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The first over-the-air update for Motorola and AT&T's Atrix HD is now rolling out, bringing the high definition handset up to software version 77.12.22. There's nothing too exciting contained in this initial OTA, and the software is still based on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, there's a decent selection of fixes to make this a worthwhile upgrade for Atrix HD owners -- Wifi and battery performance has been enhanced, as have the camera's low-light capabilities. In addition, there are some new AT&T apps, and security enhancements from "the latest Google security patches."

You can find the full changelog at the source link below. If you're rocking an Atrix HD, head to Settings > About phone > Software updates to see if your device is ready to pick up today's OTA. Once you're done, be sure to drop by the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

Source: Motorola


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Motorola Atrix HD update brings camera, battery and Wifi tweaks


It's awesome that Googlerola and AT&T are so concerned with updating a phone that just came out, but they can't be bothered to push the ICS update to the Atrix and Atrix 2.

The update made my phone all messed up. I want to go back. It was fine for me the way it was. The update took away the browser's home tab. Only way to get there is to close all the windows and reopen the browser. Picture quality is worse than before, most of my pics are blurry. God forbid there be any movement. My text messages show up in my circles after I've already seen them and wont go away unless I open it again. What did they do to the keyboard??? It was suppose to make it faster or something. More like something because the I have to spellcheck the spellcheck. Constantly adding new words to my grammar. I like the favorites tab they added for apps; however, I find it not neccessary since you can put all favs on a home page.