facebook credentials, which populates a Tinder profile with all of their interests and a profile image. You're then presented with a stream of potential matches based on those nearby and with overlapping interests and common Facebook friends. With a swipe, users anonymously decide if they like someone or not, and they get a notification when someone they picked has picked them as well. Then it's just a matter of using the chat system to taking things from there.

Best media & video app for Android: Plex

Best media app for Android

Plex is a widely-respected media-sharing app that helps you get content on your Android device from your PC. Just run the media server software on your computer, and you can access music, video, and pictures from anywhere. Extra features, like Chromecast support and cloud saving, are available with a PlexPass subscription.

  • Plex ($4.99, $29.99/year)

Best medical app for Android: Medscape

Best health app for Android

Medscape is a rich medical reference library that allows users to pour over thousands of procedures, drugs, and news articles. Specialities can be tagged so that relevant information can be made more prominent. The data is pulled in through WebMD, which is highly reputable in the sphere. One of the more useful sections for everyday users is a drug database and cross-referencing for potential interactions. For those really into medicine, there's an educational section where you can read up on the latest research and catch embedded videos going over the content.

Best music & audio app for Android: Songza

Best music app for Android

Songza is a wonderful free music service where users can pick their mood from a selection based on the time of day and year, and enjoy expertly-tailored playlists. The sheer number of hand-curated playlists is boggling, with one being available for just about every conceivable occasion. Users can cook up their own playlists, even though they can't listen to them on-demand. For $0.99/week you can ditch the pre-roll video ads, though they're very quick, and the banner ads aren't awful either.

Best news & magazine app for Android: Flipboard

Best news app for Android

Flipboard has become the new way people take in web content on their phone. Users build up a list of subscriptions, and content is fed into a beautiful interface. Swipes cause each page to turn smoothly, and a single tap on the header image takes you into the full text of an article. Though reading through your favorite sites is great, you can build your own magazines built from web content and share them with the Flipboard community at large.

Best personalization app for Android: Nova Launcher

Best Launcher for Android

Nova Launcher is widely regarded as the most popular launcher available on Android. It has tons of customizability available for icon sizes, home screen transitions, app drawers, gesture recognition, and lots more. Icon packs and additional UI graphics can be downloaded to change all of the system defaults, and there are plenty of color pickers available to change accents. For those that want full control of their Android experience, Nova Launcher will provide.

Best photography app for Android: Snapseed

Best photography app for Android

Snapseed is a highly polished photo editing app built smartly for touch input. Tapping navigation buttons along the bottom allow users to switch between tools, such as rotating, cropping, color correction, and filters. Then, swiping up and down on the picture lets you select the type of adjustment, and going left and right changes the amount of adjustment. It's a great interface for smaller screens, and provides all the major editing you might need to do.

Best productivity app for Android: Trello

Best productivity app for Android

Trello is a task app the can scale as large as company-wide project handing, to as small as grocery lists. Set reminders, add labels, organize in collections called boards, assign other members, attach pictures and documents, and much more. Trello has a very good-looking web client too, making it easy to manage your tasks by PC as well.

Best shopping app for Android: Amazon

Best shopping app for Android

Amazon is the grand-daddy of online retail. If you're shopping for anything at all, it's worth checking out to see what Amazon's offering. They have crazy deals all the time, just about every physical object you could possibly want to acquire, and with Prime, you'll get it on your doorstep lickety-split. A separate price check app can help by scanning barcodes of physical products and seeing if you can get it any cheaper on Amazon.

Best social app for Android: Facebook

Best social app for Android

Like it or not, Facebook is the most ubiquitous social network out there. Everybody's on it, sharing everything they do. With the Android app, you can quickly post status updates, share links through the browser, upload and tag pictures, send instant messages, and leave likes on your friends' status updates. On many devices, Facebook information is tied to your address book, ensuring that their information is up-to-date and the image is their latest profile pic.

Best sports app for Android: theScore

Best sports app for Android

theScore remains a high-quality, broad-field sports app that helps you get all the news you could possibly want. NFL, NBA, NHL, EPL, UFC, and more are covered with news, scores, pictures, and video clips. Users can mark teams or players as favorites so they can track what's up more easily.

