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Hot on the heels of Amazon's big Fire TV announcements yesterday, the online retail giant has turned its attention to its regular Android tablet app, updating it with some new UI features and support for buying groceries through Amazon Prime Fresh, its food delivery service currently available in Seattle, San Francisco and parts of Southern California.

There's also a new way to set aside items you're interested in — just drag any item image into the tray that appears towards the bottom of your screen. Other changes include improvements to the way search results are displayed, including a new refinement menu for search results, and new list and grid views. There's also the ability to turn off ad personalization in the settings, and of course the usual bug fixes.


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Amazon for Tablets updated with new UI features, Prime Fresh groceries


ok but where is the access to your Instant video collection?
little rant - why would any android user buy into the amazon video/media eco system? especially now w/ a 35 dollar chromecast you can take anywhere? they really missed the boat.

I'm guessing we'll just never get an Amazon streaming video app...

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And still missing from Amazon? An Android video streaming app with Chromecast support. FAIL!

I access instant video through a Sony DVD/blue ray player connected to my TV. Same for getting to Netflix account.