And the Motorola Droid Shadow is spotted again! This time the Droid Shadow is shown from the uber-sexy side angle and from the looks of it, we're quite impressed with the overall thinness and clean lines of it. In this shot we can clearly see the HDMI out that's in line with previous leaked info but the Howard Forums user who posted the pic says that the Droid Shadow "only" has a 4.1-inch screen, TI OMAP 3630 processor (720 ARM Cortex A8), 8GB internal storage, and 8-megapixel camera. That's a little off from previous information so we'll have to wait and see who's right. We'd like Snapdragon and the extra .2 inches in screen size please. Other than that though, this phone looks sweet. Those of you who passed on the Droid Incredible might have a great thing in your hands soon. [via engadget]


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And here's another picture of the Motorola Droid Shadow


Seriously what is your obsession with the Snapdragon? 1 Ghz? Really? It's a good SoC but is not stellar by anyones imagination. The T.I. OMAP 34xx and 36xx are arguably a superior SoC even at a lower clock speed. Look at it this way. A Moto Droid overclocked to 800 Mhz scores within a few tenths of a 1Ghz Snapdragon when running linpack. The Droid in stock trim runs the Neocore demo FASTER than the EVO 4G. What's even funnier is that that demo is made to run at it's BEST on a Qualcomm SoC!

This whole thing with Snapdragon fever (read SPEED, SPEED 1GHZ OMGWTFBBQ!!!) reminds me of the days when the DEC Alpha reigned supreme. My 600Mhz DEC Alpha 21264a ran circles around 2Ghz Pentium 4 systems. All at about 30% the clockspeed. It isn't just the speed that makes a processor good but its' internals and supporting components. The OMAP 34xx and 36xx have a PowerVR GPU and a T.I. DSP which is arguably the best made DSPs on the planet. I can only hope for the 45nm OMAP 3630 in this unit. Once rooted would mean WAY better over clocking due to smaller fab process and better heat dissipation.

Snapdragon is nice but isn't the end all.

+1. This is also why Apple never announces CPU clock speed of iPhones, because even if the phone runs better people will dismiss phones for having a slower clock speed.

All this Snapdragon obsession by the tech media is getting to me as well. Snapdragon isn't the best. In fact, higher clock speed translates to lower battery life in some cases. And yet, Tegra and Omap3 get ignored even though those chips perform on the similar and sometimes even better levels.

Darkseider speaks the truth. Listen to this man (or woman).

I completely agree, don't understand why all these people are obsessed with the snapdragon chip. I for one welcome our new TI overlords.

I stand corrected. Apparently the snapdragon chipset contains the AMD z430 GPU, but it doesn't seem to perform as well as the PowerVR GPUs in other SoC. Either way, I think wanting snapdragon in this over a new piece of hardware is silly, why would you want ever phone to have the same damn hardware?

I'm happy to see Motorola staying away from snapdragon in that regard. Let HTC keep pumping out snapdragon and snapdragon handset. As much as I hate the Galaxy S for having that Yahoo! crap built in, their SoC looks very impressive. I'd also be interested in finally seeing some Tegra 2 android handsets as well. Snapdragon is nice, but I think having discreet GPU to go with the CPU will make smartphones much better.

Vzw soon to have an overload of Droidddddsss... Tmobile and ATT needs to get in the high powered game...

Im on Sprint so I have no worries but i would like to see options

Sprint is well on its' way with the EVO 4G coming in a few days. T-Mobile is rumored to be getting some love within the next few weeks as well. AT&T on the other hand is hopeless. Everything they have touched so far with Android on it, aside from the unsubsidized Nexus One, has been butchered. Until they stop cradling Uncle Steve's nutsack the chances of a REAL high end Android coming to AT&T is slim to none.

AT&T - "but uncle steves nuts tastes like apples!" lmao

i keep hearing that Google will put the Nexus one in tmobile stores but i dont know when. this rumor is the only reason why im sticking to tmobile (please make this happen) because i am not looking forward to replacing my G1 (first adopter) with the sidekick replacement that is the MyTouch slide.

The G1 is still a phenomenal phone simply because the damned thing still runs whatever you throw at it. I saw a friends G1 running Cyanogen 5.0.7 and was floored. I seriously think with a little effort not only will the G1 run Froyo but may actually be able to pull off basic Flash stuff. The reason I say this is that my wife's Backflip has NO problem playing videos through Skyfire. All Skyfire does is strip the Flash container and send you the H.264 stream.

Froyo runs faster natively, has a faster browser AND JIT. Combine all this with a little overclocking and sprinkle some Cyanogen dust on it and it may very well end up on the G1. This is what makes the G1, in my opinion, one hell of a phone. Keeping this is mind can you imagine the life that will be squeezed out of a Nexus One, Moto Droid, Hero, Desire, etc.. for that matter ANY of the rooted devices? One can only imagine the possibilities.

If consumers are offered 2 identical touch screen devices, one with a physical keyboard and one without, most would choose the physical keyboard. Why do they keep putting out devices without keyboards, ie, Nexus One, Droid Incredible, Motorola Shadow? That is why the Motorola Droid is doing so well. That is why T-mobile is coming out with a new version of the mytouch. Honestly, if offered the new Sprint HTC 4G, as is, or a version which also has a physical keyboard, which would you choose?

