The amount of developer support that the Android has been getting is rather amazing, and the applications have made great strides since even six months ago. Sometimes it can be a bit rough to find a new application to try out so we try to simplify it for you and bring you some choices that we use daily. Check them out after the jump.

 Phil Nickinson - Carrom3D Pro


Now that we have proper screens and proper hardware that can rock some 3D graphics, it's time to get our 8-ball on. Carrom3D Pro gives you nine games from which to choose -- Square Carrom, Round Carrom, Hexagonal Carrom, Crokinole, and 8-ball, 9-ball and snooker billiards games. Gameplay is smooth and easy to use, and the number of games means you can play this guy for hours and not get bored. Free demo [Market Link | AppBrain] or $1.99 Pro version [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Flashlight Alerts 


The tiny LED on the front of your Desire, Evo or Incredible not enough for ya? Then give Flashlight Alerts a try. You can set the LED flash(es) on your phone to rapidly blink when an incoming call or text message is received. The app doesn't do anything else, but it doesn't need to. I promise this will grab your attention when you can't have the ringer turned on. Flashlight Alerts is available in the Android Market for $2.99. Check the quick demo video out to see it in action. [Market Link | YouTube]

Jared DiPane - Unread Count


While it's not a full application, with millions of cool features, this is one of the most practical things that I have downloaded on my Droid. Since coming from a BlackBerry background I had always been used to seeing how many emails I had on the device, not having visibility to a number drove me nuts. Luckily, not long after searching the market I came across this widget which not only shows you the unread message count, but also allows you to pick from a few different icon replacements, which I found to be really nice. The widget replaces your gmail icon on the screen and displays a small red notification of how many unread emails are on the device. You click this replacement icon and it launches you right into your gmail folder, like the stock icon. For the price ($0.00) you really can't beat it. [Market Link | AppBrain]


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Uh...regarding the "Gmail Unread Count"..I've found that the app really sucks.

Not only does it not get the correct count all the time, but it also doesn't update when you mark e-mails as read, or delete e-mails.

I'm just sticking with the default Gmail icon until a better update or widget comes up.

I haven't experienced any of the problems you mentioned - I think it's a great little widget. HTC Evo here.

The widget works fine for me. I sent myself a couple of emails and then deleted them one by one. I saw no problems. I am using an Evo.

Works perfectly for me. Been using it on 3 different Android phones now, with the Evo as the latest. You may have it configured incorrectly.

I also have an EVO. (Fresh Evo 0.2)

Always seems to not work for me. Under "Style", what should I choose? Native Icon or Widget?

The label of the icon only shows up if I click on the "Icon Label" to specify it. If I don't alter "Gmail", it doesn't show up. Just tested it now, changed label to "Sexy", and nothing came up. And yes, I am not stupid and I have the box checked to "Show the label"

This widget is just really buggy.

I love how five people chimed in saying they haven't had any problems, yet you say "this widget is just really buggy." You're running a custom ROM - that probably has a lot to do with why the widget is "really buggy." Not a single issue on my stock Evo. Great widget.

To show the unread count you need to choose widget. An icon is just a static image that won't change. I have had problems getting the label to show, but don't really care. I know what the widget represents. It shows an accurate count for me.

The flashlight notifications app doesn't work with the incredible. Says so right in the app description.

I have been using the unread counter for a few months now and it has never ever gave me one problem....great widget (the widget looks cooler than the icon) also a former blackberry user I was used to seeing the number of unread emails.

Gmail Unread Count was the second app I downloaded. It has worked flawlessly for me and I would recommend it to anyone.

HTC Hero - Sprint

AC Team et al,

Thanks for the insights!

Hey, I have the HTC EVO 4G. I noticed that on the HTC HD2 and Motorola Droid X both have Block Buster app where movies can be rented or bought. Is this or something like it available for the EVO?

Thanks again,


You can also use SMS Unread Count. It allows you to put one widget on your screen for text messages and another for Gmail. Works flawlessly and has several options, including size of the red notification. Highly recommended.

The flashlight app DOES work with the Incredible if you've rooted like I am...but trust me just get LAMPPU, throw the toggle widget with your other toggles (it matches nicely) and you're set with a perfect dual-flash flashlight. It's seriously, seriously BRIGHT.

If you don't know how to root, it's your lucky day. It's almost a one click process now. Head over to the for info and learn like everyone else :) Look for the UnRevoked guide post.

Sorry for the forum name-drop, hope this site isn't super strict about non-important things like that.

While I'm perfectly comfortable with rooting and flashing ROMs besides access to the LEDs, what are the other useful benefits?

wish they had something like unread count but for Talk, ie something that shows how many pending IM's I have.

You should mention Score Center. I've been waiting for an ESPN app and it came out last week without my knowledge.

I guess I need to read the emails more often now. I have over 1K unread emails and so the counter reads 999. Its mostly just retailer deals. Aghhh. I got a long night ahead of me.

Edit: Never mind, easy peasy with the unread filter. Done so can see actual count now :)