Best tool app for Android: Tasker

Best utility app for Android

Tasker lets you set up a wide range of tasks to execute automatically given certain circumstances. You can set antenna to go off when you leave a certain location, turn on an app after tapping an NFC tag, or mute your ringer after connecting to a specific Wi-Fi network. With the help of third parties plugging into Tasker, you have a ton of options for if/then statements here.

Best transport app for Android: Uber

Best transportation app for Android

Uber has become such a force in the sphere of transportation that it has displaced the entire taxi industry in many major cities. Uber acts as the go-between for pedestrians looking for a ride and a legion of private drivers. Uber drivers are vouched for by users to ensure security, and thanks to GPS, you can find the closest one easily. Prices are dictated by supply of drivers, which means you can get some very reasonable fares, though there are occasionally surges in pricing during busy periods. Payments are made through Uber, so there's no need for cash at any stage. If you're lucky enough to be in a city with Uber service, this is hands-down the way to get around.

Best travel & local app for Android: Foursquare

Best location app for Android

Foursquare originally made its name as the way of sharing where you are, but over time has become the place to go to find out which restaurants are highly-regarded among friends, tips for shopping from knowledgeable locals, and discovering events happening in unfamiliar environs. There's a to-do list baked in so you can line up destinations for your trips, or view publicly shared lists of locations.

Best weather app for Android: Yahoo Weather

Best weather app for Android

Yahoo Weather is a beautiful, functional weather app complete with resizable home screen widgets and tracking for multiple locations. Hourly and weekly forecasts are readily available with wind and pressure information, precipitation, and meteorological maps. It hauls in geo-located Flickr images for backgrounds which align with the time of day and weather, which is just a nice touch overall.

Best widget for Android: Beautiful Widgets

Best widget for Android

Beautiful Widgets is a full complement of home screen widgets, including weather, time, and battery. Though Android includes many of those natively, the real selling point with is that Beautiful Widgets has a whole store full of styles to chose from. Combination widgets which include multiple data types, such as weather and clock, can use different themes together to create a really unique look.

Best live wallpaper for Android: Muzei

Best live wallpaper app for Android

Muzei is a simple, gorgeous way of livening up your wallpaper rotation. By default, the background is blurred, and with a double-tap, it leaps into focus. You can set how long it takes for a new wallpaper to come in, or decide to leave the wallpaper permanently in focus. An open framework allows other extension apps to find and pick wallpapers for you, either based on your location, social network, cloud collection, and many other sources.

Best keyboard for Android: Swiftkey

Best keyboard for Android

Swiftkey has established itself as the leading virtual keyboard on Android thanks to its smart usage-based prediction engine. There's a custom tablet-optimized feature that allows users to split their keyboard in two, which is great when typing with thumbs in landscape orientation. It has evolved to include swipe-based typing and a handful of color schemes to suit your tastes, but at its core remains a highly accurate, comfortable typing experience for any Android device.

Best podcast app for Android: Stitcher

Best podcast app for Android

Stitcher is the easiest way to catch podcasts on Android. There's a vast library of shows, split up by category. You can listen to live streams, or store locally, and mark episodes to listen to later. If you have to duck out mid-show, your spot is remembered in the app. A player is built into the notification tray so you can see at a glance what you're listening, and make use of playback controls.

Best arcade & action game for Android: Super Hexagon

Best action game for Android

Super Hexagon is in all likelihood the hardest game you will ever play. Players tap left and right to rotate a triangle around a central shape to avoid walls that are perpetually collapsing inwards. The spinning, bouncing perspective and intense speed make this a particular challenge, especially once you start getting to the higher stages. Simple, elegant controls, thumping soundtrack, and intense pace make Super Hexagon a classic.

Best brain and puzzle game for Android: Dots

Best puzzle game for Android

Dots is a casual, easygoing and sharply-designed puzzle game. Players very simply have to draw lines connecting same-colored dots on a grid in order to collect them. Those dots can then be spent on power-ups which can help further in the dots-collecting endeavor. Bonus dots are awarded for completing full loops, and there are game modes available with limited time and limited number of moves.

