Have you poked around in the Android Market recently? Unable to find an application that suites your needs due to the incredible amount of apps in the market? Well, have no fear, your friends here at Android Central are back at it again with another weekly rendition of our favorite app picks, so let's hit the jump and see what they are this week!

Sean Brunett - Chase Mobile


chaseThis app will only apply to those who use Chase Bank, but for those who do, it’s fantastic. With the app, users can view account balances, pay bills, transfer money, make a deposit and locate ATMs. All of these features exist in a simple interface that’s easy to navigate. I use apps like Pageonce and Mint as well, but Chase is perfect for paying bills on the go. Highly recommended for anyone with a Chase account. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Chris Parsons - Mint.com


mintSometimes keeping track of finances is a royal PITA. Luckily, Mint.com has just the app you need to keep things organized and best of all it's free. The mobile version ties into your already existing Mint account so if you have your bank, Paypal or credit cards already associated they will be easily displayed on your device. Expenses, spending and budgeting can all be taken care of from within the app. Assuming you have some spending restraint that is. Awesome app in my opinion. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Chris Kerrigan - GasBuddy


Have you ever (probably foolishly) driven all over creation to find the cheapest price for gas in your area? Yeah, even I have been guilty of it once or twice, but Gas Buddy aims gasbuddyto eliminate the need for that. GasBuddy provides you a list of the prices at all of the locations in and around your area, or any area of your choosing. It is a user based system, so prices will only be displayed if someone has entered the prices from within the app or on the GasBuddy website, but I have found that a majority of stations have information that is no older than 24 hours. You can update prices from within GasBuddy, upload a picture of the station, and even see a listing of each stations “features” (such as ATMs, a Payphone and etc). I’ve found this app extremely useful in my day-to-day life, especially when gas prices these days jump up and down on a daily basis. You can download it for the very low price of free from the Android Market!  [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jared DiPane - LEDs Hack [Root]


If you are like me, and your phone is constantly receiving messages yet you are trying leds=hackto break the addiction of reading them as soon as they arrive, that little blinking LED could be your worst enemy. As soon as that light starts blinking, it takes nearly everything in me to stop myself from checking my phone, regardless of what I am doing at that current moment. LEDs Hack gives the ability to turn off the top LED as well as the trackball LED for any devices that may have one of them. If you have a rooted device, and enjoy not seeing your device flash green every few seconds, this is a must have for you. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Kyle Gibb - Galactic Core Live Wallpaper


galactic coreGalactic Core is a simple yet beautiful live wallpaper featuring a rotating galaxy similar to the Milky Way. Unlike other live wallpapers, it does not jump out and grab attention. Rather, it is more calm and soothing and is great for people interested in astronomy or space in general. There are free and paid versions, with the paid version allowing you to customize many different settings such as rotation speed and angle. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Will Shanklin - xScope Browser


In a browser, the two biggest features I want it to excel in are speed and customization. xScopeThe current version of xScope keeps me very happy in both departments. On my tablet, it's noticeably smoother on scrolling, panning, and pinch-to-zoom than Dolphin HD (another excellent browser in my opinion), and offers nearly as much customization. UserAgent switching works just like you want it to, with options for Android, desktop, iPhone, and iPad; as well as a handy feature to remember a UserAgent for a specific site (regardless of your main UA setting). Full-screen opens up some space for you, and a tap of the menu button toggles your status bars. [Market Link | AppBrain]


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Android Central Editors' app picks for Jan. 22, 2011


Crowd sourcing is ok, but requires constant input from people who are usually in too much of a hurry.

There is a service that gathers this information via an agreement with credit card clearing companies, called OPISnet.com. This info is always up to date, even in the boonies where nobody has a smartphone, because it comes directly from the pumps. See http://opisnet.com/methodology.asp#gasoline for how they gather this info. This is a paid service, but MSN makes it available for free.

This information is made available via MSN to various GPS companies like Garmin for on-dash gas prices in your area.

If you Bookmark this page: http://autos.msn.com/everyday/gasstationsbeta.aspx on your phone you can get this info from anywhere.

It would be cool is GasBuddy could tie into these prices, but I don't think they do,

GasBuddy is much easier to use than MSN website and the prices are more accurate! I am a long haul trucker and put on more than 100,000 miles per year. I use GasBuddy all the time. I am sure it has saved me at least $10,000 during the last 5 years.

Don't be fooled by the MSN prices, although they are said to come from credit cards, and it sounds like it should be accurate. I have found MSN/OPIS prices very unreliable. Just test it out in your area...GasBuddy prices are much more up to date and accurate. Not 100% but pretty darn close. Love it.

If you want your LED notification to go away just buy an Incredible...it's next to impossible to see it anyway!

Glad to see gasbuddy and chase apps..i use those frequently on my 3gs so it will be nice to have them when i make the switch.

