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There's a new month on the calendar, but we're sticking to our schedule of bringing you the Apps of the Week column every Saturday. Once a week we round up a selection of apps from the writers here at Android Central and highlight them in a grouping for everyone to check out. This isn't a list of "the best app for x" or "the top selling apps in category y," but they're ones that we've found to fit our needs.

And if they work for us, maybe some of them can work for you as well. Stick around after the break and see how this week's picks stack up against the rest.

Casey Rendon - Quickoffice


When Google made their Quickoffice app free last month, and threw in a free 10 GB of Google Drive storage just for installing it, I had to give it a go. It was great timing too, since school just started, and my need to view Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents had just gone way up. Mobile viewing of Office documents in general is still not perfect, so I have multiple document viewers on my phone and tablet in case I run into any compatibility issues. After rotating through a few of them (including the official Microsoft Office 365 app), I keep coming back to Quickoffice. When a font is missing or an image is not displayed when using other apps, Quickoffice usually picks up the slack. Great compatibility and a true Android layout (along with being free) makes this my Office app of choice.

Download: Quickoffice (Free)

Sean Brunett - NHL Gamecenter

NHL Gamecenter

Hockey is back and that means I want to feature what I consider to be the best NHL app on Android, NHL Gamecenter. The app encompasses all you could ever need for the 2013-2014 hockey season. With the free app, you get scores, schedules, news, stats as well as a nice version of the NHL Shop. The app also includes an optional upgrade that allows you to watch all out-of-market games on your phone and tablet. The price is currently ar $149 for the season, which, for all of the games that you get, is a pretty great deal. I’ve watched a couple games thus far and the quality has been outstanding. Last year I went with Center Ice but often found myself frustrated at the lack of HD games offered. The games are in HD on this app (they depend on your Internet connection of course) and you can choose which broadcasters you get. It’s a great app. Let’s go Buffalo!!

Download: NHL Gamecenter (Free)

Jerry Hildenbrand - VidTrim


The video editing app that comes with some devices — both a Google flavor and different OEMs — is something that I would rarely use. But when I did use it, it was to cut or trim down a video before sending it off to someone else. Since MotoGoogle didn't include on on the Moto X, I had to look for a substitute. I'm liking VidTrim.

The free version does a great job of trimming and transcoding a video into a different size (1080p is only available in the pro version) and it's quick and easy to use. It doesn't have a full feature set if you want to actually edit a video, but for anything I would try on a phone, it's done exactly what I needed it to do. Give the free version a shot if you need an app to do some simple work on your videos.

Download: VidTrim (Free); Paid version ($3.99)

Chris Parsons - Time Surfer

Time Surfer

Having grabbed the latest Humble Mobile Bundle, I came across Time Surfer as part of the purchase and I have to say it’s quite a fun little game with the soundtrack alone being worth the cost of entry. Take Sonic the Hedgehog, Jetpack Joyride and add in some crazy music and glorious visuals and you have Time Surfer. It’s ultimately a great endless runner for the masses. You can grab it in the Humble Bundle for the next 3 days or on the cheap from Google Play with it coming in at less than a buck.

Download: Time Surfer ($0.99)

Andrew Martonik - Watch ABC

Watch ABC

Those of us who don't have a cable subscription (or would prefer not to have one) have to jump through various hoops to get our television content. Just like many other channels, ABC is trying its hand at offering on-demand programming through an app on Android (and iOS) called Watch ABC. The app offers access to on-demand programming from dozens of its shows, as well as live TV if you're in a market where they have a deal with the TV providers.

Now the first thing you'll probably notice is a somewhat low rating in Google Play, and I'll admit there are a few bugs at play here, but if you want to have access to ABC programming on your phone or tablet this is a good way to go. Pair this up with other offerings from Hulu, Netflix and the like, and you can have access to many of your favorite shows.

Download: Watch ABC (Free)

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Apps of the Week: Quickoffice, NHL Gamecenter, VidTrim and more!