Best cards and casino game for Android: Zynga Poker

Best card game for Android

Fans of Texas Hold 'em will likely be familiar with Zynga Poker. Sporting full online support, players enjoy custom stakes games, tournaments, and banter over the built-in chat. There are even fun virtual gifts you can send to fellow players. More in-game currency can be bought through in-app purchases, or you can hold out for a free spin at the slots to get some starting funds once you're out.

Best casual game for Android: The Sims FreePlay

Best casual game for Android

Sims FreePlay puts players in charge of a whole town full of people. You need to tend to their basic human needs, manage relationships, build careers, and outfit a home. Over time, you can have kids, watch them grow up, and in turn guide your first Sims through old age. Though freemium elements such as premium currency and timers are employed, for a laid-back game like this where just about every measure of progress is an issue of vanity anyway, it feels well-balanced and appropriate.

Best racing game for Android: Asphalt 8

Best racing game for Android

Asphalt 8 is an over-the-top, white-knuckled racing game for Android. Power-ups litter the fantastic courses set in real-world locations, which can help you launch off ramps for amazing (and physically unlikely) stunts. Hopefully in the process you can trash some of the competition in explosively cinematic crashes. Some freemium elements are employed, such as purchasable currency and premium power-ups, but on the whole, the game is entirely playable without spending a cent.

Best sports game for Android: FIFA 14

Best sports game for Android

FIFA 14 offers all of the excitement of a live footie match to your Android device. Teams work their way through leagues, players progress, and managers upgrade their home stadium and sponsors. Controls include the standard virtual button and joystick layout, or you can try out some great finger-friendly gesture controls. No doubt soccer fans will appreciate the top-notch graphics and real player models.

Your favorite Android apps?

Those are our picks for the very best apps for Android, but there are a lot of apps out there and new ones are coming out all the time. Leave a comment with your favorites!


Reader comments

The Best Android Apps


Absolutely: Go Launcher EX dominates (better than LauncherPro or adw or tw or any others). And all the scrollable widgets and many other things that say they "require" LauncherPro or ADW, for example, run just fine on Go. I also use their SMS. They just know what they are doing. Smooth. Customizable.

I'm with you on that as well...Go Launcher EX and SMS Pro are just that damn good! I was using LPP for a very long time and made the switch and haven't looked back. Now if they can get Go Launcher HD up to the EX level...which I know they will.

I started using GO SMS back on my Hero, when I missed resend (e.g. due to poor signal) and re-download MMS (e.g. being connected to Wi-Fi when the MMS comes in, and my network only allows MMS to be downloaded when connected to 3G) options in the stock SMS app.

I switched to GO Launcher EX after the stock TouchWiz launcher on my SGS2 forgot my painstaking manual app organization. I couldn't live without organized apps, so I tried a few, looking for one that could back up its config so I'd never have to do it again. GO Launcher EX does that, and I was confident about its quality after my experience with their SMS app. It hasn't let me down.

Add to make the migration easy, and I'm happy.

I uninstalled Go Launcher EX awhile ago, to make place for Nova. Never regretted it. Go L EX is slow, uses a lot of resources and the spam (even in the paid version) is annoying.

Meh...its cool. No, it is not as customizable. I like the iPhone-like bubbles Handcent has....I dont see an easy way to make GOSMS look like that.

I do use GoLauncher and I do like GoContacts(Just like the dialer part mostly).

I don't know about you, but GOSMS asked me in the setup when I installed it if I wanted regular conversation style or bubble conversation style.

I'm pretty sure you can go into the settings and change it back and forth whenever you want also.

My issue with GOSMS has always been that their pop-up would not show up on top of the HTC Sense lockscreen on Sense 2.0+ roms. Handcent made a workaround option that you can select to make it work.

I haven't used GOSMS in a few months, have they added this functionality yet?

I have an Evo 4G running 2.2 and my browser doesn't look anything like the image you show here. It also doesn't have tabbed windows like I believe I see in your image. Am I missing something? I much prefer the other browser (such as Dolphin) features but they are just too slow. I would love to have tabbed browsing in the stock app if I can get it.

If you're looking at the stock browser picture, those aren't tabs. You see up at the very top of this website, the top bar that shows Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc? That's what you see that looks like tabs on the phone. Hope that helps!

