Apps of the Week: Alpha Zero,, Zoodles and more!


Apps of the Week: War Agent, LastPass, Snapseed and more!


Apps of the Week: Cut the Rope 2, Shattered Planet, HTC Power to Give and more!


Apps of the Week: Link Bubble, Citymapper, Agent and more!


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Apps of the Week: Deezer, Anomaly 2, Network Signal Info and more!

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The wide variety of applications available in the Android market make it so that there is an application for just about everyone, for just about any purpose. Unfortunately finding the perfect application is not always the easiest, as the market is growing quite rapidly, but fear not. Here we have yet another edition of our favorite applications, and we hope that you find some that you enjoy as well. Let's take a look at what we have for you this week. 

Sean Brunett - imo Beta


There are a variety of IM clients on Android that all seek to aggregate chats in one unified interface. I’ve been a fan of Trillian for a while and now have a new app to recommend: IMOimo beta. imo has been on iOS for some time and also has a web client, and has now brought its talents to Android. imo beta supports MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk, My Space, Skype, Facebook and Jabber. Once installed and your accounts are linked, you’ll see three tabs on the top, one for accounts, one for buddies and one for chats. Click on the Buddies tab and it will display all contacts with a symbol next to each one to represent which account they’re imported from. The next tab, Chats, displays all chats that you’re currently involved in. There are plenty of customizable options within the app as well, such as notifications. When we have our mobile devices with us at all times, we want unified chat windows more than ever. Iimo beta supplies this in a very usable user-interface. imo beta is available for free from the Android Market. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons -Traffic Monitor Widget


trafficOk so this is more a widget then an actual app but it still counts. Given that I often tether a few devices on Desire HD I’m always curious what uses the most data. So, to keep an eye on the data used both over the wireless network and over WiFi Traffic Monitor Widget does the trick nicely. Given that I can also break it down by app and track monthly usage it’s more then just a simple data counter. If you’re concerned about your data usage or just generally curious about how much you use, give Traffic Monitor a shot and see how you like it. It is available for free and has no ads. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Can Knockdown


One of my favorite things about going to the boardwalk or a carnival was attempting to canknock down all the cans in hopes of winning one of the many cool prizes that were always available at the stands. While being a baseball player in my youth, I was never really good at knocking them all down, but now I don't have to share that with anyone (except all of you) because I can play it right from the comfort of the screen of my Droid. The game offers a few levels which can provide hours of entertainment, and the best part is that it is free, so there is no reason not to check it out. [Market Link]

There are 17 comments

dwt10 says:

You should do a theme for each week of the month. Like week 1 is games, week 2 is utilities, etc...

just installed the Traffic Monitor....kool widget....

IceDree says:

Isn't Traffic Monitor more like 3G WatchDog ?

IIJBII says:

I agree on seperating these by catagories. I suggests this a few weeks ago as well.

jamestbrewer says:

what is that clock widget on the traffic monitor screenshot?

Nirvana328 says:

I believe it's wp clock. There's a light and full version. The full version allows you to use a custom background.

jamestbrewer says:


briankurtz79 says:

Live wallpaper

miketman says:

I love how of the two pictures that were taken, one definitely had cm7 running on it, and the other was either a Nexus One or S because gingerbread!!!!

Saturn2K says:

Both could be CM7. One looks like the default System theme and the other looks like the preinstalled Cyanbread theme. Maybe AndroidCentral could start doing CM7 themes each week. There are some really good ones and it could bolster the CM7 base.

moosc says:

that traffic monitor widget is a must. I can't believe how many apps are pining the internet. wish I could freeze them and stop them from doing itand I'm not spam dam captcha can't read it on my X

pinhead875 says:

I'd really like to try Traffic Monitor Widget, but the Market says the app is not compatible with the Thunderbolt...

icebike says:

IMO is also a good way to get your iPhone friends onto google talk for free world wide texting.

Here's something interesting (and creepy): I went to amazon market and searched can knockdown, and it would _only_ bring up can knockdown 2 for 99cents. Went to google market, searched can knockdown, got the option of the free game. So hey, what's up with amazon???

balthuszar says:

keep in mind, amazon charges for the original angry birds...which you can get for free in the android marketplace...and can knockdown 2 is probably th eonly version available on amazon

Hootermancs says:

Also keep in mind that the $1 version of Angry Birds on the Amazon AppStore is the ad-free version, unlike the free version from Android Market.

kingtz says:

Can Knockdown is pretty fun!