Call me crazy, but finding an application in the market can be quite a task. Lots of time is spent looking, reading, trying, and buying, but as we all know there is easier ways then trial and error. Finding good suggestions can be hard, but we do our best to bring you some of our favorite applications that you will find useful. Take a peek after the jump to see what we have brought to you this week.

 Adam Sawyer - Calendar Pad


If you're in the market for an easy-to-use calendar widget that doesn't hog hardly any calendar-padsystem resources, Calendar Pad might be perfect for you. It's rather easy to use, has a nice customizable color scheme, and over all has a great 4x4 widget for your home screen. Both versions come with month, week, or day widgets. However, if you elect to pay the ¥180 (roughly $2.40) to go pro, you have access to more options including customizable themes and selecting multiple calendars. There may not much to Calendar Pad, but its simple, easy-on-the-eyes interface combined with its small footprint guarantees performance and low battery consumption. Free [Market Link | AppBrain] Paid [Market Link | AppBrain]

Sean Brunett - Mobile Package Tracker


Tracking packages and important letters is significant, particularly with your mobile mobile-package-trackerdevice because you always have it on you. If you’re in the car or at a restaurant, you still want to be alerted when the package arrives at your doorstep. Mobile Package Tracker for Android makes this possible and with a slew of features, will undoubtedly be used every-time you order something. Mobile Package Tracker costs $1.99 in the Market, but it’s worth every penny. Carriers supported: UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL (US, UK, GM), City Link, Royal Mail, Parcelforce, TNT, OnTrac, Canada Post, Purolator, Estafeta, Swiss Post, Aramex, and Norway Post. It gives users the ability to customize alerts for package updates, such as sending an email or enabling a ringtone. Push-notifications can come through at every stage of the process, giving you a good idea of when it will be arriving. It also gives you sync options and a route map. It’s a great app that will save you time and energy if you have packages coming on different carriers. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Kyle Gibb - Virginia Tech Bus Tracker


This app is pretty much useless unless you attend ole' VPI, but oh so awesome if you do. Sure, Blacksburg Transit posts their schedule online, but I (and probably you) are far too lazy to check it. So, why not download the VT Bus Tracker app and know where every bus running on every route is at all times, thanks to the wonders of GPS? Just start up the app, pick what route you want, and Google Maps will fire up after a few seconds and will spot the location and direction of travel of each bus on the route. So very, very awesome. This app isn't available on the Market, so you will have to download it, throw it on your SD card, and install it manually using something like Astro or the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine. Go Hokies! [Download Info]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Celestial Bodies live wallpaper 

You don't have to be a super-nerd to love outer-spaced themed things. The planets and other objects in the heavens range from beautiful to outrageous, and there's usually celestial-bodiessomething there to fit your tastes. Now you can have that sort of style on your Android phone (Android 2.1 or higher, and must support live wallpapers) with a really cool live wallpaper from gentlemandroid called Celestial Bodies live wallpaper. It's chock full 'o settings, with some of them designed to improve performance and battery life, and the rest are pure eye candy. Take a look at the video to check out the full version. Celestial Bodies live wallpaper is available in the market, there's a lite (free) version as well as the full version for $0.99, which adds in music visualizations and more view customizations. Free [Market Link | AppBrain] Paid [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jared DiPane - MusicSleep


music-sleepOften times when attempting to get to sleep I like to have some music or the television playing, and well we all know the TV offers a sleep timer, but listening to music can be a bit trickier. MusicSleep is a great application that allows support of many of the common music applications that we use daily and sets a timer that is user defined as to when the music will turn off. This is great because I can set it up to play for 30 minutes, roll over, listen to some tunes and relax until I fall asleep. It is rather simple in concept, but functions well and well worth the money. [Market Link | AppBrain]

There are 22 comments

easy1jay says:

I don't really have much of a need myself for any of these apps, but now I have this burning desire to listen to Zepplin. Thanks!

ALWAYS keep the BBC Sessions encoded at 320kbps on my SD card. That burning feeling never goes away :)

MowDownJoe says:

Huh... strange. I have a free app that did exactly what Mobile Package Tracker does, but it seems to have disappeared from the Market and AppBrain.

roberte1342 says:

The free one I'm using is Package Buddy.

MOE-GUNZ says:

Same here and it works fine

itch808 says:

I think it's odd that there free version alternatives that look just like many of these apps in the Marketplace, but ALL of the paid versions are shown here.

EVOlveMe91 says:

I can't find the music timer one for free. Send me the applink please and thank you

Stromson says:

I'm not the far away from Kyle, nice.

Blah says:


Stromson says:

Not creepy, just surprised...not that many people in this part of the state.

IceDree says:

If you are like me (like to lesson to some music before you sleep)
You should try "Music Killer" , its for free

UncleMike says:

And if your favorite tunes don't lull you to sleep, you can always try School House Polka by Larry the Cucumber...

wally#AC says:

Totally unrelated: I just installed a battery status app and now EVO continues to reboot and gives error msg (Process system is not responding) any help would be greatly appreciated

Pure87 says:

I've found that Jorte is much better than calendar pad. It works just as well as the regular calendar app and its widget is a good replacement for the HTC calendar widget for those who wanted a launcher that wasn't Sense.

reticent67 says:

I use Jorte too on my Droid X. Once you get it setup the way you want, I've found nothing that even comes close. Love the fact that you can make a daily task list that shows up on the agenda widget and lots of customization options. And it's free.

jonneh_ says:

Thanks for calendar pad!

bswitzer1 says:

for the cheap ones out there. A great alternative to musicsleep would be sleeptimer. I use this app on a daily basis. It has support for a lot of different music applications.

madsere says:

Calendar Pad is everything Google Calendar on Android should have been.

petaf says:

I use podcasts to fall asleep. (Not Android Central.). ;-)

ludditus says:

I'm not sure when the last time was you used Music Sleep but the other day it popped up a notice saying:

In Android 2.2 (FroYo), the SDK has been changed where terminating applications will not end the associated services and notifications. Currently it will only kill the application's immediate background process. Due to this, MusicSleep doesn't work properly on Android 2.2, and I'm currently in the process of figuring out what to do with MusicSleep.

How is it, then, that you are still recommending it -- perhaps the editor in question is still on 2.1?

Celestial Bodies isn't showing up on the Vibrant (stock). Boo.