OnePlus One

It's been a long and winding road to get to this point, but we're finally approaching the day where you'll be able to pre-order a OnePlus One without an invite. That day is Monday, October 27th — one week from today. The Cyanogen-powered Android handset officially launched back in late April, so it really has been a long road… and we're not even looking at general availability yet.

In the nearly six months since OnePlus started shipping the One to those that had the earliest invites to buy they've issued many more invites, held contests (some less well-thought-out than others), along with Cyanogen issued a few software updates for the phone, and we posted our comprehensive OnePlus One review. But at no point has the device been available for sale to the general public. Next week, well, pre-orders without needing an invite will be the closest we've gotten so far.

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Of course, there's one catch: OnePlus is only taking payments for their pre-orders via PayPal, and you're limited to just two devices per order. (Update: And apparently the preorder window lasts just 60 minutes.) And there's yet to be an official pronouncement of when these pre-orders will ship. But, if you happen to have an invite, you can skip all that and place and order right now.

Is anybody out there looking to pre-order a OnePlus One next week?

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