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Like many of you out there I have a love/hate relationship with cases on my device, I love the protection, but often times hate the feel. With a recent change of career I found myself looking for a nice rugged case that I could use with a belt clip, or without if I wanted, and while this may seem like a lot to look for in a case, I was able to find it all with the Body Glove Case for the Motorola Droid 2. Let's hit the break and take a deeper look at this case, along with some more pictures of the fit.

Body Glove SideBody Glove Side 2

To say I was excited for the arrival of the case would be an understatement, so as soon as it arrived I immediately installed it on the device. At first I was scared that I wasn't going to enjoy the extra bulk, but then once I remembered it would be hooked to my belt, and not in my pocket I was OK with giving it a chance. The fit of the case itself is very snug to the device, but unlike many other snug cases it was not a pain to install it on the device. The two pieces snap very easily in place, and would require some force to remove so there is no fear of the case just falling off the device during use. The back of the case has a removable belt clip piece, and they also include a flush back insert for those who do not wish to use the belt clip.

Body Glove Kickstand

The clip itself is a whole other level of awesome, as it is not only a belt clip, but it also doubles as a stand, allowing your device to remain standing once placed on a desk. This is amazingly useful for those of us who enjoy to stream media, or watch a movie on our device while trying to do something else, no worries about having to hold the device to keep it viewable. As far as the actual belt clip it is very sturdy, and well constructed, I would say it could take a pretty good beating on a daily basis. One thing I wish is that the clip would be a little firmer when trying to rotate the device, as I have seen on some other clips, just to keep the device in the same position, but this is just a minor wish, not a flaw.

Android CentralBody Glove Back

Overall, if you are looking for a case that will give you some serious protection for your device, you need to be OK with adding some bulk to the device. The Body Glove case has a great rubberized feel, which allows for it to be held comfortably in the hand, and while it does add bulk it is not a huge amount. The ability to use the case with or without the belt clip without being forced to have the knob on the back is a huge plus for me, as I do not always use the clip and don't want that protruding from the back. The Body Glove Case for the Motorola Droid 2 is a great case for those who need protection and want a nice feel of the device still, and it is available in the Android Central Store for $24.95.

Side Body Glove


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Android Accessory Review: Body Glove Case for the Motorola Droid 2


No thanks. I've had plenty of body glove cases over the years and after only a few months they tend to peel. I'll pass.

Since I buy a new phone about every four months this isn't an issue. I like the concept of a case that transforms. Though I would never want to wear my phone on my belt... I look like enough of a geek without a smartphone strapped to my waist.

I've got a rubber-ish full body case for my Droid, a Verizon item that's black and has a nice texture and feel to it. Main feature: the texture keeps it from sliding out of your shirt pocket whenever you bend over, flying off the car seat when you brake, etc.

How's the texture on this one for that?

Have one just like this for my LG Optimus. I like the non-slip texture and the kickstand feature of the belt clip. After six months, it still looks like new.

The kickstand feature is pretty cool. Good looking case that I will probably consider in the future if I am ever in the market for one.

I love these cases, but I prefer the old style belt clip. I have had 3, and I just keep using the same beltclip from 2 phones ago. It lacks the kickstand, but has a much more positive lock on the case and it holds the phone's orientation better.

there was a guy in the EVO forums who bought the body glove case. it scratched his EVO. and when he dropped his EVO the case blew apart and offered no protection. hard cheap plastic, poor design. no thanks. i'll stick with the soft silicon Seidio Active X.

Currently I own a non-android EnV Touch. (I am on these forums in anticipation of my contract running out, and my buying an android phone). I post because, for almost two full years now my phone has been wrapped inside a Body Glove Case.

Only within the last few months has the case started to show real sign of wear and peeling. My wife's phone has also been enveloped by the same protective cover, and hers as well has lasted the duration of the phone.

Now perhaps, you are thinking, my wife and I are the type to treat our phones with kid gloves. If you think that you would be wrong. Especially in my case, my phone goes through a lot. It has endured several drops as well as served as the occasional distracted for 3 children under the age of 5. You may not put much stock into the dropping of my phone, but no better test of duration is there than the hands of 3 toddlers! Yet I had ease of mind knowing that, while they might somehow defeat airplane mode and make an accidental international call to Japan, the actual phone was safe encased in the Body Glove.

I offer this, not necessarily as an endorsement of the Body Glove phone. The case is a little overly bulky for me, and when I purchase my next phone, I am likely to look into something a little different. But, I thought it fair to offer a counter point to those that had negative experiences with their body glove case.

I have one of these on my Sensation and removed it today to wipe it down and noticed it left impressions deep enough to put permanent marks around the camera and the speaker hole,POS

I know this may not be completely relevant, but I've noticed Body Glove cases are starting to show the same problem that Griffin cases have done to me...

I had an iPod touch, brand new, and wanted to keep it safe in a case that would provide at least some protection, without adding too much bulk. After about 2 months, almost all the nice rubbery texturing around the case peeled right off and is now just a hunk of plastic.

Ontop of that, when I went to show a friend that although it has been peeling off, it still has protected my iPod perfectly and wanted to show that it was in the same condition as when I bought it: scratchless, flawless. Needless to say, the moment I removed the case, it was instantly apparent that the case had DEEPLY scratched the aluminum backing to the point where you couldn't read any of the words printed on the back, nor could you see the apple logo!

If Body Glove appears to be heading in that same direction, there is no chance in h*ll that I'll be putting one of those around my soon to be htc Evo 3D.

I have this exact case on my Droid 2 Global, and it's done well far as protecting it goes. The clip I took off right away, as I had no need for it. Only thing that bothers me, which is quite common with a lot of cases for phones, is how it loves storing dust and debris under the cover. Other than that, its a solid buy. Be sure to check out my new Android blog at - huge supporter of AC as you've provided great source articles for us! Keep up the good work.

This case like others I've tried is junk. I've had two and both broke. Body Glove would do nothing. Don't waste your money. Maybe someday someone will make a case that lasts