Even with the recent updates to the Android Market, finding a great application can still be quite a hunt due to the shear size of the market. Here at Android Central we spend a lot of our time on our devices, so we sort through what we can on the market, and we bring you weekly some of our favorite picks from the last week. Let's take a look at what made it into this weeks choices.

Jesse Potter - TypoClock


I'm a widget guy through and through, and I love scouring the web for new widgets. I'm always tweaking my home screen with new widgets, icon packs, wallpapers, docks, etc, etc. But there's one widget I use that you won't find in the market, and it always leaves people asking. The awesome clock/date/time widget scene above Lloyd and Snowstorm is called Typoclock. You won't find it in the market, so you'll have to head over to its thread at XDA to grab it. And in case anybody asks: The weather widget is called Snowstorm. I'm running LauncherPro with a 6x7 icon grid. The wallpaper is our own Android Central wallpaper. And the icons I'm using are from the Breathe icon pack. [Download link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Kaloer Clock

Kaloer Clock is a great desk clock and alarm application replacement for every version kaloerof Android. The basics are all covered, dimmable screen saver mode, weather information, slots for multiple alarms, etc., but when you move past the basics you’ll see where this one shines.  Functional extras like forced alarm volume, and call handling (need certain numbers to ring through even while set to silent?) are things we all miss from the stock alarm application, and little touches like auto-start when on AC power, playlists for alarm sounds, and my favorite -- fade in alarms make this app well worth the price of free. Thanks @SteveEdson for letting me know about this one! [Market Link | AppBrain]

Menno - Refund Reminder

I love trying out new applications on Android because it’s risk free. If I don’t like an refundapp I paid for, I can uninstall it and get my money back as long as I remember to do it in the first 24hrs. It’s the remembering that can be an issue, especially around the holidays. That’s where Refund Reminder comes in. If I download an application, it starts a timer. When the time is almost up (the app allows you to configure when the alarm goes off) you’ll get a notification. Click on it and you’re taken to the market where you can uninstall it. The UI won’t win any awards for design, but it gets the job done. If you see a paid app you might like, try it out. If not, uninstall it. This app will help. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Sean Brunett - ESPN Bowl Bound

espnThe Bowl Bound app by ESPN is a must for all college football fans. As we approach bowl season, you don’t want to miss the latest analysis, rankings or videos. This app provides all of these in a simple layout that’s easy to navigate. It has scores and schedules, a Twitter stream full of ESPN analysts, news articles, blogs, videos and of course the most recent bowl projections. It’s free and in the Android Market, so if you enjoy college football don’t miss this app! [Market Link | AppBrain]

Chris Parsons - My Schedule


If it isn't easy to access it usually isn't a feature that is used on my device. The calendar myscheduleis one feature that has so much potential to help keep me organized, but unfortunately it is often forgotten about since it's not kept on the main home screen, and couldn't be easily accessed in a non-obtrusive way until now. My Schedule allows for upcoming events to be seen, and added directly from the notification pull down window, which leaves no excuse for not keeping an active schedule, since that pull down is always being used an abused on my device. For only $.99 the increase in productivity and organization proved to be well worth every penny spent for me, so why not go ahead and give it a shot for yourself. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jared DiPane - Light Grid Pro Live Wallpaper


Previously I have mentioned Light Grid Live Wallpaper, but the amount of options that lightgridhave been added, and the great updates that it has seen in the past few months, it certainly deserves to be refreshed in everyone's mind. In addition to being able to change the shape, size, speed, colors, and motion of the pieces moving in the wallpaper, users are now able to download special holiday packs to use during the holidays, and have no fear you can save your custom set up prior so that you can load it up after you have finished with your holiday spirit. For only $.99 this is one live wallpaper that by simply changing the color, or size, or speed of it allows for a whole new look and feel, which helps keep your device feeling nice and fresh. [Market Link | AppBrain]


Reader comments

Android Central Editors' app picks for Dec. 4, 2010


Refund reminder should be taken off the market. Now I guess we can blame him for some our cancellations. Asshole!

Cancellations? Asshole? If the app is worthwhile, the Devs have no reason to worry. If they put out poorly created apps, that's their fault.

Or you could look at it as an attempt to lessen the number of angry emails sent to you demanding their money back because they missed the 24 hour window (or worse, told their credit card company it was a fraudulent purchase) There are people who will use and abuse it to get a 24hr free ride on your app, but they're limited to using that once. I have the app on my phone. I've used it Once, and that was for a free app to test it out. I tend to keep apps I pay for.

Good way to look at it menno. I respect all worthy devs. But I really hate when soeone buys ann app to use it for a short while then ditch it to get a friggen buck or to back. I still respect your app but don't like it.

Good way to look at it menno. I respect all worthy devs. But I really hate when soeone buys ann app to use it for a short while then ditch it to get a friggen buck or two back. I still respect your app but don't like it.

Jesse, that's an awesome home screen setup. But how do I install the clock? Also, what about the icons? How do I change those? After swapping to LauncherPro, I lose some of my other available widgets. How do I fix that?

If you have a non-vanilla device, you'll lose the proprietary widgets if you switch to LPP. No way around that. As for the clock, follow his link to the XDA thread and scan the CR code with Google Goggles to download the APK.

I'm lost also on this one. Still need to research it more. Running a rooted Evo and can't figure this one out.

They are icons, NOT an app. You download them to your phone, extract the archive using Astro File Manager, then when you go to create a shortcut on your desktop, if you're using LauncherPro, it gives you an option to rename and change the icon of the shortcut, so when you change the icon, you should be able to navigate to your extracted icons.

OK, but the file I have is a PSD file which is photoshop file? Or did I download the wrong one? Is Tasker required?

It should be a zip file that has .png files in it. Not sure what you downloaded. I mentioned LauncherPro because I have it installed anyway. But any program that uses customized icons will do it.

Cyanogenmod has the notification bar controls; so does ShadowROM or any CM-based ROM. (If I'm not mistaken)

PS: Lightgrid LWP is the #Thatisall

BTW Jessie thanks for the modding tips, they're simple but informative. AC should have more articles like that; Maybe "Mod of the Week" or some sorta regular post about how people change the appearance of their phones.

Tyopclock is really nice with Widget Locker. Thanks for the info. I really like these Android Central editors pics.

The icon pack downloads as a .bin file w/no actual name or way to open it. What gives? Also...are there other icon packs, etc that we can dl?