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We're wrapping up yet another strong month of Apps of the Week columns, each of which bringing the latest apps that the writers here at Android Central are using. Nothing special about the last post of the month, though — we're going to keep showing off the apps that are on our phones and tablets today just like we always do. This week we have a great game, a few utility apps and a new way to view your Twitter stream. A well-rounded list, if we do say so ourselves.

Read along and see what apps we've picked out to show off this week, and see if one or two may just work for you as well.

Richard Devine - Amazon MP3 Mover

Amazon MP3 mover

A little app this week that saves me a bunch of effort that I'm too lazy to put in anyway. The title of the app gives away exactly what it does, and that's move all your Amazon MP3 Store downloads from the default folder to another location on your phone. Most notably, your microSD card.

Whenever I buy music (and I've bought a lot over the years) it's from the Amazon MP3 Store, and using the Galaxy S5 with a 64GB microSD card makes this a great little tool. Everytime I download some music from my account, the app automatically reroutes it to the microSD card. Saving me time and effort and making me very happy in the process.

Download: Amazon MP3 Mover ($0.99)

Phil Nickinson - Google+


I'm cheating and highlighting a Google App, yes. But I'm the boss, so I do what I want. And it seems like a fitting tribute to the service that was led by Google's Vic Gundotra, who left the company this week after eight years. Google+ is not a ghost town. It's not shutting down. And if you have yet to try it, it's far past time. It's no Facebook or Twitter — and that's what makes it a great social network. You get out of it what you put into it, though. So share early and often. And have fun!

Google+ is probably already installed on your phone or tablet, so no download link. Just use it!

Simon Sage - Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja found its way to Android recently, which is a wonderfully-animated casual game. Players get their own little doe-eyed ninja that they take through a training regimen. That includes a trampoline, a punching bag, and even a basketball net to toss the hapless little guy through. As you master various training implements, you unlock new animations and the next tier of equipment.

There's no real "winning", and it barely qualifies as a game, but as an interactive toy, Clumsy Ninja is fantastic. The physics employed to bring the ninja to life and how he reacts to, say, you swatting him in the head or tickling his belly are flat-out adorable. Even the simple act of flinging him into the air and watching him flail is enjoyable. Within that framework, I don't mind the freemium model being used here, since you're basically just paying for more entirely optional objects to mess around with. Oh, and if you've ever got kids around, Clumsy Ninja will keep them occupied indefinitely.

Download: Clumsy Ninja (Free, In-app purchases)

Andrew Martonik - Fenix for Twitter

Fenix for Twitter

I have a love/hate (emphasis on hate) relationship with many Twitter clients, and although I may be able to settle on one for some period of time I'm regularly switching around. The latest one I've landed on is called Fenix, and my first impressions are pretty good. It's a well-designed (but not over-designed) Twitter client that offers a no frills experience.

Fenix has a good number of features including various customizations that let you choose the theme, link colors, layout and buttons. Image previews are big and beautiful (though you can turn them off if you want a compact timeline), and the timeline itself scrolls smoothly and gives you all of the regular Twitter features you expect. The one thing I'm missing right now is a nice widget (4x2 preferred), which I regularly use on my main home screen.

At $2.49 with no ads it was hard to pass up, and for a version 1.0 release I'll be keeping it on my device for a while to see how things work out.

Download: Fenix for Twitter

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Reader comments

Apps of the Week: Amazon MP3 Mover, Clumsy Ninja, Fenix for Twitter and more!


Still trying to like Google+ but it's no better than facebook or any other social app imo. Maybe when more people move over and start using it more will it become a regularly used app for me.

Their forcing you to sign in so that all the G+ amenities such as G+ photos can be auto saved. But you can turn those features off if you want. No one...NO ONE is forcing you to use G+ or any of it's features.

I am aware of that, but it is the point of the matter. Forced is forced.

Posted via Android Central App

Don't like it then I'm sure Microsoft would love to have your money.... err data
All this outrage over a free service boggles my mind.
Posted via Android Central App

First, no outrage.
Second, no thanks to ms
Third, it is about business practices
That's it.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree. The forced sign up is extremely bothersome. I understand that they are not forcing you to use G+ but they are certainly forcing you to sign up for it and then it kinda has to be turned off though you are never really fully unsigned up for it.