First off... why is your EVO running 2.2 and not Gingerbread? It was released a year ago for the EVO. And I think you're talking about the Chrome Browser... which is only available on ICS

I think you failed to realize that the comment you're replying to is several months old.

AndroidCentral kept all the old comments and re-released this blog entry with a different list of apps...... for some unknown reason.

Check the comment dates.

Its the Google Chrome beta for phones. Only for ICS though which is probably why you've never seen it.

Best Launcher, Launcher Pro really!

You better update this rating, that launcher is so dated and not much development and support. There are other way better ones now. GO Launcher, Regina, MX Home come to mind that are all free and beat LPP hands down.

LPP was on the original list, when this was first published in Sept. check the date of the comment 29 weeks ago. No idea why they kept the original comments when a majority of the apps that people commented on aren't even on the list anymore.

Agree with most but stock browser can only go so far. Dolphin or Miren browser are way better. Started on Dolphin and now I am on Miren browser.

Android isn't intended to be rooted at all. Therefore, if it was easier, malware would be an even bigger problem than it is.

There's a valid debate about whether or not users should have full admin rights on their own devices; power users say yes, networks say no, and ordinary users are probably happy to trade away admin rights for a device that Just Flippin' Works, all the time.

ppl, the android stock browser isn't chrome. the chrome beta browser is a separate download app and only works in ICS.

Here's what I love about Android - I disagree with all of these "Best Apps" and that's fine. I'm not going to argue because with Android "Best" is subjective - I can use whatever is best for me, and you can use whatever is best for you. Choice, customization and control. The 3 C's of Android!

You are correct but this article is presenting it as fact. If this was titled "My Favorite Apps" then I wouldn't feel the need to argue.

Google Play Music and Chrome Beta? Both got lukewarm reception by users. Yikes. Give me Music Pro and Dolphin HD browser!

Definitely like Dolphin better than Chrome. Chrome doesn't even support Flash. Unless its been updated since I uninstalled it :)

PowerAmp (the paid version), in my opinion, the greatest music app on the market. I have been useing it (almost everyday) for a couple years now and have never had any issues. I curently own the Rezound and the first thing i loaded on it was PowerAmp. It has so many high level customization settings, its unreal. It also has a beats audio setting to utilize the beats audio on my Rezound. opinion....PowerAmp blows em all outa the water.

I agree. The most important feature to me is the folder choice for media files. I'm not one who uses playlists a lot, so it's nice to let the app cycle through and not hit my ringtones.

Also, I don't rely on cloud-based storage for most of my music, so the killer feature of Google Music isn't all that killer for me. Power Amp is simply the best app out there for me.

i agree with most.... however, my favorite launcher is apex because it has every single feature listed above, it's easier on ram, and it's free. my favorite weather is has everything 1weather has and it's more my taste....that's just up to preference ;)

I use Go Launcher EX, and I found MyWeather to be a pretty decent weather app. It moves pretty fast and you can have multiple places. Best part it is a free app

OK what weather widget is that? Its not 1weathers because 1weathers widget is round and ugly! But I really like the one in the picture above

Beautiful widgets with a custom icon pack downloaded.

Beweather also lets you use beautiful widget icon packs in their widgets.

So Josh thinks an app with a widget so fugly he has to go download a seperate app just to have a good widget is the best andriod app. *facepalm*

For the record, I've been using Beautiful Widgets for a long, long time, and will probably continue to do so in the future. I use 1Weather for the app.

You don't get it. Beautiful widgets is only intended to be used as a real-time weather monitor/clock widget. 1Weather has much more detailed information with Radar, hourly breakdowns, warnings, and much more. I, like many other users I know, use both apps.

I would also like to know, I quite like the wallpaper and the digital clock too, so if anyone knows then please let us know

Great article. What about the best launcher and browser that is not exclusive to ICS? Most android users still don't have ICS so I think it would be fair to write about those categories. IMO I love Go Launcher HD. It's buttery smooth, visually appealing, and simple. As for browsers I do prefer Dolphin Browser HD but I just can't stand the icon. I wish it was just a regular globe icon or something that makes it look like it is a browser.

Why not download the icon you want to use (or extract one from an apk) and use desktop visualizer to create a custom shortcut to dolphin...just an idea

To any one curious, I believe the weather/clock widget in the Nova Launcher screen shot is Beautiful Widgets' SuperClock. I may be wrong and it may be something packaged into Nova, but I can make Beautiful Widgets look just like that.

