Wiz Khalifa's Oculus Venues concert: When is it & how to watch

Wiz Khalifa Oculus Hero
Wiz Khalifa Oculus Hero (Image credit: Supersphere)

Just last month, Wiz Khalifa released his latest EP "The Saga of Wiz Khalifa". Now he'll be hitting the stage in Los Angeles to perform songs from the new project as well as some of his biggest hits live, and you can score a front-row seat right at home. Khalifa is partnering up with Oculus to make the event happen in virtual reality, and while it's free to watch, you will need an Oculus headset and the Oculus Venues app to access the show.

With everyone bored at home due to social distancing measures, Oculus VR headsets can be a bit difficult to find in stock at most retailers, though you can find the Oculus Go at Best Buy right now. The Oculus Quest is out of stock everywhere at this time.

If you already own an Oculus VR headset, accessing the Wiz Khalifa concert is easy. Just make sure you have the free Oculus Venues app downloaded. Once you open it, you should see an event listing for the show. Alternatively, you can go to the Oculus site to subscribe to the show. That will send updates on the event so you don't miss it once it goes live.

Wiz Khalifa on Oculus Venues: When and where

The Wiz Khalifa show begins at 4pm PT / 7pm ET on Wednesday, May 6 and is scheduled to last for over two hours. Make sure you have the Oculus Venues app downloaded before the show starts so you don't miss anything. You can also subscribe to the show to receive updates on the event.

We have an entire guide on how to use Oculus Venues if you're new to the app.

How to watch Wiz Khalifa on Oculus Venues live stream

This Wiz Khalifa concert won't be available to anyone without an Oculus headset, but if you do own one, all you need to do is download the free Oculus Venues app. Then you can subscribe to the show to receive updates on the event.

Getting your hands on an Oculus headset before the show begins tomorrow will be pretty rough, though if you are intent on watching the show and getting into VR, the Oculus Go is still available at Best Buy for a limited time. You may be able to pick up one at a store near you before tomorrow's event using Best Buy's curbside pickup option depending on stock in your area.

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