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There's been a lot of talk about upload speeds on AT&T's new 4G Android phones, and many have been complaining.  Android Central forums member kgeissler went about it the right way and has received a response from AT&T, with some interesting (if not conflicting) news.  We'll post the response after the break, but the gist of it is summed up rather well in one line:

Be assured that AT&T has not "capped" the upload speeds on the ATRIX. The ATRIX is a HSUPA-capable device, and we currently are performing the testing and preparations necessary to ensure that, when we turn this feature on, you will continue to have a world class experience.

We discussed the whole mess issue in episode 53 of the Android Central Podcast, and while we're still not sure why things are being done the way they are, we all agree that AT&T needs to be a little more transparent with their customers, and this is a great start.  Hopefully AT&T will "turn on" HSUPA for the Atrix and the Inspire soon, but at least they acknowledge that they are not yet providing high speed uploads for their Android devices.  Read the full reply after the break. [Android Central forums]

AT&T Mobility Tele: <redacted>
Regulatory Response Team Fax: <redacted>

Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan
1600 Pacific Ave Suite 2800
Dallas TX 75201 ADDRESS:
Office of the President
2325 N. University
Lubbock, TX 79415
<redacted> COMPANY'S FILE NO.:

AT&T Mobility (AT&T) received the above-referenced customer complaint and appreciates the opportunity to respond. Specifically, <redacted> complains that the recently released Motorola Atrix does not offer speeds anywhere near what advertised speeds claim. He is requesting activation of 4G services and removal of the cap on the Motorola Atrix services. 

Account research regarding this complaint shows that AT&T is focused on delivering a wide choice of solutions and the best possible Smartphone experience to our customers. Be assured that AT&T has not "capped" the upload speeds on the ATRIX. The ATRIX is a HSUPA-capable device, and we currently are performing the testing and preparations necessary to ensure that, when we turn this feature on, you will continue to have a world class experience. 

We ask that you please keep in mind; software is only one of many factors that can affect speeds experienced. Factors such as location, time of day, network capacity and facilities, can have an impact as well. Again, in order to ensure the best possible customer experience services will become available once testing has been completed. 

AT&T sincerely regrets any inconvenience this issue may have caused. Please feel free to contact me directly at <redacted> if you have any additional questions or concerns in this matter. 

Name: Sheila Utech, Customer Appeals Manager, Executive Response


Reader comments

AT&T responds to complaints about Motorola Atrix upload speeds


A better question is why can you de-brand the Inspire with a DHD ROM and get full HSUPA?

I could understand if all HSPA+ phones had upload speed issues, but not when it's only the one's built to AT&T's specs that don't seem to be working as advertised.

not a bad idea. did you pick up something else or are u just waiting patiently for something else to come up in the near future?

Just like all cell phone companies their full of sh*t..! Everyone should bring there phones back and say this ain't what I paid for or what was advertized!

Does anyone honestly think that AT&T is going to spend much time & money upgrading their 3G network to HSPA+ if it is only a 4G placeholder until they switch to LTE? I have a hard time believing that they will.

Actually their eventual plan is to convert the entire 3G Network to HSPA+ so that if you are not in an LTE area the worst you do is fall back to HSPA+ speeds, the big question is how long will that take

Corporate PR garbage! I left ATT in the dust after 6 years (of dropped calls and $hitty 3G coverage) for Sprint. I couldn't be happier with my EVO and Sprint's service. Remember that you have 30 days to speak with your wallets (what really matters and makes an impact) or you'll be stuck with ATT's smoke and mirrors.

Ummm....yeah. Good luck with all that to everyone who believes it.

The specs on the Atrix were bad it went to AT&T who has crippled every Android phone they have gotten in some way.

Me thinks that AT&T's definition of "capped" and the dictionaries definition of "capped" is completely different. If the hardware supports it and they are preventing it from reaching that level via software/firmware or network throttling then they are capping it.

I am so tired of AT&T's BS and flat out lying that I can't wait for my contract to end.