I would vote for Keepass as the best PW manager. It also uses dropbox for sync purposes and it's free. Roboform is almost a tie with Keepass however.

Browser: Dolphin is the only one I have found works with Lastpass bookmarklets so I don't need to subscribe to lastpass premium for the once a month I need to use it.

Launcher: I haven't used Nova, but Go Launcher does most (or all?) of the things that Nova has listed on their website as features. And it's completely free.

People use Nova because they like the look/feel of the stock ICS launcher...which Nova retains. Go Launcher is great for Android 2.* versions, but not so much for ICS phones...unless you want your phone to look like it's running an older version of Android.

This ^

IM+ has a lot of issues on every device i've tried it on. Issues with force closing, not reconnecting and things like that made me stop using it. I shifted to using trillian, and it's easily the better choice of the two. I never tried imo im, though, but I love that trillian can keep chat logs synched no matter where i IM from (android, desktop or web)

For everyone's comments on launchers the one main thing for me that makes Go Launcher EX stick out from the rest is it allows folders in the app drawer... When you have over 100 apps I don't want to be constantly flicking through pages. Until the others allow this I'm not switching.

Plume is pretty awesome, but at the rate Boid is getting developed and updated, it might take the crown from them.

Definitely, it has done one of the best ICS interface integrations I've seen thus far. Very very impressive Twitter app and the one I'm currently using.

Call me paranoid if you wish, but I'm not about to trust all my login credentials to an app that has full Internet access; it's part of my caution and common sense approach to keeping safe on Android. That's why I passed on mSecure, even when it was available for $0.49 during the Play Store rollout.

As usual, most of these apps won't run on tablets. Anyone still wondering why Android tablets can't compete with the iPad?

Great article! I just downloaded Go SMS and chrome beta. I've always used Handcent and Dolphin (easily among my most frequently used apps) but these might be suitable upgrades, at least to try. I didn't think anything could beat Dolphin but damn, chrome is nice!

In same apps I agree with you but like Google play music, plume Twitter app, and chrome beta are not one of the best adnroid app. May be we can say good apps.
Finally I really appreciate you for your wonderful article coz I got two best apps from here.

For a launcher, I use ssLauncher. It's very different. HIGH level of customization. It's fairly new and at this point is just above 1000+ (paid version). The free has 100k downloads. Give it a try, but don't get frustrated at the beginning. Take your time and play and customize. I used GO Launcher until I started flashing Gingerbread roms on my OG Droid. I had to get rid of it because it was too slow. I went to Zeam, Rocketlauncher then finally I stopped with ADW. ADW was the only one lightweight and feature rich enough to make me happy (Zeam is extremely lightweight, but it doesn't have a lot of features).

For a podcatcher, I use BeyondPod. When I first got my OG Droid, I found this and have never looked back. I have checked out a few other podcatchers, but none have the polish and usability of BeyondPod. This one does have a tablet version, too (BeyondPod for Honeycomb).

That's my $.02

I think most of these picks are spot on but the only thing that makes Play Music better than PowerAMP is the fact that cloud storage is supported. Other than that PowerAMP is miles ahead of Play Music. I wish they would implement some more features into Play Music such as the ability to search for album art and a full EQ like on PowerAMP.

dont agree with nova launcher,should have been apex as that is free and offers all the features of the paid version of nova.

Just my .2 cents, I use Fancy widgets which has about 5 Stock ICS widget clocks with a battery level indicator for those who are not rooted. It also has customizable weather widgets as well. For all you Star Wars fans out there, I'm using the Star Wars theme which has the twin suns from Tatooine and the Death Star as the moon.

I would also like to mention a useful video monitoring/recording app by Seedonk. You can use your IP web cam to stream video to your Android Device. It's really easy and convenient to use. I can view activity of my home while I'm at work to make sure no unexpected intruders are around. It's my most used on the go app.

I don't agree with Pocketcast being on this list. I tried it and it was a headache to deal with. I'm sure it's been updated since I used it but I would urge people to try Doggcatcher. I've been using it for a while and I am really pleased with it. It has everything I've ever looked up(pocketcast didn't)and the customer service is great. They've fixed my one or two issues I've had very quickly and they are very friendly. UI is great and it also has auto update so I never have to lift a finger and my new podcasts are there waiting on me.

