Angry Birds Day -- December 11th 2010.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Saturday Dec 11, 2010 is Angry Birds Day.  It's time to put your Angry Birds fandom to the test, and get out there to celebrate the 2nd most popular cellphone game of all time (I don't think anything will ever beat Snake).  Try to put your mobile OS loyalty aside, as I'm sure you're bound to meet some iOS users out there, but hey, it's the birds that bond us.  We want those stolen eggs back, and demand swift justice brought to the thieving green pigs that stole them.

Everybody get out there and rep the birds!  Check the link above and look for an Angry Birds meetup in your area.  [Meetup, Rovio]

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mjneid says:

I like the idea of Angry Birds day. but it is a tad "Big Bang Theroy-ish". And Angry Birds and Snake are popular.. but don't discount BrickBreaker. Those FanBerries have a right games of yesteryear.

I was once a Fanberry and I have to say it’s an insult when someone brings up gaming on Blackberries lol

chief113 says:

Snake was a great game.

icebike says:

Somebody actually played Snake?

Jonneh says:

Boooooo on you, fellow! lol. Snake was my first and favorite cellphone game I've ever played, back just after gargantuan car cellphones. :P

chief113 says:

I once witnessed Billy Mitchell get to the Kill Screen on a game of snake. It was awesome.

anotherxyz says:

Angry birds brought peace among the iOS user in my logic class and I. Normally we argue about everything, but not about angry birds :) Rovio you are miracle workers.

Pl4ub says:

Maybe couple of billion have played mobile snake and angry birds some tens of millions, hmm...
Both games comes from Finland.

*listens for a second* Here that sucking sound? That is the company sucking the life out of angry birds. Give it two years and everyone is going to get sick and tired as heck with AB. I mean wait it it: angry birds the novel. Angry birds the soundtrack remix. Angry birds on ice. Angry birds 2: The search for more money.

Hek yea! Bring on some more angry birds. Might as well start working on AB the New Years edition because I'm going to destroy the Christmas edition within a day ( :-P)

HondaCop says:

Can't get any nerdier than this. Wow. smh