Will Google launch IaaS cloud services at Google I/O 2012?

Sources at GigaOm state that Google will be releasing their own IaaS (infrastructure as a service) cloud solution next week at Google I/O. This move would extend their current cloud services, like app engine, cloud connect, and storage, and allow users to rent virtual servers from the folks in Mountain View, bringing them in close competition with cloud giant Amazon.

In this scenario, two things come right to the front of our minds -- ChromeOS and Google Docs (Drive). Both services could be great front-ends for a cloud infrastructure that's set up by the user, especially in the enterprise. Imagine a corporate portal that you connect to as soon as you fire up your Chromebook, and your own IT department manages it all. Then imagine you can also connect with your Android phone. This could be a really big deal™.

Of course, for now it's just a rumor and we're speculating on how it could be used. But we'll know in a scant five days or so, as Phil, Alex, and myself will be front and center at Google I/O basking in all the Googly news. This year's I/O looks to be huge!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Currently at the moment I don't take advantage of many cloud service technologies. There are some that I am using potentially without even knowing it of course, but it isn't as important to me as others to have cloud data available to me everywhere. I would be curious to see what cloud capabilites Google throws our way and adds to their own infrastructure. Not sure I could see myself with a Chrome book that fully relies upon a connection, but I can see the desire to offload computationally intensive portions of an Android application to the cloud if i could essentially borrow cloud processing resources. But that would probably be asking too much. Off-site memory and processing from the phone and tablet could be useful for those restraints that we have currently on a per app basis.
  • I'll be there to find out first hand!!! Can't wait!!
  • Doesn't Joe Biden own that trademark?
  • "This year's I/O looks to be huge!" I was thinking the exact opposite this year... seems pretty meh