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See what we've been using on our phones and tablets the last two weeks

You may have noticed that we took a one week hiatus from our Apps of the Week post due to all of the shennanigans surrounding our extensive coverage of MWC. We're right back on track this Saturday though, ready to bring you a list of apps to check out straight from the folks here at Android Central.

This week we have a great new game to check out and a few tools — read along and see what they're all about.

Simon Sage - Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

An iOS classic found its way to Android this week. Tilt to Live 2 is a highly polished action game where, as the name suggests, players have to tilt their devices to move a cursor and avoid obstacles. Power-ups spawn regularly to help clear out little blobs of energy, and before long you're faced with challenging boss fights with their own unique mechanics. All you have to do in the core game is last as long as possible and take out blobs, or you can try the insanely difficult Code Red mode. The bite-sized gameplay and smooth graphics make for a really fun experience, and hey, no in-app purchases or ads.

Download: Tilt to Live 2: Redonulous ($2.99)

Jerry Hildenbrand - Fives


Yes, this is basically a clone of Threes for iOS. If the developer of Threes can't or won't release it for Android, to the clones we go.

Match threes and twos to make fives. Match any two of the same number to double it. Keep going until your grid is full, and you have no more matches. The free version has a sucky full screen ad between each game, but that's easy enough to make disappear by spending $1.99.

If you like casual puzzles, this game will hook you. Grab the free version linked below and give it a spin.

Download: Fives (Free / $1.99)

Richard Devine - Headphone Connect

Headphone Connect

A really simple app that you can use to offer up previously selected apps to open when you plug your headphones into your Android device. Some phones – like the LG G2 – have similar functionality built in, but I've been using this on the Moto X to great effect.

You decide which apps you're likely to want to use with headphones, and when you plug in you're given a popup window with these apps in. Simple and effective. I listen to music from far too many different places, so on devices without this functionality built in it's a real time saver. The basic app is free though for a $0.99 in-app purchase you can rid yourselves of ads.

Download: Headphone Connect (Free / $0.99)

Phil Nickinson - Google Sky Map

Google Skyi

The quest to be the World's Greatest Parent continues! Whenever one of my kids asks "Daaaaaaad, what's that star up in the sky?" I have an answer, thanks to Google Sky Map. Just fire it up, point it at the heavens and have all the answers. You can filter out objects if you like, and be sure to check out Time Travel Mode, to look into the future. Pro tip: Works best at night.

Download: Google Sky Map (Free)

Andrew Martonik - NewAer Share

NewAer Share

We're always looking for new and easier ways to share files between devices, and one app I just recently found called NewAer Share aims to help with just that. The idea is nothing outstanding or crazy, but it does seem to work pretty seamlessly. You simply link up your Google Drive account to the app, and it will then use that storage to share files between devices with the NewAer Share app installed that are nearby.

To share, just hit the share button in the top right corner, select a file or folder to share, and anyone that is nearby based on NewAer's location technology can see and download the files directly. It's simple, it works, and best of all you're not hosting your files anywhere but your own cloud storage — the app can't see any of the files or even the device's locations, as they're simply using rough location data to determine the distance between devices, not the exact location of each device. It may not solve all of your sharing needs, but this app seems to be another tool to remember.

Download: NewAer Share (Free)

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Reader comments

Apps of the Week: Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous, Fives, Headphone Connect and more!


Google skymap has been Left for Dead, hasn't been updated since Aug 31 2011. Doesn't even sync to the correct areas on 3 of my devices. Just stuck on east no matter what direction I point it too.

This used to be an amazing app, now nothing works well.

I love Google Sky Map! It's one of my favorite apps! I just wish they would update it and give it a bit of the #HOLOYOLO treatment.

It's been open-sourced by Google (aka they gave up on it) so it's surprising the dev community hasn't gone crazy with it and given it a new UI, at least.

Yeah it's in desperate need of an update, it pretty much looks like it has been abandoned.

Posted via Android Central App

Headphone Connect looks promising. I've done something similar with Tasker but this seems more straightforward.

Yeah I like that this app gives you choice of apps whereas Tasker it's a specific app you choose to be activated.

Posted via Android Central App

For Tasker, there are two pretty easy ways to do something similar (if you don't want to pony up the $$$ for the app here):

1) Go to alert --> menu and create a menu with the apps you want to show

2) Make a scene with live buttons as the apps you want to choose. You can make this one more visually appealing than just a standard grid of apps, etc.

Just FYI! I thought this was pretty cool when I first got Tasker

Nice! Hadn't thought of method 1. I had used method 2 and a scene to populate my options. That's why I love Tasker : so many ways to get stuff accomplished!

This was one of the first Tasker projects I built when I got it about two years ago. Adjusts the volume so I'm not blowing out my eardrums, and reverts it back so I don't need to touch my media volume (especially good at work when it's set at 0!).

If you have knowledge of Tasker, it's pretty simple. For those that don't, better to pony up for one of these alternatives, and your Android experience will certainly benefit!

Personally I like plug in manager for the headphones connection. It has tons of options and even adjusts the volume as it does so.

I'm glad Headphones Connect is featured. I actually know the developer, we're working together on a project. He definitely knows what he's doing with Android.

Posted via Android Central App