For years now, it seems like LG's phones have all been...fine. They're built well, have good cameras, and solid displays. Unfortunately, when compared to all of the other handsets being offered, LG doesn't do much of anything to help its phones truly stand out.

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Someone in our AC forums recently asked the community to convince them to buy the LG G8, and this is how some folks responded.


Once you listen to music on LG phones with a pair of quality, high impedance headphones with the HiFi quad DAC and DTSX surround toggled on, it'll spoil you. There's nothing like it on another smartphone. The problem with them is their weak reception. That's why I had to sell my V30 after a couple weeks. Otherwise, the skin, while not light, is still less intrusive than something like TouchWiz of...

Mike Dee

LG phones that have dedicated DACs have good audio regardless of what's plugged in. It's even better though with decent headphones.


People are probably not going to like what I have to say but someone has to say it. I bought into the DAC argument for LG phones with the V30S and G7. Never again. You can buy a nice DAC for any phone (check out Fii0 BTR1K) to use with your headphones. You CANNOT buy routine software security updates and routine OS support/updates. You CANNOT buy better camera functioning (some recent in depth...


I've had an LG phone in the past, so I'll do my best to answer your questions: 1) The LG Skin is a mixed bag - you either love it or you hate it! Since you've used Samsung phones, you know their OS's can be a little heavy. But, simple solution: if you don't like the skin, you can download a launcher to replace it! 2) Compared to an S7, the G8 will have a far superior camera. Phones like the...


What do you think? Why should anyone buy the LG G8?

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