Many people have a love/ hate relationship with the Android market, and often times it is understandable. While having tons of apps to chose from, sometimes there are too many of a certain type, and it is hard to know what is good, and what you should pass on downloading. Let's hit the break, and take a look at some of our personal favorites for this week.

Chris Parsons - On Air (Wifi Disk)


On-AirSometimes it’s not always convenient to just hook your device up to your USB cable and connect it to your computer. To get over that, I make use of a free app called On Air. Basically, using WiFi and the app you can now access the contents of your memory care either through WebDAV, FTP or even AppleTalk. On Air is easy to use, you just open it -- click on the power button and select which protocol you wish to use. After that and connecting to the secure IP address it assigns from you can then browse and transfer files to and from your device. Simple, awesome and free. [Market Link]

Menno - Titanium Media Sync


This application launched almost two weeks ago, but I wanted to give the developer some time to work out some of the issues, and for me, it's at a point now where it seems titaniumto be workiTitanium Media Sync is from the same team that brought you Titanium Backup, and promises to let you backup any folder on your phone with the cloud using Dropbox. The interface is simple enough. Once you link the application with your dropbox account, you simply select the folders you want it to watch, and let it take care of the syncing for you. One thing I really like about this application as opposed to some of the others I've tried is that it allows you to configure when it can sync your media, so I have mine set to only check for new files when it's on wifi AND on an AC charger. The application still has a few quirks, but the developer is quick to update the application. If you're looking for a backup solution, be sure to check it out. $2.96 in the market. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Simple Calendar Widget


simple-calKeeping track of upcoming events is always something that I struggle with, and I have tried many different ways. After poking around for a bit I came across Simple Calendar Widget, which is just as the app title says, very simple. The widget has the option to show just one upcoming event, or multiple, and it shows you the current date, along with the upcoming events date, time and location. The font color and size is customizable for your preference, and the widget is a 4-by-1, so it doesn't take up a lot of room on any screen. For free, this is a must have for your Android device. [Market Link]

Sean Brunett- Five Guys Burgers & Fries


fiveguysFive Guys released an Android app not too long ago, which is awesome for them but also bad news for my wasitline, because it means I’ll likely be eating there more often now. With the app, users can find the nearest Five Guys location, order food from that location and then pick it up, allowing you to skip the line. There is also an option to save your orders to a Favorites list, which will enable faster ordering in the future. It’s available for free in the Android Market and a dangerous one for anyone who likes Five Guys. [Market Link]


Reader comments

Android Central Editors' app picks for April 2, 2011


well the calendar app doesn't work on my Incredible. It won't open.
I have tried twice now. I give up on it.

I'd like to know what fonts Jared is using, and how did you apply them? Is that an option in LP or did you use a utility like typefresh to replace the system fonts? Looks really nice.

Calendar app worked on my evo, inspired me to try the simi clock/launcher it emulates... Pretty slick, though the configuration process is a tad confusing, I think I'll stick with BW, Android's regular folders, and ADW app drawer categories.

Titanium Media Sync looks very interesting tho, might use it to back up my photos

Tried On Air on my Droid X and had to Force Close each time. Uninstalled.

I wish it would have worked cause I am tired of e-mailing things to myself to get them on my phone when I don't want to use the usb cable.

Why not just use one of the many file browsers that let you see shared folders on the network? ES allows me to copy stuff over to my PC just fine.

Why not just use one of the many file browsers that let you see shared folders on the network? ES allows me to copy stuff over to my PC just fine.

thanx for comming up with all those great apps but I really want to know which launcher Jared uses and whether the icons are standard or add ons to that launcher.

OnAir is great and I love the option of doing ftp from any browser, but I share the frustration about no help. I'm on XP and to get the functionality of WebDAV I just went to My Network Places and added a new network place with the full IP address and viola! I now have a drive I just called OnAir. Click on it and it calls for the pwd. A long time figuring that out though.
One say it's a secure connection but how do I know my WebDav actually is that? All I see is http://.