Well the Sprint HTC Evo 4G with a keyboard would be WAY to thick for my liking as along with many others i bet, as it stands right now its a HUGE phone and i have already pre-ordered it but still have doubts about the size of the phone. I am coming from a G1 and the Moto CLIQ currently. So both phones have had keyboards but i am making the leap over to a full touch screen phone which kind of worries me but the Cliq's keyboard sucks compared to the G1 and also the BB pearl was by far the best hard keyboard i have ever used. And this is all coming from a guy who sends about 3,000-4,000 text messages a month on average.

But i do agree if they could make a top of the line sweet Android phone with a hard keyboard i would be all over that instead of the Evo. The new MyTouch is looking to be a really sweet phone because the lay out of the keyboard looks amazing! And this rumor of a new SideKick for T-mobile powered by Android would be pretty amazing also, but would most likely be a very large phone.

I have another comment on the Snapdragon obsession. The CPU is great and all but Snapdragon does not translate into a good multimedia experience. It uses the old Andreno core. The PowerVR SGX core allows much richer lighting and fillrate. The only reason Snapdragon boasts superior geometry is because the CPU is assisting, like crazy.

3 hardware lights on PowerVR vs Snapdragon's 1, the shader pipeline in Adreno doesn't support branching, PowerVR does.

Snapdragon runs your office documents great, but that's about it. If this is using a 3630, I'm pretty damn excited. It will have 1GHz and a GPU that smokes Snapdragon.

Get off the Snapdragon parade, it's not that great actually.

I had to pass on the Incredible because I don't have a line eligible for upgrade until July. Looks like I have found my next phone though! 6 months with my Moto Droid I'm ready for something new!

If true I love the fact it has a slightly smaller screen than the Evo !! I think that screen is just to big for my taste , but 4 or 4.1 would be near perfect I have been saying this for a while now , if this phone is what they claim it is or even better , I would dump my Incredible for this phone , but will have to wait for more info , as the Incredible is a tough phone to beat even when comparing it to the might lol Evo !!

so now it's just a question of do i want htc sense or motoblur cause they seem comparable. well either that or i wait for the actual droid 2 since i probably want a keyboard. i've never had a purely touchscreen phone. hmmm....

I have to say I love this phone. Also, that I have a moto Droid and don't use the keyboard ever. My Droid would b absolutely perfect without the physical keyboard.

I have a droid, and never use the keyboard. I mean, it doesn't help that the kb sucks - who ever thought contiguous keys would work? Even worse, you have to two hand it when using the keyboard.

I liked one-handing the Pre keyboard, which was in portrait, but the phone was too small.

Something about this pictures doesn't seemas real as the first one. O yeah this website doesn't work twell with mthe brosweer on. The droid

Does anyone want to buy a rooted Droid? I only use my keyboard when I am doing work on the OS. This should get better battery life because the processor is 45nm instead of 65nm. The Snapdragon is only fast in your head. 1 ghz is meaningless. You need to take into account everything else. I have used AMD chips in my towers for years. Their clock speeds are always slower than Intel, but they perform the same. This new chip looks promising, even if it's only 720mhz.

Definitely you're right. And that new Moto should have a physical QWERTY. A new Moto Droid without physical QWERTY keyboard? No, thanks. But a new Moto Droid with better hardware and better physical QWERTY? Hell yes.

UGH. I just hate how short lived my DROID's glory was. It was like this. . Hey we got this super badass phone that one one else has or will ever have. . . then BAM! Here's the nexus one, BAM! here's the EVO, BAM! here's the incredible. Like WTF? I bought the droid thinking it was gonna be the Sh!t for at least 6 months but nope it was way shorter than that.It bugs me in the back of my head to know that i don't have the best hardware anymore. Snap dragon this snap dragon that. It's ok though because now no other phone will be able to detach me from my "Robot in my pocket". I'll always remember one quote though . .. "WHEN THERE'S NO LIMIT TO WHAT DROID GETS, THERE'S NO LIMIT TO WHAT DROID DOES!"

I had a motodroid for 4months and promised myself I would never get another Motorola......what's the point of attaching a useless keyboard least they wised up on that.....
I'm so happy with my Droid incredible
Buying a non HTC device just doesn't make "sense"
Now if Verizon got a 4in HTC device I would be tempted but ONLY if it had an optic joystick....its beastly at correcting mistakes/selecting things on webpages, makes navigating the web and making posts on websites easy.....ask anyone with an Eris/nexus one/incredible, you use the ball/optic joystick way more than you think you would ....That and the size of the evo are my only complaints for that device
This device ill pass on, extra screen size is not enough to outweigh sense/processer/joystick/screen resolution/sleekness of non hardware buttons

so is this damned thing 4.1 or 4.3? I've seen conflicting reports. Bigger is better, and why does Moto go with taller and thinner rather than wider, like HTC?

And i'm sorry, but BLUR looks terrible.

I heard that it's supposed to have a 4.3" screen with 16gigs of on board memory. It looks like it might be a bar or a slider from this angle. The lines at the top and bottom of the screen look like it could slide up with a similar flush design like the Devour.