Sorry my keyboard typed "liked" twice and when I went to fix it, I fixed the wrong one.
Here's the right correction:

One thing I didn't like about quick office was its lack of compatibility with Google docs

One of the only positives I prefer about iOS is its ability to compress a 30 second video into a MMS message. Vidtrim is seemingly the best at this compared to any other app I've tried on the market, and yet, I can still only make a 5 second video fit into an MMS message. So, it's normally not terribly useful except through email.

Anyone have a better suggestion? I don't care about how crappy those iOS MMS videos look... the fact works.

I think WhatsApp or similar is the best solution. I know mms is ubiquitous, but it's relatively antiquated due to the compromises it forces upon a user.

Posted via Android Central App

That's your carriers fault. 

Open your iPhone (iOS 7) settings. Go to Cellular > Cellular Data Network (where you set an APN).

You'll see MMS max message size. On T-Mobile, it's set to 1048676K. that's about 1MB.

Now try to send a 1MB video via MMS on an Android phone on the same network. It won't happen. You end up having to compress to about 512K, and that means total suckage and 240p resolution. Not sure why iPhones get special treatment here, but they do.

Even on Android phones where the messaging client lets you set the size to 1MB, it wont matter because your carrier keeps it smaller.

I love the idea of ABC app, and it worked perfectly for me. However, Chromecast support would make it a no brainer. When will casting start becoming more available?

Posted via Android Central App

I downloaded QuickOffice the day AC posted about it, and the whole 10 extra gigs of storage if you install before September 26th(which is my birthday, BTW). I never got the extra storage bonus that was promised...did anyone else?

Posted via Android Central App

It'll appear soon. They said the extra 10gb of space would take a few weeks. I haven't checked to see if its posted yet. Forgot about it. But it's coming if it isn't there yet.

I downloaded QuickOffice the same day and have been checking almost daily to see if the bonus was added to my Drive account. No joy yesterday but when I just checked I do see my account is now at 25GB (bonus has been added).

OfficeSuite still seems to have a better compatibility than Quickoffice have. But it (Quickoffice) still does a pretty good job.

OfficeSuite is the most feature-rich office app I have used on an Android device. It's probably the only one I'd use as a standalone document creation suite. But when it comes to viewing and editing Microsoft Office 2010 documents, there are still a few compatibility issues in OfficeSuite that aren't present in Quickoffie.

Bummer the Watch ABC app doesn't support the LG G2 yet. At least I have the Nexus 4 laying around to try it on.

Posted via Android Central App

The latest update added support for about a dozen new phones. Gives me hope they'll continue to expand to more devices.

Posted via Android Central App

Go Pens! I haven't bothered to try Game Center yet, but can you put your location somewhere out of market to get the games you want?

Posted via AC App on HTC One GPe

Yeah you can get around the out of market games with a fake gps app. I did it all last season and it worked great. I wasn't that impressed with the quality though. Going to try app this year for it.

Posted via Android Central App

I thought the quality was good. It all comes to your data connection. I used a GPS spoofer (make sure you go to dev settings and allow mock location) and set it to somewhere in Europe. Gamecenter gives you access to the app (Android and IOS) as well as on your computer or any other devices that have the Gamecenter app such as an Xbox 360. Only downside to Gamecenter vs Center Ice is the frame rate, but I only noticed it when watching on my Xbox. That said it wasn't bad and was ok to watch.

I'm fairly confident that Gamecenter has a free preview right now so give it a shot when you get a chance.

I used Game center and Location Spoofer to stream Bruins games while away or just cooking in the kitchen. Worked great! Of course it was only $50 last year with the shortened season. I didn't buy it this year, but the app is still great.

I would love to have the Watch ABC app, but it's not compatible with my TF300, and I flat out refuse to watch TV on my phone. So, looks like I'm out of luck.

Last year NHL Gamecenter subscription on Android did not translate to the desktop version. This year it does, so that in itself is a huge improvement.