At&t customers get used to it. If they have never done anything with 3g after how many yrs, don't think they are all focused on getting this up & running. Vote with your wallet & leave. Contracts are a 2 way street. Your part for the deal is to pay for the service promoted in the contract. No service = no customers

I went into a AT&T Corporate Store to do some "Preliminary Legwork" on Atrx- Here's what I was told- The Atrix and Inspire along with all the newer High End Phones on Android with AT&T are LTE Ready-
"All you have to do is Swap out the Sim Cards and Voila, Your Flying LTE.
The Phone IS FAST, I downloaded Speedtest, Like Blink, wham, it was done, it was so fast I thought I had a disconnect- I ran Speedtest several times, I got very Slow Downloads of 1.34 Mbps and 1.37 Mbps-
All the Sites worthy of any decent info are litered with complaints of slow speeds- When I asked the REP at the Store Whats this Mean, "H+" all lighted up, he smiled and said, thats it, HSUPA+! It is operational in our area.
I had been posting on Moto Users Forum, and asked for a response from Mark or Matt the Forum Managers of Atrix, Nothing heard after a week or so, with a New Atrix Received and sitting in its original sealed FeDex Box at my home.
So I went on Line, to a Chat Support Forum specifically designed for Atrix Users- I asked several Questions and then Point Blank, Is the Atrix LTE Ready? The Technician stated the following- THE ATRIX IS LTE READY, All you have to do is swap out the SIM cards and it is important to note that the Carrier must implement this service to make it available.
Clearly,I have been Lied to, For What Purpose? I have a written Chat receipt sent to me from Motorola Support.
I am Angry, according to the response made to the BBB and published here on Android Central HSUPA+ Has not been "Turned On"? Then whats the little H+ in the Upper Display of Atrix mean? HSUPA+ Comming Soon?
Another Lie? Just one of many? No 700Mhz Antenna, No LTE Radio, What purpose does it serve to Lie to People who have been Loyal Supporters of AT&T, Pay their Bills on time.
If AT&T and Or the Manufacturer of Atrix does'nt know whether a phone is LTE Ready or Not, Who does?
Better yet, The H+ is turned on in the Atrix Display, but the Letter on Android Central States CRYSTAL CLEAR, HSUPA+ IS NOT TURNED ON YET?
When AT&T? When does it get turned on? Oh yes, what about Gingerbread 2.3 and the winner that will make you, when will that get pushed out? After all, Atrix should have had 2.3 on it. Its a Dual Core Nividia Machine that should give a Wow, Top Gun World Class Performance. How long do we wait. This is just like taking Candy from a Baby, only the Candy is Millions of Dollars in Sales Revenue, and were the babies?
I ran speed test at the AT&T store, same place, 6.82 Mbps down and .92 Mbps Up, IPhone 4/3G We did that 6 times- The High Numbers? Thats Steve Jobs doing, He would exume you from your graves (AT&T) before he allowed something like that to be done to I-Phone. Maybe Steve Jobs should give Sanjay Jha (Motorola CEO) some lessons and coaching as to how to handle ill fated Companies like AT&T that have little respect for their customers and insatiable appetites for Money. (AT&T)
You promised and used the words Spectacular Performance, Beautiful Machine. We paid for the Whole thing not Half, you've delivered half, and regrettably it appears your liars about the other half (Performance) Indeed Atrix is a awesome device-
AT&T has a undesputible obligation to deliver the goods as promised. Dont make us wait to long-
I will be more than happy to email or make available the Chat receipt to the author or charge person of Android Central if so desired.

This is an announcement that AT&T can't win on. Either they're capping, which means they're assholes, or they can't figure out why the Atrix upload speeds suck, which means they're incompetent or have a defective device on their hands. Bleh!

Why the fixation on the atrix and 4G? They advertise it, they do not have it. Return the phone until it is turned on, or move networks. AT&T is not concerned about your business because they have so many family lines that they know the family lines are not going to leave.

If 4G is important to you, do not get the Atrix. It does not work yet. Why get a phone knowing it does not work as advertised and then complaining about it? The speed issue was reported well within the 30 day return period after the Atrix launch. AT&T is covered legally by their fine print. They have an army of lawyers, so they are not worried.

I have an upgrade to use. I got an Atrix from Costco on day 2, but did not open it pending the issues and reviews. I returned it 5 days later and decided to wait on the first update and possibly even 2.3. I live in the Dallas area and the two people I know with an Atrix says it screams in speed, so I do not really know about the network speeds here.