The Chase app's check deposit still can't compete with USAA's. Chase rejects my image about 70% of the time, while I've NEVER had USAA reject an image.

xScope is a great browser. I just recently rooted my phone and didn't like the stock browser that came with it. Tried xScope and fell in love with it. So easy to use, tab paging, quick bookmark access. Can't beat it.

The Galactic Core Live Wallpaper is a fantastic choice; I've had it on my phone for a while. I like that you can add a little color--my suggestion is purple, it really blends well with the existing graphics.

This is the same developer who did the Halloween Live Wallpaper that that was so popular, and I've found that he's one of the most proactive, friendly devs out there. If I find a glitch, I'll email him and not only is he thankful for the report, but he gives me some background on why it might have happened, an ETA for fixing, and corrects it within 24 hours. Devs like that deserve support, I think.

mint.com is really cool. Now I can see my banking info without logging into my banks website which is PITA. BUT....if my funds somehow go missing, I know who to contact for recommending this!! ;)

I COMPLETELY disagree with mint.com being a good app, let alone an awesome app. While it does a good job at showing what your balance is, its usefulness stops there. Want to change the label on a transaction that Mint automatically mislabels? Good luck, cuz you'll spend an hour applying the change before it actually sticks. It literally takes 20+ attempts to get a single label change to stick, and even then, it the changes unstick after you've logged off. Also, the security measures in the program are broken. There's a 4-digit pin "lock" that you can apply to keep people from using the program. However, as soon as you log off the service and back to the main login menu, the PIN lock resets and turns off. Talk about useless.

Reviews on the market share my sentiments as well. Sometimes I wonder if the staff of Android Central actually use these programs.

I never said it was good...or awsome at that. I just said it was cool. My bank is local and only has 5 total branches so an actual android app is highly unlikely. I can access by account online but there are 3 log in screens before entering and the servers they use are really...really slow. So accessing my account with mint is a breeze and checking my balance is all that I need it for.

There are thousands of free Android apps at Aproov (www.aproov.com) organized into hundreds of categories. Entirely web-based and does not require the Google Market app. This is great because it lets you keep all your apps even if you switch to different hardware devices or even another mobile carrier.

The Galactic Core Donation Live Wallpaper is amazing!!!! Definitely worth the dollar. Thanks for sharing this info with us :)

I would like to see a good discussion on eBanking with Android OS (Phones & Tabs) & WiFi & 3g. Trying to find a good summary for our club of 30 members. You mention Mint & Chase, but nothing on the real question; Security. A few links would also be appreciated. Tks

Security is a concern for me too. Mint.com is actually run and maintained by intuit so I'd bet it's pretty safe considering they do most of the IRS's tax software.


I question the logic and sense in seeking the lowest gas price. In my case, it doesn't hold up to math. My tank is 15 gallons. Assuming I'm totally empty, I need the closest gas ASAP else I'm stranded. If I only need 14 gallons, I've only got 25 miles range. Within 25 miles, prices within 10 cents of each other, and at 10 cents off, I'm spending $1.50 less on my fillup, but I spent $3.19 (at today's rates) to get there.

To actually save any money, I'd need to find a gas station within 25 miles charging 21.3 cents less per gallon JUST to break even. Even if that absurdity existed, I'd have more miles and wear on my car and spent more time getting there and back.

The trick is not to wait until you're down to the last gallon and HOPE that you're near cheap gas. After a while you'll figure out who traditionally has the lowest gas prices and then plan your errands so that you are near those gasoline sources.

Of course I also take into account time standing in line. While Costco may have the cheaper gas in the area, there's usually a long line so you have to ask yourself if the savings is worth the time you spend waiting in line.

About the LED, you can set it to just blink once for a notification.

It's under Settings > Sound (why I have no clue) > Pulse Notification Light (check box)

At least that's where it is on a Nexus One (2.2.1). I was constantly annoyed when my phone was docked at night by my bed and having the big track ball light pulsing at me.

I've tried the mint.com app a few different times and it's never have been able to accurately display my account information and balances.

I could never get the Chase app to accept my acct. login. Instead, their site kept sending confirmation texts that also would never get me any closer to logging into my acct. No such problem with any of my other banking apps. I gave up ultimately, and when I got the notice that my checking was no no longer free, I closed the acct. and took my business elsewhere. Good luck to you who stick with this outfit.

Haven't tried the Mint or Chase app, but another FREE finances & budgeting app/tool is EEBA (Easy Envelope Budgeting Aid). Doesn't matter what bank you use, enter in your budgets in up to 10 envelopes (more available if you purchase the full version) and record transactions for your purchases. Plus it syncs over multiple phones so when my wife records a purchase it updates almost instantly on mine. VERY useful.