The Roborock S6 smart robot vacuum cleaner and mop white has dropped to a grand total of just $435.43 if you use the code ROBOROCKS6 during checkout. Without the code, the robot vacuum is $650, so you're knocking $215 off the price. The $650 price is what it normally sells for, too, with very few drops over the last year.

Unfortunately, the code above only works on the white version. The black version is not on sale. However, you can get the Roborock S6 Pure for $100 off using the on-page coupon. This is from a deal we shared back in July that's still live, and these two models are very similar. The S6 Pure just has a smaller dustbin and water tank and makes a bit more noise.

Cleaning up on price

Roborock S6 smart robot vacuum cleaner and mop white

Uses precise navigation and a Z-shape cleaning route. Can map your entire home, including multiple floors, along with no-go zones. Has 2000Pa suction and automatic boost when it detects carpet. Battery lasts up to 180 minutes and it can self charge.

$435.43 $650.00 $215 off

With coupon: ROBOROCKS6

The Roborock S6 works as both a vacuum and a mop based on your needs. Basically, if you want it to mop on its scheduled routine, fill the water tank. It will add mopping to its functions as it goes around your home. If you don't want it to mop, just don't give it any water to mop with. It has a 180ml water tank, which is pretty big and can be used to mop up to 1,610 square feet. You can even adjust the mopping based on floor types.

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The vacuuming occurs thanks to extremely powerful 2000Pa suction. It's also smart enough as a vacuum to know when it's on a hard floor or carpet. You'll get an automatic carpet boost for strong suction that can easily lift dirt and deeper clean those carpets. It can lift itself up to 0.8 inches to get over bumps like when moving from one terrain to the next.

This is a smart robot vacuum, too. It's equipped with precision LiDAR navigation and uses a Z-shape cleaning route. This allows the S6 to be effective and detailed when it cleans. You can also save multiple maps of your home for the vacuum, including different floors.

Use the Roborock app to set schedules and plan routes. Connect it to your Wi-Fi network and to Amazon Alexa for voice control.

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