Amazon Prime has 'tens of millions' of happy customers

Today at Amazon's event unveiling their Fire Phone, CEO Jeff Bezos talked about some numbers that are very important to Amazon. Specifically, he talked about Amazon's millions of Prime customers, as well as their millions of Kindle users.

As usual, Bezos didn't mention any specific numbers. There are currently tens of millions of Prime customers, as well as tens of millions of Kindle owners. These customers are apparently happy, with Amazon claiming the top spot on YouGov's customer satisfaction index. While those numbers rose steadily since the service debuted, they shot up in 2011, after the debut of the first Kindle Fire tablet. Bezos also talked about Amazon patience, persistence, and attention to detail, saying that they've been working on hardware for ten years, having worked on the original Kindle for three years before the device's launch.

Stay tuned to our event liveblog for the latest from Amazon's launch of the Fire Phone.


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Amazon Prime has 'tens of millions' of happy customers


I was happy with it. However, the price increase coupled with the lack of reduced price 1-Day shipping options and Amazon's strong-arming its book suppliers has me considering cancelling before it renews in November.

Yeah, the price increase due to music service and junk I don't care about is why I am not renewing. I wish they would have two subscriptions. One with the junk and one without just for shipping.

This. Amazon Instant Video is the only thing I can stream to my Chromecast or watch on my Android devices. The new Music thing is vastly inferior to Play Music All-Access. I'm not buying as much physical goods, but the price has gone up and Bezos says I'm happy. Then again, he has the liar Dana Milbank still working at the Washington Post, so perhaps Bezos has caught the lying bug.

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Are you retards complaining about a $20 increase. That's less than $2 a month. The free 2 day shipping alone is worth it.

Retards? Seems a bit harsh.

Anyhow, with free two-day shipping on orders over $35 and living near Amazon warehouse's in the Bay Area, I've been fine without Prime and still receive 90% of my items within 2-3 days at no charge.

Not complaining about the 20 dollar increase been a prime customer for 8 years I just feel think the increase is not worth it since I cannot watch prime instant videos on my phone.
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I would never have wanted an Amazon phone - but I'm certainly not a happy customer knowing they chose to exclude hordes of customers who have had the good sense not to be AT&T customers.

I was a prime member but cancelled yesterday. I prefer Netflix and the shipping availability seemed to be dwindling drastically

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I just don't understand this. I have Prime and Netflix, but whenever there's a movie i want to see, 99% of the time it's not on Netflix. So, I rent it from Amazon.

I only use it mainly for the shipping. The free movie selection sucks and I rarely use it.

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