Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S class is 'upgradeable to Android 2.2'

This kind of should go without saying, but Samsung said it last night, and so shall we: The Galaxy S class of smartphones it just announced -- the Sprint Epic 4G, Verizon Fascinate, T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captivate -- all will be "upgradeable to Android 2.2." Sammy couldn't quite come out and say they will be upgraded -- you have to get the carriers involved, natch -- but we can't think of any reason why they wouldn't be upgraded.

In the interim, we've got some good news. We were running some late-night benchmarks on the AT&T Captivate, pitting it against the Motorola Droid X on Neocore. And the Captivate won, hands-down. That's a big plus for those of you worried about not having Froyo and the JIT at launch. We're not worried about it, and neither should you be.

  • Well especially since the Vibrant will be $330 off contract!
  • Now the bigger question is WHEN will AT&T release the Captivate. My guess is somewhere around the middle of June 2011. This way it will be overshadowed by the next iPhone.
  • Samsung said the Behold II would be upgraded to 2.1, and we all know that was a lie. I won't trust any Samsung's assurances about upgrades. Sticking with Moto ...
  • Where did they say this?
  • Google for "Behold 2 upgrade" or something like that.
    You will find about it in no time.
  • And when is this puppy coming out? August? Since it doesn't come with Froyo I would think it would ship before September...
  • Which phone has the best GPU? Droid X or Fascinate?
  • Fascinate
  • Of course it'll be upgradeable to 2.2. But when? And will it see another update afterwards?
  • More to the point, do WE get to see the benchmark results? No offense, but in this category, pictures speak louder than words :)
  • In what benchmarks did the Captivate beat the Droid X? Will we see the testing?
  • It's not surprising to see Galaxy S beating Droid X on 3D performance score, since it has 2x faster GPU. Other scores like Quadrant are different story though.
  • Is this suppose to quell our fears?
    I am on T-Mobile and am almost ready yo upgrade my G1. Due to Samsung's poor support i'm just gonna wait till a 2.2 phone comes out on t-mobile. I bet the mytouch slide get upgraded before any of these phones do.
  • I bet that it'll have FroYo at launch, but not pre-installed. But you'll be able to upgrade if you want to. That way, they're giving us a choice and being open and stuff.
  • Eventually the phones will get so fast that they will form a super massive binary singularity that will begin to suck in all 1's and 0's within the event horizon and this will end the use of software on planet earth.
  • we've known it will upgradable to 2.2 since CTIA how is this new news?
  • Just like the Behold II was. Recently upgraded to 1.6. I'll wait till 2.2 is on phone or OTA. Samsungs track record sucks. I also wish T-Mo's had a keyboard.
  • Wow. Samsung's chip is more powerful than TI's chip? That is impressive. 3D Gaming is pretty important to me. I just purchased N.O.V.A. for my Evo and it runs ok. I enjoy it, but it seems that when there are many enemies on the screen, the phone goes a bit crazy. I am surprised that samsung's chip was able to outperform a TI chip. That's nuts. Think this is worth returning my Evo? Perhaps. But it depends on how late it comes out. In order to return it, I would have to have the phone be released in mid-July at the latest.
  • Sprint might take the return but they will charge you a restocking fee which is I think $45.00. Sometimes you have a hard time getting another upgrade.
  • You want to see the benchmarks? Here it is: Neocore benchmark EVO 4G (2:30) Samsung Galaxy S (same motherboard in EPIC 4G) 55.7FPS vs 23.7FPS. THAT is the power of Samsung's Hummingbird processor.
  • this is great but if you are talking about comparing to the droid isn't on here.
  • Actually, TI has more powerful chips as well.
    Manufacturers simply didn't use that (because of the cost?) Since Samsung made that by themselves, probably they could lower the cost.
  • Is there some light leakage at the bottom of the device? See that white line along the bottom? It could be a reflection of the lights in the room, its hard to tell.
  • nah, looks like reflection
  • The Htc Aria is still looking more appealing at this point. I'm kind of hesitate to go with Samsung and their cell phones due to terrible phones like the blackjack, that I have had in the past. There will be several problems with Captivate when it comes out, im sure. I upgrade in August and have to make a decision then.
  • @astull71....The Galaxy S is packing a PowerVR-SGX540 GPU while the Droid X is packing the older and less powerful PowerVR-SGX530. Here's your proof. Scroll down the page to the NEOCORE beanchmark test and you will see that the Galaxy S will blow the doors off anything you throw at it when it comes to 3d gaming.