White Sprint Epic 4G Touch

Here's another nice look at the Sprint Epic 4G Touch in white thanks to a couple of insiders, and this one shows us the software these white beauties will be shipping with.  If anyone was still holding on to the idea that we'd see a new version of the software (possibly one of the recent leaked builds, I don't think anyone expected Ice Cream Sandwich just yet), I'm the bearer of bad news.  The white version ships with the same EK02 build that went out OTA last month.  The good news is that the Hardware version isn't new, so at least there's not an oddball version floating around when this one lands Sunday.

There's a screenshot from the about screen minus the reflections after the break, and a handful of shots showing off how hawt the white E4GT looks.  Thanks to the ninjas for sending these in, and thanks to everyone on Google+ who helped verify the numbers.

White Sprint Epic 4G Touch

White Sprint Epic 4G Touch

White Sprint Epic 4G Touch

White Sprint Epic 4G Touch

White Sprint Epic 4G Touch


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shahid99 says:

Looks extreamly sexy . I wish I could trade in my black

Gekko says:

F this! give me the Sprint G-Nex and the Sprint G-Note now!!!

nbell978 says:

This has superior hardware compared to the G-Nex...

Gekko says:

nope. for one, the resolution SUCKS.

I had wanted the G-Nexus once, too, but you can't expand the G-Nexus' memory, which was a con for me. Although I wish it had the contour display, the E4GT has won me over, especially this white one.

jimmiekain says:

Before they make a white one why dont they fix the broken gps? I have the black one and hate it.

dtblair24 says:

haha ! but dang sorry to hear that. My GPS is perfect. Do what I did when I had the EVO3D with defective GPS, Complain until they feel obligated to give you another one

Probaholic1 says:

That is so sexy, give NFC and I'd get rid of my NS4G

gomezl7 says:


dtblair24 says:

Nice to see it is not some half assed white paint job where just the back is white or something like. And I wish they would release these white versions of a phone when the dang phone launches or soon after ! Don't even know if I would get it, but the option would be nice !

SpaceDroid says:

Haha nice! Samsung is mocking Apple right now. Its so freaking hilarioius how Sammy enjoys throwing Apple into a hissy fit!

Man, that is exactly what I thought the first time I saw the white ET4G... Still Love my black ET4G though.

tompro53 says:

Does anyone else think you will be only able to get this from Sprint.

Dixie says:

Keeping my nice black Sprint GS2. Doesn't show dirty marks, LOL!

AZwldcats says:

My sprint store has the? I on display.

abw0046 says:

Got my Black GS2 on boost mobile :D