PowerAmp (the paid version), in my opinion, the greatest music app on the market. I have been useing it (almost everyday) for a couple years now and have never had any issues. I curently own the Rezound and the first thing i loaded on it was PowerAmp. It has so many high level customization settings, its unreal. It also has a beats audio setting to utilize the beats audio on my Rezound. opinion....PowerAmp blows em all outa the water.

IMO the best Launcher for ICS is Apex Launcher because it has all the functionality of Nova Launcher plus more, and it's al free.

For Music player I vote for PowerAMP. Google Music would be nice if Google would put more countries on its map...and this goes for a bunch of other Google apps :(

HELP I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 by Sprint. And my texting is horrible still. I used Swipe on it and double checked my settings. Had this phone for 6 months and I still mispell words with I text really fast. Sometimes I do not have time to check for if I misstouched a letter and go back and fix it. It have been so annoyin gto me is there a Keyboard you suggest APP that would fixed my problem? I have used Iphone before had no problem with texting on a Iphone. Any suggestions please respond.

This list of apps are amazing. I got my new Android phone last month and still discovering and update my android phone. Trying lot of apps since i have this android phone and still searching more apps that suet my needs.

Google Play Music may be nice for cloud storage and their new free scan and match service is a big +1, but the app itself is not even as good as the stock Android Music Player. No folder view?! Garbage.

Had IM+ on my last phone and it was pretty nice. I don’t use it now but if they included a Corporate Exchange IM feature like Office Talk Free, I’d be all in.

2 disagreements: I'd rate both Dolphin and Opera Mobile over Chrome Beta, and PowerAMP and WinAmp over Google Music. That's like saying Google Reader is better than MoonReader. No way in Hell, unless you don't like to actually customize your experience. That's why I like Android: Customization. And Google Music is clown shoes on that front compared to PowerAMP.

I've been using Plume (Premium) for I don't even know how long and I love it!! I've tried a ton of other twitter apps but always go right back to Plume.

If you are a movie buff, then IMBD app is for you. It helps you become updated of all that movies that are going to be on the screen and the ones that are coming. IMBD app lets you guess who the celebrity is in the blurred photo and get points for how quick you get it done.

By far the best keyboard on the googleplay market is touchtext. It is easy, fast and accurate. With a little practice you will be much faster than any other keyboard. No crazy rules and it is so easy to use.

I was searching for the matter you shared through blog. It is quite interesting and obviously very informative for me. The reason is i am using some application but not aware of lot apps but i find my solution and i am ready to install one by one now.


these are the best apps ever there is no doubt about it. i been using android from while now, great features and great support . apps are really cool.. hey i have found really cool app which i would like to share with you guys as well..

Hi! I have been using "Checkbook" on my Android phone for some time now, and I have tried emailing digitallifesoftware repeatedly to ask questions regarding changing/deleting transaction categories and I can't get anyone to answer. Is anyone else using this app and if so can you tell me how to change or remove a category? Thanks,

WOW!!!! its really i found some best quality Android apps and also some high graphic game.these will help me some important time.i also know some best quality Android apps which is best for 2015,if anyone interseted to know about these Android apps or if anyone like to know some best quality Android games then you are welcome to this Android World.And find your most favorite apps which you want.

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dots looks interesting and please thescore is not the best sports app although it updates are much faster lol. i got cbs sports and bleacher report as well but man thescore updates right away on the score immediately so i admit thats good.i aslo use fotmob and nfl and nba gametime apps.
i also use the app keep to make my to do lists and stuff like that. I didnt try cardboard app yet so i will have to check that out right now.
Facebook is an essential part but cant be said as the best social app out there lol. vine, instagram and twitter are there as well. again it depends on what you mostly use.
and among games quizup is one of the best triva ones out there and aslo flow free although for the latter you have to pay for hints. smh . yes imdb is the best movie/shows app out there hands down.

All of these apps are top in their respective categories- seems there are a lot of up and comers. Seems like launchers have gained in popularity... How does this impact the list if you were to re work it today?