In regard to the free service comment, I note that nothing Google offers is free. More accurately, you and I don't pay any money for it, advertisers etc. do. The price we pay is different. That price is in exchange for service that we find value in, especially as Android users. However, should I be able to decide which service I want to sign up for including G+? Or do you figure that once I have signed up for on Google service, it really doesn't matter if they sign me up for them all without my explicit consent?

Not to mention the data mining they do, but we do consent to that. My point with it is that it is a source of revenue directly coming from us

Posted via Android Central App

And data mining is going to become more and more prevalent in our digital social world. For those that still freak out about the privacy issues, the only answer is to stay completely off the grid.

No company is going to give away their services and expect absolutely nothing in return, That would be a ludicrous business model.

facebook is forced on ppl. everything uses facebook from promotioins and contest to trying to reach companies. thats forced

I don't know. It's kind of forced at some times. I'd love to review apps in the Play Store and/or keep track of game date, but I can't do that without a G+ account, and I really don't want one. There's no reason those items can't be linked to a standard Gmail/Google account.

I have 2 google accounts that i actively use. One has my name in the email, on the account, and is used when I want to be known. It also has G+ enabled and I have a G+ profile configured even tho I don't use it. The other is for newsletters/email blasts, youtube, and other things for which I want to remain semi-anonymous. Google increasingly is making this more difficult. I have not been happy with the hoops through which i have to jump to keep my name off this account. In fact i mistakenly click the wrong button after switching to that account on youtube a few weeks ago and I was forced to add a first and last name to the account. So now it has a bogus name. How is that helping anyone? Google doesnt get good data from this since all the personal info is wrong, and I keep getting bugged about G+.

No one I interact with on Facebook or Twitter really gives a crap about chatting about Android. So G+ and the AC Forums are where I can satisfy the urge or get a question answered. Few of my friends are active there though.

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App

+2, exactly, the groups are far better on G+ and more productive.

Posted via Android Central App

Fenix is great. I've been obsessed with all the third party clients lately (Tweetings, Robird, and Tweedle especially) and I can't decide which I like best. There are some features unique to each app that I wish were on all of them.

The official app has gone downhill in my opinion and the only reason I still have it installed is for push notifications when certain people tweet, though I may switch to SMS notifications soon.

I'm one of the fortunate people who most of the family and friends that I interact with on a regular basis are on Google+, so I love it! As a bonus, I've met so many cool people on Google+ that I never would have met otherwise. We regularly have Hangouts in Real Life where we'll have cookouts at the park, go to sports contests (and I don't even like sports), go out to eat or have some beers. I've been on since day one, and the people outside of my family that matter most to me and have become some of the best friends I've ever had, I've met on Google+. I'm not saying that everyone will have the same experience that I've had, but don't knock it until you try it. You get out of it what you put into it.

The community on Google+ is certainly top notch and you paint an amazing picture of how great it can be.

Good for you man.(no sarcasm) I've noticed, since it is a smaller community, that it is much easier to be personal with people you don't know but have the same interests.

The best way I got people interested in G+ was showing them the video service in hangouts, everyone with an android phone thought it was pretty cool. Helps a lot too when describing something to someone and you can just show them, especially when shopping

Clumsy Ninja gave me notification spam ages ago, if I haven't played in a while I don't want notifications reminding me I can play.

Go to the app's info page in settings. And disable notifications. Problems solved...

Posted via Android Central App

I read an article today where the person claimed Google that plans on dismantling Google+ because it was a "failure" and because of the fact that Gundotra is leaving. I don't think Google+ is a failure at all. I think it's a great place with great people. If I want to talk about something, ANYTHING, there's people on here that are more than happy to share that with me. Google+ seems much more open to meeting new people and experiencing new things.

I don't see any reason for Google to do anything but help it grow.

I just decided to give Google+ a whirl. I am so confused! What exactly am I suppose to do with Google+?

Posted via Android Central App

I love Google +. Everything about it is easier to do than Facebook, especially with groups. There are two major complaints about the Android app though: Hate that with some images I can set it as wallpaper but no save option. I also hate that when I want to view my circles I have to scroll past a boat-load of worthless recommendations.

Oh yeah... The most hated thing about Google+ for me are the god damn recommendations. Things on my wall that I detest with zero ability to keep it from happening over and over.

Thanks for the tip on Amazon MP3 Mover. That looks like exactly what I need for my wife's galaxy player!